Worked a couple months then got rusted up inside. I know I would probably have to be sitting right in front of the machine or have it on my night stand pointed directly on me. Really people what are you thinking you are getting for your money. I purchased a a artic air cooler from this company. I filled the small water compartment and off to sleep I went only to be awakened 20 minutes later by the blinking lights to refill. I had my face an inch away and it wasn’t cold and the fan doesn’t go farther than about 6”… so, after waiting a month I finally got it yesterday and I am sending it back on Monday!!! Wonderful. It works correctly, doesn’t leak, and cools me off, personally. I bought mine from a store that resells returns from the big box stores for $10. Requested a refund. And a lot of times it was good enough to cool a whole smaller home if fans were used in assistance. google_ad_slot = "5282203943"; So even in that, they didn’t do what they said they’d do. I love the Arctic Air but after just two weeks it is emitting a foul smell! What a total waste of money. The proof that this is a gimmick is that, although it is only meant for small spaces (like a closet) that are NOT subject to extreme temperatures (like a car), they show in the commercials that a woman is using it to cool off outside in the open air under a blazing sun as she sun bathes. For the first time in years, I’m not hating every second of the summer and dreading the claustrophobic heat & humidity because I know I can flip a switch and gave dry, cool relief. Which users of AC desire. I wonder if the people who say they have to be 3 inches away to feel the cool air have actually directed the vent correctly? It’s kind of soothing. cools well a foot or so away however the light flashes 3 times once a minute even though the water level is high and once it leaked water – too bad a higher quality larger product doesn’t exist – i live in a high humidiy area but the air blows cold – the light is very distracting, The light can be turned off by pressing the color button two times after green! I even bought the delux model.. How do I get my money back??? My humidifier which holds a hole tank of water emits more cool air than artic air. Been miserable & hating the summer for years until we finally broke down and got an air conditioner. Evapolar – Cartridge, power cord, power adapter. Back in the late 40’s, the 50’s and early 60’s, we did not have air conditioning (cold air) like we do today. I did not move it!!!! This is an example of the bad side of the Internet. What is CVV2? It’s HUMID AF and warm there, and despite having trade winds, if you’re in a condo with no a/c and nothing but a big ceiling fan, it can still be miserable. Listen little gal, it’s my job and not yours to go after them.. (2 per offer). Immin ny in sometimes high humidity and it still blows coolair. Mine works good to use to sleep! First, one unit stopped working correctly – it would blow cool air for about a minute, then it became warm. Your email address will not be published. The speed of fan can be adjusted in 3 settings according to your comfort. At first I was impressed, at the theory of it that it might work. The room didn’t stay cool at all and even with having the door closed, window shut and even closing my closet door so all the cool air would stay inside the room, it still didn’t perform to our liking. Light stops. I don’t expect to cool my office. As others have said, it is a low-powered fan. They cannot do what the swamp cooler did even though they use the same theory. (This is done at the company). Even when I turned them off! This will NOT work in Florida or other high humid states. Anyone that bought this item thinking they are going to be buying a mini air conditioner is an idiot. To give you some comfort without AC, an inexpensive fan will do essentially what this unit does. The price is much greater and no mention of this lower level Arctic Air appliance is even mentioned on tv. I just bought 2 arctic air it works great anyone saying it does not work is rubbish it’s blowing cold and had to move it away forther glad I got both one for me and wife she s says she also loves it.anyone put of by bad reviews don’t listen to them the units work blows very cold.cost each £39.99 and worth it. First off, I agree with Sharon’s comment from June 11th. OK. What happens if you have arthritis? Put a regular fan in front of it to extend the “cold zone”. I too thought it was buy 1, get the second one at a lesser price as the ad seemed to infer. I’m in the minority here as I love mine! It was empty and was off. I actually like this product. I bought this product today. Have to wait more than a month for a refund. I have a positive review for this item. In fact, when I saw the total, I didn’t even finalize my order!! /* 336x280, created 12/18/09 */ I would like my money back. I can’t afford to change filter that often. After reading these reviews, I can only say, I wish searched for them and read them before wasting time and money, and a little bit of hope that was dashed by realizing that I was duped. I love it! Water from tank will not transfer into machine. Patented EvaBreeze evaporative technology – based on a unique nano-material used in evaporative pads. Take a few ice cubes and put them in a zip lock freezer bag and place them in some of your cracks and crevices. This went on all night. There is no way these little Arctic Air Units can deliver what they say. If the air entering the unit is hot and dry (very low humidity) – the unit will put out cool air that is high in humidity. Junk would not waste my money water leaks out no matter how level you have it setting better off just to buy a fan, Had mine for two weeks. I clicked on this to double my double offer which should total 4 items. I removed filter and sure enough! It works great. Steer clear of this company as they do not stand behind their product and are most likely being inundated with customers wanting refunds. It doesn’t say it works like AC. Don’t knock people that actually try to invent something good. It’s barely powerful enough to make any noticeable difference than a common house fan. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-0039176133828873"; They need refilled every hour so bring a pitcher of water along to have ready!!! This unit only cools within 2-3 inches of where it is placed. I did find that overnight, when it was off that water leaked out, about 1/2 tank, through the 4 holes under the water trays. I don’t know how to get my money back. would you like? We bought two of them. 5 mins later. I put refrigerated water in it and it blows very cold. Not for the house or room. It is not a $500 air conditioner. They… After three weeks the unit began leaking. STEP 2: Enter Your Payment Information I purchased an Arctic Air not long ago from my local drugstore. I also have one on my desk and side table when I watch TV. Be smart and save your money. It collapses and stacks for easy storage, and keeps cold food cold and hot food hot…. !” It states clearly it “is not” an air conditioner, it’s a “cooler” which in turn provides “cool air” and not “cold air.”, If basic english comprehension escapes you, then go buy a traditional fan, otherwise, this little device is worth every bit of its “nominal price!” , The only problem with this little unit are the people with the wrong expectations buying it off the shelf… . We all make these contraptions out here in the SW where the air is dry.Have fun in the southeast —-I can’t believe this! I am sitting about 12″ from mine right now and can’t feel a thing!! Very cheap product. However, since the unit would not even turn on, holding the buttons did nothing. I called the company and they said they would replace it and to just keep or discard the first one. Thank God, my bank refused to let it go through. This time when I called a man answered the phone and said “This is Ray.” I told him my name and spelled my last name, assuming he would want to look up the original order. BUT if you use refrigerated water, condensation will form and make a wet spot on the table top. I bought two. My name is Fahimeh Javaheri I paid little over $39.00 for this crap. Not for use on breezy days. I ordered 6 Artic Air Personal Coolers and love them. The more humid the air is, that is being drawn into the unit, the less effective its cooling power will be. It does not cool the air instead creates a pool of damp air. Yes it has to be close but anything this small would have to be close. For me it helps, but I’m not using it for larger room or as my sole source of cool air. Once I opened it out it was great even on the lowest setting. As the temp went down on these swamp coolers, the colder the would blow moist are. Then, I ordered (2)two and they only sent one. It’s true. DO NOT BUY INTO ARTIC AIRS LIES. Did it work for you in your mail truck? the product not even blinking or giving any function.. This past month it has gotten a lot of use. My only issue is the 3rd night I had it running next to my bed I woke up to a horrible smell in my room. What did you expect for 19.99, a 20 degree temp setting? I then went back to the website and clicked on the link to track my order, and was stunned to see ANOTHER invoice for $90.95…2 units for $59.96 + a “bonus fee” of $19.99, whatever that is, + misc. But if it can run without water, I would sleep with it on all night!! It is too bad this product doesn’t work well. My husband bought the Arctic Air for me d/t my office not having AC and being extremely hot. No money lost. //-->. What a rip-off. It just doesn’t give off a strong breeze into the room. And can’t figure out who from. I really hate it when someone begins a conversation with the word ‘so’. Hey, what do you want for $39.99? It is not worth $40. I’ve been using mine for over a year and I assure you I’ve put gallons of water through the thing, and it has cooled me down quite well. When I called to see if they had shipped the replacement, they said for some reason it wasn’t sent and the agent apologized for my troubles. Such bs. visa accepted.mastercard accepted. I think it works just as it says. It DOES work as long as you have proper expectations. Bought this item,you have to add water and its just bad!!! A little deceiving but I caught it. I received this as a gift and I am very disappointed with it. Does not really work as expected. After a week, the low water lights keep flashing no matter how full the tank is. If it seems to good to be true it probably is not. THis unit does nothing but make loud fan noise and does not cool。My 3 units broke down in the 1st week and no refund was offered SCAM SCAM SCAM ! I’m going to be so upset if I have been had because they need this like yesterday. I bought it from Target a week ago and I am thoroughly pleased with it. My unit a 3-speed and I set it on 3 to cool down initially and then keep it on 2 to maintain the coolness – far less water will be used. It does not cool as the commercials state and the Humidifier does not help. Arctic Air vs Evapolar Arctic Air and Evapolar are both personal air cooler and humidifier. In addition these coolers also purify the air thus giving you refreshing, dust free air. I have to keep filling every 1/2 hour! Evapolar vs Evapolar 2 vs EvaSmart vs Zero Breeze Evapolar A personal evaporative air cooler and humidifier that uses evaporative technology to humidify, purify and chill the air around.

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