Fubuki takes this the hardest, and decides to go on a train ride to City Z to clear her thoughts. As Bang and Garou get in their stances to fight, Bang remembers his first time meeting Garou. Saying that Garou was a student under Silver Fang. After a lengthy battle Garou defeats Metal Bat, but grudgingly admits that Metal Bat would have won if he managed to hit him even once. Baca juga: One-Punch Man Season 2 Episode 10: King Adalah Gamer Pro! Fubuki evacuates the panicked civilians off the train while enlisting the help of a budding, C-class hero to find the bomb; Genos tries to slow down the train from the outside. Bang calms her down and that everything's fine now that Zombieman is ok once again. A nearby Charanko hears the carnage and finally tries to beat Garou by using Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist but is defeated anyway. Suddenly, Tatsumaki appears and is about to restrain everyone for being suspects of the murder when Zombieman wakes up. Metal Bat is forced to babysit Narinki, a VIP sponsor of the Hero Association, and his son Waganma at a Mouse Sushi restaurant in S-City instead of watching his little sister play piano. After waiting for almost four years, Madhouse finally released the second season of widely popular anime season One Punch Man, and now fans desperately need another one. [3] Additional OVAs are included in Blu-ray Disc & DVD volumes of the series, which begin release from December 24, 2015. Ia kembali bertarung dengan banyak musuh meski dalam keadaan terluka. Bomb arrives with Bang and kills more monsters, requesting Genos to leave Garou to Bang. He wonders how despite being human, he feels an urge to kill him as a monster. gw dah kgk sabar, Dari sini silverfang makin yakin sama kekuatan saitama, Bang butuh ribuan pukulan untuk ngalahin garou lah coba saitama, Genos vs garo by 1 full stamina. [7] The series was streamed worldwide excluding Asia on Daisuki. Charanko instead antagonizes him about how he can't begin martial arts as someone who knows not even the basics and principles, suggesting he go to Bang since Bang already wanted Saitama to become a student of him. Destrochloridum grabs his pistols to attack the remaining executives but Superalloy Darkshine (S Class Rank 11) arrives and kills Destrochloridum after it fails to take control of him. Three C-Class heroes walk around trying to find Garou. Garou tries to go after Watchdog Man (S Class Hero Rank 12), but a monster beats him to it. [27], Puri Puri Purizunā to Datsugokushūjin-tachi, Zombieman Satsujin Jiken 2 ~Fubuki no Sansō to Samugari-tachi~, On the broadcast night of September 3, 2016, Adult Swim hosted a, Broadcast of episode 21 was postponed one week later due to, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "One-Punch Man Anime Features Kaito Ishikawa, Makoto Furukawa, Madhouse", "One-Punch Man Anime's 3rd Video Unveils More of Cast, JAM Project Song, Debut Date", "One-Punch Man Manga's 10th Volume Listed With OVA", "1st One-Punch Man BD/DVD to Include 'OVA #01, "One-Punch Man Anime's 2nd BD/DVD Release Includes OVA", "One-Punch Man Anime DVD/BDs to Include 6 OVAs", "Viz Media, Viz Media Europe and Anime Consortium Japan Announce Acquistion [, "Viz Adds Legend of Galactic Heroes Novels, One-Punch Man Anime (Updated)", "Manga Entertainment and Animatsu News From London Comic Con", "AnimeLab adds Heavy Object, One-Punch Man and Yuruyuri San Hai! The number one rank student of Silver Fang is out of commission after facing Garou. Bang and Bomb continue to try to find Garou, and Bang lets out his frustration on a Demon-level monster named Boxing Demon, killing him violently with a ruthless barrage of blows. Scientists and astronomers are busy studying the flight pattern of a, The Seafolk Tribe openly declare war on humanity. Soon, Bang challenges Saitama to a variety of games, including card-based memory games and rock-paper-scissors, with Bang winning almost every time. Garou repels Fang and Bomb, and Phoenix Man arrives and saves Garou. Perbedaan kekuatan mereka terlihat nyata. One Punch Man was originally