Clear editor. They guy just wants pointing in the right direction as we all did when we started this game. × It's interesting that they're called "Canadian walleye" in (what I assume is) Polish. As for colours the glows will get you plenty of walley an saugers even in the day and pearch,lemons and smokeys work well for pike and walleye. You can catch them off the end of The Dock Of Peace, Cast a Shad 2" or a Medium Casting Spoon of to the right towards the weeds. Maybe you have some tips your self you could contribute?? The best way to fish for them is similar to crappie, use a bait pole and use the sport bobber if you can, like above the chubby bobber is also fine. I just try to imitate an injured fish. Cast out and let it sink to the bottom then reel in - stop - reel in - reel in - stop - reel in. Couldnt say what deeper depths to go for as to me de depths on cranks seems messed up i just try and control where abouts in the water i want my cranks to sit. I hear that nobody in the history of FP would have won a comp without his careful guidance so im sure he can straighten you out on baits to use. Link to post Share on other sites. Fishing Planet Tips Monday, September 28, 2015. USAGE: Keep the cursor over pictures for 2 seconds and the name of the bait appears as tooltip. They will never take the bait in the morning hours, or at least i have never had it happen. ... some of North America’s most captivating fishing destinations like Mudwater River and White Moose Lake along with Lakes Emerald and Saint-Croix! Bite charts, maps, recommended equipment and more! If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. For the walleye and sauger go for deeper cranks pike 3ft-8ft be perfect. I cannot list them, because many of the baits that i have access to will not apply to rookie fisherman. Upload or insert images from URL. These are excellent little fish for money and the trophies give excellent xp. Paste as plain text instead, × Picture in my native language. he is very important and knows more about FP than even the developers do, just ask him and he will tell ya. If you go to say a 3/0 or 4/0 you will get less small but also less fish. I've caught fish up to 14ft depth on minnow and leeches and doubt a crank searches holes or troughs (at the speed Walleye prefer) really effectively. They tend to like a medium reel speed maybe #2-3 I would use a lift and drop type ordeal in between reeling, and give the line an occasional tug this usually gets the interest of yellow perch. × I will be Adding more information to this page over the next 3-4 days things have changed and some of the information may no longer apply. ... in a lake as big as Emerald Lake, how many such big pike can survive? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Probly a 12 or 16ft for walleye and sauger, quarter ounce purple narrow spoon best for wallys at night 2 speed stop and go works well, Danny in my opinion the best way to fish a walley uniq is taking a jig head #3 or #4 with fluorosence worm 7,5cm or 10cm and fish at night near rock in left side of docs, use kayak. Pike prefer stop and go motions, as well as lift and drop from my personal experiences. Black Crappie-Black Crappie are a panfish, like bluegill. For the walleye and sauger go for deeper cranks pike 3ft-8ft be perfect. The fish you're showing isn't a walleye, but (in English) a sauger. the man is a sitting legend.   You cannot paste images directly. Chain Pickeral- The largest fish in the sub pike family, chain pickeral are rather rare and are better caught in the later part of the afternoon. Walleye bite hard so you will need to react fast, any spin or casting rod will work, make sure you use 4-6 pound test as they are great fighters. The biggest ever (confirmed) northern weighed 62 lb! True id really like some big pike and musky, Around what weight does this big pike weigh that would be considered "trophy", 62 lbs northern pikes exist, can confirm that, have had one on twice that snapped my line like it was sowing thread.. and 2nd time I had a 17.5 kilo braid line.. (near 39 lbs). Wish they would add it. ... Northern Pike-The largest of the Pike family, Northern Pike are suprisingly quite common at emerald lake. Yellow perch's can reach a size of 2.2 pounds. There is uni cannadian walley in Emerald Lake. From Fishing Planet Wiki.   Your previous content has been restored. Found in Europe and North America, the Northern Pike usually has a greyish-green body with light-yellow oval dots and no scales on the lower half of the gill cover. Quote; Share this post. Chain pickeral will bite on medium sized casting spoons usually from 2-5pm. Copyright © 2015-2019 Fishing Planet Golden Shiner-Golden Shiner is a relatively unique fish the only one of its type that is in the game, Golden Shiners can be caught anywhere on emerald lake with spinners,spoons,and shads. Begin to reel in slowly with the lure bouncing on the bottom or near the bottom, give your line a pull every once in a while. Chain pickeral prefer a more medium reel speed, with plenty of tugs and stops in between reeling. Walleye- is probably not the best of choices for noobies, but the best way to catch them is to go off  The Dock Of Peace. The thing with it is that it's wrongly named. They can even grow bigger than that. Caught the odd fish on black n spoon and 3" and 5" night worm. I would go for Walleye for money. © Valve Corporation. Redfin Pickeral-one of the smaller varieties of pickeral in the game only reaching about 1.4 pounds. These fish like a constant but slow reel motion, with a occasional tug. Pumpkinseed- Pumpkinseed are a panfish like crappie, they are smaller fish only reaching 1.5 pounds. Not used cranks at Emerald to any great extent. Where is the best spot and place to catch a golden shiner. Stop and go lift and drop work well. If its just that youre after some big fish in new york there are other methods that work great. Depending on the weather certain 1s wil do better. Slowly reel in with a occasional tug or stop and go and these fish will take your line. Reel Backwards if you need to, I highly recommend using a medium casting spoon 1/4 oz #1/0 or #2/0. Stop and go at three or two speed works well for me as this technique searches the depths in all areas of the lake and minimises attention from other species. Black Crappie are the largest of the species, they can reach 4 pounds, Black Crappie can be caught from any location on Emerald Lake. Pike can be reasonably big but i havent caught any larger than 3 pounds so far and i do not think that trophy pike are in the game, as i havent seen anyone catch them, pike offer decent xp and should be used as a XP fish not a money fish. They are likely saving Trophy and Unique for a higher lvl and more Pike dominant lake. There is a trophy northern pike in the game. Daytime particularly when its raining pink glo n spoon has proved most reliable. the lake seams more walleye friendly than pike friendly. Hey Danny sounds like you have quite the dilemma there. Say for example 2/0 gave 20 fish only 4-5 of them big the chances are if you used a 3/0 get 12 fish 6-7 big. You can catch them off the end of The Dock Of Peace, Cast a Shad 2" or a Medium Casting Spoon of to the right towards the weeds. Hey guys, I know there currently is no trophy northern but i was wondering as to why this is or if anyones heard of them adding it ? Pike will eventually strike your line, they like to follow it so dont reel too fast or they will be unable to take the bait. I would recommend using a floating bait, with a sport bobber if you can, if not the chubby one will work. The best way to fish for them is with a casting spoon, even a bog standard one with a size #1/0 hook will do, i have also hooked them on a shad.

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