I remember her as one of the very first girls I found pretty when I was a kid. Like many GIs in Vietnam, I fell in love with the image of Elizabeth Logue in the brochures and magazine ads intended to lure GIs to Hawaii for R & R. When I actually moved to Hawaii in 1971, I was newly married, so did not try to “look her up”. She and Jack Lord, the wonderful Hawaiian people, and all the loveliness thaat is Hawaii, will live forever in our hearts…and our souls. I haven’t heard back from Elizabeth lately, but I did just mail her a music soundtrack that hopefully will bring a smile to her face or evoke some nostalgic memories of a time, around age 19 or so, when she first appeared in that obscure film that Carlito refers to above. That quest proved serendipitous for both Elizabeth and one other former close friend of hers, whom she met while attending the University of Hawaii. I believe, for the first time ever since the rare and obscure film Nude Odyssey first appeared on 35 mm in the early 1960s, a digital color trailer for the film has now been released online. We are parsing more detailed wiki about Elizabeth Logue that we will modernise within 24 to 48 hours. Hi Ray, how do I ask you a question about Elizabeth that is private and prefer to keep it between you and me? ( I was in love with her too.) http://studiopluche.blogspot.com/2016/07/. Part 5, Hawaii….at exactly 6 minutes, 26 seconds you will see Noelani (Liz) yelling for her brother, ‘KEOKI, KEOKI!’ in her little girl voice. You can also use these emails to report directly: [email protected] | [email protected]. Can anyone confirm or deny that she may have gone to Bradley for her studies, perhaps graduate work…they specialize in business, science and education and at 1 time was strictly a woman’s school. https://filmguide.romacinemafest.org/en/film?ID=10574&title=ODISSEA+NUDA. Yes, I believe that Elizabeth had two sons, probably born in the early sixties. Featured as ‘Matae’, Nude Odessey, 1961 She is very happy and enjoying her sunset years. I would think that the school would have some sort of record of her attending and of her age, etc. I welcome any corrections or flawed reasoning. Well-known as the girl running down the beach and seen facing the camera in the title sequence of. NOTE: I approved the above comments, despite the fact that they appear to be cut and pasted from another website (check the dates at the end of the comments!) I hope someone is listening. During her show of anger, she tosses a pretty mean stick at veteran actor Richard Harris: Part 8, Hawaii…at exactly 3 minutes, 21 seconds, you’ll see Noelani speaking to her brother in Hawaiian, lamenting her estrangement from her brother, prompted by Reverend Hale’s admonition and condemnation of their union, and his reluctance to name Keoki as a minister. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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