Later, after Sweet Sally has been sacrificed, and Jack and Parker celebrate, Douglas reminds them that Ghosts are still coming out of the portals Lady E. created. However, Harry Cane appears and knocks Douglas out of the plane. Douglas Spencer was born on February 10, 1910 in Princeton, Illinois, USA as William Henry Mesenkop... Born: February 10, 1910 Died: October 6, 1960 (age 50) article "Douglas Spencer" is from Wikipedia, For the Archdeacon of Māwhera, see Douglas Spencer (priest). | Using his Stunt Truck, he chases after the Ghost Train and uses a trampoline to allow Jack and Parker to land with the package. Before Jack gets devoured by Mamali, Parker shoots the roots holding Jack and he falls. He was curate then vicar of Murchiston until 1944. Early life. While Parker and Jack are test driving the Doom Buggy, J.B. helps rebuild Douglas, but both hear an explosion. After his roller coaster crashed down, Douglas was thrilled about his experience and rode another ride. Douglas Gordon Spencer was an Anglican priest in New Zealand in the 20th century. Spencer also had a memorable role as a two-headed Martian in The Twilight Zone episode, aired the year after his death, "Mr. Dingle, the Strong", and played the role of Mr. Kraler, a protector of Anne Frank, in the 1959 film The Diary of Anne Frank, for a total of 83 films and TV shows. Wohoo!,, His alias of "El Fuego" is Spanish for "The Fire.". Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! "Oh, did you think ghosts could only be human? Hope calms the terrified child and decides not to delay the wedding ceremony, to Thomas's delight. Douglas rides his plane to the Lighthouse, and helps defeat Joe Ishmael by taking away making him drop his telescope. Dagmar Rosita Astrid Libertas, Duchess of Marlborough (née Douglas, sometimes Spencer-Churchill; born 26 September 1943, Madrid), is a British artist of Swedish and German descent.She was the third wife of John Spencer-Churchill, 11th Duke of Marlborough, from 1972 until their divorce in 2008. When the Ghost Hunters realize she is heading to the Lighthouse, he follows her. Soon, Hope and Thomas become married. Everyone is grateful to the boy for revealing the secret, and in the meantime he is worried about the absence of his father who does not contact his family. Douglas is named after his great-grandmother, Stephanie Douglas. Douglas's plastic skeleton breaks apart and goes all over the place, and he begins to put himself back together. Douglas wears green coveralls with an oil stain on the right side, his name tag on the left, and knee pads. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 21. He sacrificed his body to prevent Lady E. from returning to Newbury, but came back as a Ghost and possessed the skeleton from the Newbury High School's science classroom. When Amelia deals with Douglas, Thomas asks her to bring his son to him. After Parker pushes Mamali back into the Mausoleum, Douglas kicks the door shut and they flee back to the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. (1954). Douglas snores and talks in his sleep. brother. | Lua error in Module:WikidataCheck at line 23: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). September 2020 um 14:31 Uhr bearbeitet. In 1960 Spencer appeared as the Sheriff in the TV western Tales of Wells Fargo starring Dale Robertson in the episode called Doc Dawson. The Mayor of 44th Street (1942), February 10, A Place in the Sun (1951), Unknown It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Asa Spencer. John Spencer was born John Speshock, Jr., on December 20, 1946, in New York City, and was raised in Totowa, New Jersey. He was the son of blue-collar parents Mildred (née Benzeroski), a waitress, and John Speshock, Sr., a truck driver.Spencer's father was of Irish and Czech descent, while his mother was of Ukrainian and Rusyn ancestry. Shortcut to Hell (1957), Although he appeared in numerous films, he was in real-life Ray Milland's stand-in. He also appeared in The Big Clock (1948), Monkey Business with Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant (1952). But now, thanks to the haunting of Newbury, Spencer is ba… Hidden Side Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Februar 1910 in Princeton, Illinois; † 6. He doesn't like it when Spencer phases through him as seen in ". Lady Scarface (1941), But Douglas Elton isn’t like most people. William Henry Mesenkop Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Douglas Spencer (February 10, 1910 – October 6, 1960) was an American film actor. That's when the cannon which was launched into the air falls on Douglas. He worked in only four TV shows in his acting career that included The Rifleman, Bonanza, The Twilight Zone, and Svengoolie. Bonanza (1960), I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. See full bio » Nevertheless, he still manages to distract the ghost long enough for Jack and Parker to capture him. Welcome to EverybodyWiki ! He’s the muscle of the team. Spencer was ordained a deacon in 1937 and a priest in 1938. Douglas and the Ghost Hunters bust at Newbury High School to stop the ghosts from bringing back Lady E. Later, Douglas closes the portal by going in himself and his helmet and cape only remain. Douglas Elton The balding, lanky actor usually appeared in films as a doctor or wise-cracking reporter, as he did in Houdini (1953) and Them! The man removes Caroline's photos from his son's room and replaces them with Hope's photos. While Parker and Jack enter Newbury Railroad Station to pick up the package, Douglas is sleeping. Danach spielte er im B-Movie Metaluna IV antwortet nicht und stellte Harry Kraler in Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank dar. He is the most fearless Ghost Hunter as well as the strongest. When donning his El Fuego personality, he simply adds a red helmet and cape. Hope tries to divert the boy's attention from his mother's death. Hope tries to divert the boy's attention from his mother's death. Thomas tries to convince Douglas that he has overheard and firmly demands that he forget about Beth. Luckily, they caught the Ghost and he was freed from the Ghost's control. sister. Once they head back, Jack tells him to drive immediately, so they head off and avoided Captain Archibald. Skeleton Douglas Gordon Spencer was an Anglican priest in New Zealand in the 20th century. Spencer died from complications of diabetes on 6 October 1960, Los Angeles, California. Well, strictly speaking, he doesn’t have any muscles, or a body, for that matter. We have created a browser extension. The Rifleman (1959), ", "For most people, getting pulled into the Hidden Side isn’t exactly good news.

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