), http://www.savorthelittlethings.blogspot.com. Erica Rivinoja was one of the screenwriters for the animated film, Trolls. I was hoping to find mothers who had found a true balance between work and home life. I confess it’s hard to relate to some of these moms because they can seemingly all afford at-home full-time childcare, and to jet off on weekend trips to other countries. Prince and I usually order in or ask our nanny if she can stay late and we’ll go out for dinner, or Prince and I will fend for ourselves. 5. I used to spend a lot of time at home by myself, just enjoying the peace. This is rambly, anyway thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see your post about Chicago– I’m headed there in September for a wedding, and I’ve never been! And for those who want profiles of women in minimum-wage jobs, etc, I don’t believe you. Erica Rivinoja is a writer and consulting producer for the sitcom “Up All Night” and a writer/producer for “South Park.” She lives in L.A. with her husband, Prince, and their two-year-old son, Ivan. I have really been struck with the differences in my work/life balance and the expectations here— of course, the emotions of mother guilt and the challenge finding a good balance between time with the little one and stimulated job are the same. I don’t think I’ve ever met any man who views his mother as a role model because she had a busy work career. So if it’s not a two-year-old screaming downstairs, it’s a cat chewing on my laptop. Just admit that you love to work outside the home. I second seeing some SAHM/D posts – would love that! She went from mothering us to just transferring her mothering skills to my dad. This is by far my favorite of a great series. I have to say I LOVE reading about everyone’s unique situation. Something that is SO important to me is fitness and I haven’t read about any fitness into these women’s days! Spend as much time with your children as you can, but don’t feel bad if you’re spending time at work.” You could just as much lose your identity and become too focused in your work/career. I really like this series. The working mom is a slave to her schedule & boss & commute etc…, not me! Why is it that only wealthy, white women who are able to have someone else raise their children part-time are looked to as role models? Thanks for the insight. I am so tired of people not taking trips/refusing week-ends and dinners because they have children… This is pretty much my set up as well. Erica Rivinoja. To have a nanny also in the evening when I regularly work till 11pm, well, the cost completely outweighs my salary. and not their husbands. I am raising awesome people. lol. We must always do something to cherish our own talents and abilities, though! Spend as much time with your children as you can, but don’t feel bad if you’re spending time at work. But the comment that she has a career, works full time and one reason is so her son will see her as a role model who can achieve much at home and work. Honestly I would be a terrible stay at home mom. Either you can afford for someone to watch your child, or you stay home. I guess my point is that someone has to watch a toddler, they cannot be left to their own devices. I found this whole series very sad. I agree with her advice about holding onto your identity outside of motherhood. I do want to echo Lauren’s comments about featuring women & their partners who have more “normal” jobs. While I love my family very much and find them wonderful companions I would never consider being a stay at home mom, it just isn´t for me. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. !monika_hes@yahoo.com, Not to start a tiff, but this comment by Anonymous: “Someone has to watch your child while you are away. I don’t relate at all.Daria. I could totally relate to the comment about missing having time to wander Target aimlessly. I totally meander the aisles of Target as if I have all the time in the world. The interviewee by some comments makes it sound like if you are a stay-at-home mother then is no alternative – you are going to be too focused on your kids and lose your identity. As someone who aspires to spend lots of quality time with my child and build a fulfilling career and have a pleasant home and financial security, I DO want to read about women who have those things. Women also tend to have careers that are non-linear, which means their income gains are non-linear. Thanks as always for your thoughtfulness! Thanks for this post and interview. It’s great to hear how these women balance their lives. When do you typically hang with your child? If you are happy as a stay-at-home and can afford to do so, go for it. :) Love these interviews! I think you are amazing! I really worry about how I’m going to afford childcare one day, and series like these make me feel like I have to marry an i-banker, stat. I am planning a weekend away with girlfriends in June and the fact that I worry what others will say or think upsets me. But to say it’s so your son has you as a role model? I understand that many of these women are upper-class, in creative professions, and have childcare help. And a handful of them to have behavioral problems in class. I am sure many of these women would jump at the chance to have family watch their children, but that’s likely not an option. I moved from NYC to hong kong 2 years ago (for my job, not my husbands, which seems to be rare in expat circles). I want babies but I can’t bear the thought of giving up running and Pilates. everyone does it differently so I appreciate all the various approaches. Perhaps I´m not the average kind of mom but I think this is something a lot of my friends relate to as well. Thank god for Whole Foods prepared meals. I know that no one will read this, since I posted it so late. Thanks so much and I hope this become a regular feature! ?” Quality not quantity is a good one to go by when it comes to being a working mama. Either you can afford for someone to watch your child, or you stay home”. she is so funny. Anyhow. I don’t have to be at “Up All Night” until about 10:00 AM, so I get to see Ivan in the morning. (well, that and the fear of, gasp, divorce, and not knowing wtf to do with my life when i might not have held a job in the last 10+ years!!). As a working mother I have always struggled to balance my different roles properly. I think that should be applied to all mothers regardless of finance, stay at home, working mom, etc. There have been a lot of comments complaining about the lack of relatability to women who have fulfilling/creative/lucrative/fun jobs, and nice houses and flexible nannies, or whatever. @anonymous- working women does not equal working class. There’s no shame in that. I know you interviewed one friend a while back who was debating whether to have children, but more of this stuff would be interesting. Erica Rivinoja When Ivan’s off to college (hopefully college, or off to work on a shrimp boat), I want to make sure that I haven’t spent 18 years solely as a mom, and suddenly I’m struggling to find out who I am and define myself as a woman.

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