created as a webcomic by popular artist ONE, almost ten years ago. The two C Class heroes (Pineapple and Mohican) who have Narinki and Waganma are confronted by Rhino Wrestler and are swiftly defeated, which causes the monsters to capture Waganma. Saitama simply replies, "Power," which Genos takes note on, to the despair of King. Pig God decides to go after the other monsters in Y-City afterwards. Which made me hype as hell just by their introduction alone. Suiryu notices Bakuzan's bloodlust toward him, and is only after the prize money, although Suiryu wishes he could have fought against WolfMan (Garou in disguise). Meanwhile, the Hero Association plans to protect its officials from monster attacks by assigning S Class Heroes. Genos, meanwhile, visits Dr. Kuseno asking for psychic augmentation. But seeing them get foderize by the Gauro was. When Metal Bat receives a call from his sister, two monsters named Junior Centipede and Venus Mantrap attack Nanrinki but Metal Bat easily kills them. Mumen Rider expresses gratitude that Saitama showed up to visit him. In a post credit scene, Genos sees Saitama put on a wig. to Fall Simulcast Season", "One-Punch Man to Premiere on Adult Swim's Toonami on July 16", "Toonami is proud to announce the newest anime joining our line-up: One-Punch Man! Stating the fight was over, Tanktop Master tells a bloodied and bruised Garou to leave and never cause trouble again. TANK TOP ARMY VS GAROU. Garou tries to find a place with water, but Genos arrives thanks to Glass' signal. King's phone vibrates, and says that Genos is at the place where the signal is located. Eventually, Golden Ball leads him to a dark alleyway to fight. Seijaku no Apostle First I just want to say pause. 7 Misteri Tentang Luffy yang Belum Terjawab! Garou sees King, and is about to hit him when Saitama kicks Garou into a concrete wall. Naming the boar Ino, Sonic continues training, gradually regains his confidence, and eventually leaves the Matagi and Ino, ready to fight Saitama again. Japan air date Puri Puri Prisoner receives a call that his cell mates were captured by monsters. Garou meets up with Tareo and sees Watchdog Man and Metal Bat, and plans to find them. The one A Class that use the sling shot was really creative and amazing as a hero. The next day, Saitama visits Mumen Rider in the hospital, and learns from Tank Top Master about Garou's martial arts. gw kok ngerasa kasihan ya karena ditumbalin sama phoenixman , Garou bakal mengalahkn saitama firasat gua, Wait…Blast hampir mengalahkan cethicoro saitama melenyapkn nya hmm. April 23, 2019 Suatu hari Garou yang sudah tidak tahan dirundung kemudian menantang Tatchan dan dia pun dikeroyok oleh teman-temannya. Episode chronology Genos is about to fire at Garou once more but Bang kicks Garou in the head. Some time later he and Genos get fan mail, with Saitama getting only one hate mail but also one thank you letter as well as a notification from the Hero Association that his conduct promoted him to 101st Rank, B-class. Garou initiates the fight by attacking Metal Bat, and Metal Bat barely manages to block the preemptive blow. Saitama agrees, since a nobody like himself can become a hero but when Suriyu asks to be Saitama's disciple, Saitama declines. Do-S is spared from Orochi when Gyoro Gyoro notes she has special abilities. [citation needed], A second season was later confirmed in September 2016. Dia selalu berperan sebagai pahlawan, seperti dalam TV series “Justice Man.” Garou selalu menjadi objek perundungan Tatchan dengan menyuruhnya menjadi monster dan harus menerima banyak siksaan. Gouketsu orders his monster crows to beat the remaining martial artists (Sourface included) and pummels Suiryu. Garou find that unfair to the monsters because to him the monsters were always the ones trying their best to win, but will lose all the time because they were seen as "freaks." Ternyata ini alasan Garou benci terhadap hero. Genos briefly wounds Elder Centipede, but Elder Centipede quickly regenerates and knocks Genos back.

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