Finally, Shizuru lifted her head and pained crimson met unsure emerald, their gazes locking. Why couldn't I have acknowledged it and saved Shizuru all this pain? Obviously you don’t want to go overboard (there’s a surprisingly large subset of Naruto fans who are into to multi-paragraph long descriptions of Uchiha Sasuke’s luscious locks or pouty disdain but there’s a difference between rich prose and overbearing rambling). She felt as though her legs were like jelly and she was worried they'd give out at any moment. There was that flicker of hope again, burning a little brighter this time. Contains scenes of a sexual nature... you have been warned. Du kannst zum Beispiel eine Sponsoren­mitgliedschaft abschließen und direkt What is Good Fanfiction?. Slytherin first year, a bit taller then me, black hair?". Her eyes fell to the slightly parted lips in front of her, a sheen of moistness covering them. How could she do this to her? Of course I didn't belong here. Her belly somersaulted at the vision. But then it hit her. (Will there ever be enough?). Over and over this continued. -Hiatus is broken, thanks to #12DaysofAnime :), March comes in like a lion (3-gatsu no lion) Her tone had deepened and there was a firmness there now, a hint of determination. She brought her other hand over and grabbed a handful of chestnut locks, pulling Shizuru in for another kiss. At a guess, it appeared to be bamboo and lacquered too. She grasped the hair in her hand tighter, attempting to wordlessly tell Shizuru that she wanted... needed more. Cookies help us deliver our Services. No Trolling. She could feel her own dew seeping out onto Shizuru's hand, coating her fingers, allowing her to pump into her faster and harder. I will want to see you performing them next time." She hadn't spotted her in this hall though. Natsuki whimpered at Shizuru, the torment becoming too much for her. Yet another thing that tore at her heart. "Eh?" Fingertips slid under the tight material, down to the first knuckle before pausing and Shizuru lifted her head. "Na-tsu-ki..." Shizuru breathed, every syllable of her name rolling off her tongue in a surge of desperate need. "Science Fiction" fündig werden. Shifting their positions slightly, Shizuru used her supportive hand to grab the toned muscle of Natsuki's backside, quickly pulling her hips towards hers again until a thigh was firmly pressed against the apex of her legs. What was it? Natsuki gasped as Shizuru kissed her way across a cheek and down her jaw line. Ensure you practice your katas. The intense heat against her thigh made Natsuki acutely aware of their positioning but she didn't pull away, instead she moved her own hands under the white fabric, yearning to feel the skin beneath it. She clenched her jaw to stop the moan that wanted to break from her throat. And certain genres will always be more popular than others. In every day tasks, she seemed to move languidly yet always with grace and poise. The awkwardness of their position didn't escape Natsuki and she wondered how Shizuru was keeping her placement above her. She pressed herself against the body in her arms for comfort, eliciting a dull gasp from Shizuru, their bodies so close now she could feel every curve of the other woman. Bitte versuche es später noch einmal. She turned away from the annoyance and her eyes were drawn back to the lone figure in the center of the hall. That same finger, gaining in confidence, ran the length of her center before flicking over the small bundle of nerves nestled within. Veröffentliche deine eigenen Werke für eine große Anzahl von Lesern und tausche dich mit Gleichgesinnten aus. They were no better than jelly now and they felt very much like it. Her mind screamed out. She pushed her head against the wall, glad for the solid obstacle. Got a complaint or suspicion? Doesn't she wear any under those clothes? There appeared to be three ties to this piece, one at each shoulder at one at the small of the back. Duels of All Time (A Perfectly Scientific Analysis) Part II, 7 Attributes of a Successful Reverse-Harem Protagonist: A Look at Kamigami no Asobi, "Are You Not Entertained?" But I had been here for eleven fucking years, eleven years when this world hadn't changed in the slightest. I know where I want to go, but this first year is proving to be a bit stubborn. She struggled feebly against the other woman's hands but with Shizuru's lips now assaulting her ear and neck she felt considerably weakened. However, if I did own it, Shizuru and Natsuki would be a lot happier and so would the fans! She decided to start with the shin guards first and knelt down beside Shizuru, her hands moving to the armour. She looked up into that crimson gaze and saw a hint of amusement, along with something else she'd seen before but hadn't been able to name yet. More. She relaxed a little into the embrace but her mind was quickly falling into incoherent thought. Either Shizuru had pulled away or she was holding her breath. "Shi... zuru..." She gasped out. A slight throb from between her legs registered the only discomfort in her body but it was a small price to pay for what she had just experienced, she decided. Take it to the Mods. Shizuru shuddered against her supple fingers, responding by thrusting her own finger inside her once more, with more force this time. She forced through clenched teeth, attempting to control her anger at the lack of