6am - 10am, Young Hearts Run Free That generation just didn’t express emotion in the same way we do now. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Stan, now an accountant, was the eldest; next came Robert, who works for the Lottery operator, Camelot; then there was Geoff; and finally Simon, a civil engineer. ‘We all went to see him at the Empire in Liverpool — I remember thousands of people queuing to get through, but we were VIPs and were escorted backstage.’, Elton also used to pop round and play football with his younger half brothers whenever he was in the area. Geoff Dwight, from Ruthin in North Wales, has rubbished his father Stanley's portrayal in Rocketman and claims he always supported Elton's music ambitions. Centering around Elton's life, Geoff insisted that the movie vilifies their dad yet again and told the Mail this summer: 'That's not the Dad I remember. 'Don't be soft,' replies his unforgiving father. Off-duty cop dressed as a Star Wars Stormtrooper for Halloween pulls over drunk driver traveling down wrong side of a Nevada highway, Neanderthals and humans were engaged in brutal guerrilla-style warfare across the globe for over 100,000 years, evidence shows, Solar system puts on a show: All seven planets will be visible in the night sky this week - and you'll be able to see five of them with the naked eye, Astronomers find the Moon's 'long-lost twin': Large chunk of rock that broke off from our satellite four BILLION years ago is found hiding behind Mars, Melania looks sensational in $4,500 chain-print Gucci dress as she votes in 77 degree Florida heat where final pre-election poll shows Biden with a narrow lead, Deutsche Bank 'looks for ways to end its relationship with Trump once the election is over after years of negative publicity' stemming from their dealings, Portland BLM protesters armed with Molotov cocktails run riot on Election Eve, torching a Starbucks and spraying walls with 'All Cops Are B*****ds' graffiti, Your hour-by-hour guide to key states and what to watch for as America heads to polls, COVID-positive Americans CAN vote today, CDC says: People who are sick or in quarantine can still go to polls in masks - but should warn election workers if they are ill, Twitter and Facebook censor Trump by slapping warnings on his posts about 'dangerous' SCOTUS decision to allow late mail-in ballots in PA which he says will cause 'violence on the streets', All eyes on America: How newspapers from around world are reacting to Election Day, Trump closes on Biden: Joe clings to slim leads in six swing states in final poll heading into Election Day, America has its say: Pictures emerge of million of voters across the country forming long lines to make their vote count, REVEALED: Texan Trump supporter who boasted about bashing Biden campaign car during highway 'ambush' also drove through a BLM protest in June, Fortune cookies for Trump! That’s what prejudice does to people. I can remember him saying "I love you" but it was on his deathbed. MEGA-STAR Sir Elton John’s half-brother has spoken out against the singer’s attempts to adopt a baby boy from a Ukrainian orphanage. Read more: The Rocketman cast side-by-side with their real-life counterparts. Any physical likeness? Elton has admitted that he was never sure why his father did not attend his concerts, but hinted that homophobia may have been a reason. Yet he felt the need to hit out against the way his family's history was seemingly rewritten in Rocketman. And there were few signs of any improvement in their relationship when Geoff insisted the Ukrainian’s ban on gay couples adopting could be in Lev’s best interests. It was he who bought Elton a piano and paid for all the lessons.

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