A modern nod to a vintage classic. It weighs a mere 7.9 ounces once you remove the sitlight pad and fast belt. I also find that the straps can sometimes be a little farther out on top of my shoulders than I’d like. Those are fairly good specs for an all-around pack. I removed it since it just added unnecessary weight and make the pack feel bulky. It felt like tissue paper weight in my hands! () Day hikes. ALL CARRIERS ARE EXPERIENCING DELAYS. Interested but not sure where to start? This could’ve been a nice feature, but it didn’t really work out in practice, and honestly, I don’t really need it. Great job Gossamer!" Here’s how it performed for the hike. But it would be with the knowledge that we’re probably going to have to perform some field repairs. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The Mariposa is made of a durable custom Robic fabric for those who are tough on their gear. It’s Piñata’s favorite pack and he raves about it. Sure, such a simple design and light materials saves you weight, but at the expense of accessibility and ergonomics. It held everything I needed and organization was easy. I use water bottles vs a reservoir and the side pockets take care of that. 36L total storage (28L main pack, 8L pockets). This was also without the back pad. They would also work well for some extra snacks or other small personal items. This pack is transformational for me because it changed my thinking about frameless packs. “I love this pack. Five stars!" It’s more just there for storage. Mainly, they could be sewn better. If you loosen the chest and shoulder straps, you can swing the pack around to the right just enough to be able to reach into the right side of the outside pouch. I find that if you’ve got the pack just barely stuffed, it will generally hold its shape. I did break the bottom of a one of the elastic cords, easy fix. But for 1 liter, the easy to reach side pocket get the job done just fine. This pack offers the best of both worlds with a hip belt that is removable, so you can use it or not depending on the terrain and your preferences. Unisex (Men's and Women's) shoulder straps and waist belt constructed with low profile, but super comfortable, highly breathable wall mesh. It's the perfect size for a day of commuting, hiking, biking, etc., and very lightweight. This pack has 7 external pockets that offer a wide range of storage solutions including an external tent sleeve, large mesh pocket for wet clothing, and roomy hip belt pockets for your phone or snacks. It’s a little dirtier now but it held up great. I’d post some pictures of it, but I’m not quite sure where it is right now…I may have actually lost it. $165 ultralight (UL) backpack. The frameless-ness almost forces you to go UL, or at least substantially cut down your base weight. Need I say more? Secondly, their warranty is less generous than many other UL companies, and we have had a negative experience with their customer service in the past. This initially concerned me, but it turned out to be a nice change from the typically level pouch seen on the outside of most packs. I'm 6 ft, 195 lbs and the large fit me perfectI. Having a few padded and slightly thick areas gives the pack just enough form and cushion so that you can secure it tightly to your body without excessive pressure points or the bag deforming around its contents. With, what I consider pretty heavy use, there's been no failures, it looks new and even the stretchy pocket hasn't sagged much or snagged. Work. Deciding on the best Gossamer Gear ultralight backpack for your time outdoors can be a tough decision. My dog took a liking to it at one point and even her big clumsy paws and claws didn’t damage it.” -Brian. Just be sure to pack some semi-rigid, yet soft, items on the inside panel closest to your back. ( Log Out /  It has a capacity of 60 liters and can swallow all the gear you need including a bear canister. The shoulder straps are decent. He loves it. The heaviest the pack ever was, with seven days of food and one liter of water, was 30 pounds. In contrast to that top brain pocket, I’m a big fan of the side and back pouches. If you can find a similar narrow plastic bottle in the smaller 20-25 oz range, it’s a lot easier to take in and out. They’re pretty deep. ( Log Out /  Learn how to start lightweight backpacking! -Dale. Change ). To minimize bounce, just make sure to secure everything down tightly inside the pack using the included shock cords. -Jennifer. They’ll go up to about 2/3 the length of a SmartWater bottle, which is a good thing since you can bend over or drop the pack without worrying about tall bottles falling out of the side. This time around though, they did replace the pack when we had a problem with it, which was great. Piñata made sure to only put one water bottle in each side pocket for the rest of the trail, which certainly helped, but over time there was still unraveling at the seams. Instead of the roll-top & clip closure that you’ll see on other UL packs, the Kumo has an almost-conventional flip-top (“brain”) that you fold over the opening and clip down. Some super UL packs are essentially just cuben fiber bags with straps on them. Like me, he can be a bit of a gear addict.I used the G4-20 on a 4 day, 3 night trip in Kings Canyon, National Park. Stuff all the layers, food and water you need and take this pack on a long day’s journey into whatever mother nature brings. You can also stash z-poles in there securely.

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