respect towards her personal space. Blanket, sub-wide ban of links. All too soon, Shizuru pulled back and Natsuki opened her eyes, taking in the other woman's flushed cheeks, dilated pupils and heaving chest. Hear that Shiznat authors? Sponsor werden und Werbung komplett deaktivieren, Social Media Empfehlungen – 19.10. bis 25.10.2020, Neues vom Bookshelf – Neue Items (September/Oktober 2020). She felt she had seen a glimpse of that today. "Alright, I'll do it." Post to the appropriate topic. Stanrick is a fanfiction author that has written 12 stories for Harry Potter. Inuyasha 120K. "I need to get this armour off, can Natsuki assist me?" A quiet cough broke the spell that held Natsuki in position and she blinked a few times, turning her head from side to side to find the source. To what extent are writers allowed to creatively play with the characters? I’m a heritage speaker of Japanese. Disclaimer: I do not own Mai HiME or any of its components. Title: Air Date: Image: Episode 1: Boys in the Band: July 11, 2019 Episode 2: Like Someone In Love: July 18, 2019 Episode 3: Somebody Else: July 25, 2019 Episode 4: Fluorescent Adolescent: August 1, 2019 Episode 5: The Reason: August 8, 2019 Episode 6: Creep: As her tongue went about tracing the outside of the areola, her hand dipped down further, coming to the leather of her garments. There wasn't much point in trying to get something out of the Kyoto woman unless she wanted to offer it freely. The surging, climbing sensation within her built to the point of no return and she felt her body begin to convulse. There wasn't much inside it. That's very nice of you. Shizuru was always so good at making her lose control over her faculties. Now staring at the flap, she reached out and tentatively pulled it upwards to see what was behind it. She wasn't going to let it be snuffed out this time. She heard herself saying though she hadn't even realised her mouth was moving. Not wanting to damage it in any way, she set about removing it as carefully as possible. Only the sound of her quick breaths filled her ears. Teeth grazed her throat as hands slid agonisingly slow down the skin of her arms. She sharply pulled on the material, satisfied when the knot yielded, loosening the grip the ties had on Shizuru's waist. The woman said almost apologetically. Sorry, what?" I hadn't thought much about Cho, to be honest – her main function in the book was being a romantic false lead for Harry, and being a grieving mess after loosing Cedric. "Don't try to distract me now." Being intentionally provoking or cruel will not be tolerated. She opened her eyes to see teeth grabbing at that bottom lip again. Are OTPs morally correct or even reflective of reality? Then the cloud embracing her mind began to lift and her vision started to clear. Anime/Manga » Naruto 432K. Yet, she had seen another side to Shizuru entirely when The Carnival had come. The Great Passage (Fune no wa) My precious thing. Or…they can flame you and rip apart your fic in the most horribly crass way that will most certainly involve abuse of the English language (or in whatever language they choose to comment in). Lush imagery can work tremendously in your favor, especially if it’s used in a way to breathe life into the canon material you’re working with. Yuzuru Hanyu is life. She'd often come pick up Shizuru outside this building and give her a ride back to her apartment on her Ducati. Fangeschichten und Gedichte über Charaktere, deren Copyright nicht beim Autor der Arbeit selbst liegt. There was a twinkle of something in those crimson orbs but Natsuki barely registered it. Her fingers fell to the curve of the other woman's behind when the armour dropped onto her, released at last from its hold. Before she could explore that inviting flesh though, Shizuru's hands found her wrists and pulled them away. They shouldn’t flame me for a misspelled character name! "She is my guest." "No." Just that handful of phrases, repeated over and over and over until they were burned into my memory. She stepped forwards closing the distance quickly and waited. She could pick those hidden emotions out of her friend's words more and more lately. She took a deep breath in and she waited in anticipation, nerves starting to surface once more. "Wha? Her brain finally registered the new information. "You could help me, you know." Underage (teen + teen, teen + adult) fic must be linked with a clear warning, plaintext fic will be removed, discussions must have a clear warning. Feeling a little embarrassed for her staring and state of indecision, Natsuki drew herself fully into the room and carefully closed the door behind her. Just before the blade was a small circular guard and below that was the naginata's only decoration; red cloth that had been wrapped around it to about halfway down the shaft. Natsuki scoffed. Her belly did another flip as she realised Shizuru was thinking about kissing her. She flinched away, scowling at her. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight and she thought she might have a heart attack if they kept this up. Then she felt a hand slip into her hair, fingernails brushing against her scalp, causing her to shudder slightly. She resigned herself to the fate of lying on the hard metallic table top in the arms of the woman who had taken her to the heights of ecstasy and back again.

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