This mission is available to fleets which contain at least one ship that isn't a transport. Building a manufactory is the primary method to increase the amount of trade goods produced in a province (equivalent to improving production development by 5). The only time it does not apply is to provincial trade power before propagating it upstream. This is finally the time for you to understand what all those arrows on the trade map mode do! The Trade Company investments Broker's Office and Broker's Exchange will increase the trade good production of an entire state whether the player owns all the provinces or not (must own one), thus increasing the trade value of the node at the trade off of giving higher production income to the province owner(s). Plutocratic ideas; 2. increase the amount of trade flowing in fro… There are 63 trade company regions throughout the old world. This can be seen in the node's window, as well as the ledger and the trade tab. A country can only have one active advisor of each type at a time; however, there are ways to increase the pool of options to choose from. This is because colonized territories overseas can provide large boosts in trade income to the colonizing nation, as well as provide staging points for naval and land warfare around the world. In addition, as long as a colonist remains in a colony, they have a chance each month (modified by colonist chance) of bringing in 25 additional population, speeding growth greatly. Subject colonial nations join overlord's wars (though they tend not to help too much). To increase the trade value of a node a player can: Because merchants increase trade steered out of a node, by far the most lucrative method of increasing trade is to place merchants in a chain of controlled nodes so that each merchant compounds the value of trade it passes on to the next. A merchant present in a trade node gives a bonus of +10% to trade efficiency and also increases the trade power by 2 in that node. This is known as Trade Range. Countries with the largest Trade Power share that are performing a competing action should be targeted first—this removes the largest portion of competing Trade Power. Your Merchant will gather intelligence from countries active in the same Node. The actual route taken is the shortest sea distance from either the capital's port (or, if it is inland, a port that is directly connected to it) to either the target province's future port location or the port that is closest to the target province. The speed at which a nation's colonists travel to claim and establish colonial territory is related to the travel time of merchants and diplomats. While expanding, keep in mind some of the following aspects: Once your income gets comfortable enough to allow you to stop conquering a bit and starting building up your provinces, there comes the time to build and develop your provinces. The merchant order follow a scripted order, so the merchant with the highest trade steering will not necessarily be first. An army standing in an occupied colony will have the option to Seize Colony for 25 military points. Note, however, that the home province will lose the same amount of development given as bonus to the colony. Any nation that has at least 10 provincial trade power in the node enjoys the propagation of that power upstream. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 1.25. Trade steering is applied as a multiplicative bonus to trade power used for steering when determining which outgoing node trade is steered to. Your Merchant will strive to improve relations with other countries active in the Node. The 2 base merchant trade power is modified by the following ideas: Merchants can be sent to a trade node to perform one of two missions (as denoted in game interface): With , the number of merchants determines the number of Level 3 Centers of Trade a nation can have. There is no cost to setting this policy and it can be changed every 12 months. It is determined by the following factors: Certain ideas and policies improve provincial trade power. Establishing a frontier costs 20 diplomatic points. The base magnitude of the penalty is half of the attacker's trade power share in the trade node, The defending country's opinion of the attacking country is modified by, The attacking country's trade efficiency suffers a, Naxian idea 3: Archipelago Of Opportunities. Nodes connected closely with other controlled nodes, to take maximum advantage of boost. When collecting trade in a node, the country is allocated a portion of the node's trade value equal to: This amount is then multiplied by 1 + the country's trade efficiency: And this amount, , is the number of ducats actually added to the country's treasury as trade income, visible in a trade node's screen as the string: "We earn x.xx here.". In a long run, mostly if planning to colonize North America, fur is going to get massive bonuses. Spices and chinaware both get +50% price increases mid-game, but decrease by -40% and -50% respectively later on. Money in this global trade network can flow between trade nodes in unidirectional trade routes as well as terminate at end nodes. Each country collecting trade competes with all other countries collecting trade and all countries transferring trade.

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