The Doom Slayer was given the chance to go home, but a glitch affected the portal sending him along with Jeff & Gary into the Halo universe. Food was scarce to nonexistent. I really hate losing, BB.". And when the time comes that they are banded together, those that rise against them will fall just as quickly. Touchdown! The first hell knight jumped up intending to bring it's fists down upon Gor. Remnants's DOOM ( RWBY x DOOMSLAYER fanfic ) 15.3K 85 97 At a very far away cave hundreds of kilometers away from Vale some miners were mining Dust until they found something similar to a sarcophagus. The voice replied. Camelot was destroyed eons ago! A loathing that only stemmed from repeated experiences with sangheili in the past. Parangosky smiled as she took it all in. Knowing what the button was asking of him Marvin pulled out his magnum and aimed, firing a single shot into the target. Soon as everybody is topside!" Somehow, VEGA had been concealing more from her than just the nature of his escape. With Gary looking up to see another UNSC Pelican flying over the bridge. The new Quake Arena suggests that Doom Slayer is the original Doom Guy and states that he still carries around hind rabbit's foot made from his rabbit Daisy. You trust Cortana that much? I've intercepted a number of messages about a Covenant search team scouting for a control room. He looked up to see that a giant avalanche of corpse remains was now thundering down the cliff face. Marvin could feel his organs shutting down. "Earth is all we have left. I call dibs." Ignoring the two white-armor clad troopers who were busy chatting up a storm with the UNSC Marines. The second stranger examined the cage for a bit, then brushed it's gauntlet over a symbol engraved into it. The figure in the armor suddenly bristled at the sight of Thel, and it was at that moment that he came to two realizations. Across from her sat a large machine: a pedestal of sorts which was surrounded by overarching sensors and projectors. Now let us move quickly. Marvin answered accepting the mysterious rabbit into his arms and giving it a scratch under its chin. I'm only here to deliver a pizza!" As every warrior knew, talk was cheap, and it only held merit when supported by one's actions. Due to this deceit I am stuck hither with nay way out. Stacker heard strange Tejano music getting louder and louder over the gunfire. Foehammer! The game includes his bio taken directly from Doom (2016) including the Slayer's Testaments.According to Quake Champions he is the same marine from the Classic Doom games (as well as Doom 3, although he has undergone some changes to physical appearance over time and these are represented by different skins in the game). He was the one that had laid waste to Thel's ships during his time as a Covenant Fleet Commander. Even the young Serin Osman was kept out of the loop. "You were a Fleet Commander within the Covenant during the time that the stronghold of Reach fell. As the Arbiter, he had commanded great respect during his service in the Covenant, but now, among the Sangheili, he commanded and even greater amount. "This is for Reach!" I did my research, watched as you became the soldier we needed you to be. Did you see he condition? It was not her friend. The Cartographer is a map room that will lead us to Halo's Control Center. "May it aid all of us and grow stronger as we continue our fight.". I suspected that you were behind its installation and took appropriate measures to neutralize it with neither you nor Black Box being aware of my actions. Marvin sighed, clutching the rabbit more closely. However, recent ONI files have cited you as an enemy of the Covenant. Jeff and Gary quickly mopped up several grunts, two Sangheili minors and one major by themselves as they pushed through the narrow crevase. "If your construct is wrong, then the Flood has already won.". From that, Thel knew that the human that destroyed his ships and the human standing before him now were one in the same. "Come. Finding one he shined his flashlight on the metal disk attached to it. Time was spent dashing around their shelter in gleeful play or bird watching by the windows. Thel watched the Master Chief carefully, but he detected no signs of dejection nor sorrow at the realization that his construct was not actually here. Keyes explained. Still watching her, still passing judgement on her, still keeping his eyes on what he probably considered no more than a nuisance in terms of actual threat. Jeff replied, then hear a loud chainsaw rev echoing from their location. His ship maybe out of range or having equipment problems." On the edge of her memory, as if it were a fleeting dream, Daisy remembered a day the birds burned and fell. "Perhaps the flood isn't all I should be worried about.". "How far did he fall?". VEGA, in a similar fashion, did not choose to appear as a holographic human. Accesing the Covenant Battle Net. Echo 419 replied as she piloted her Pelican over to the drop point. All eyes in the room turned to Thel as he spoke for the first time. Sergeant Johnson knelt down next to the figure and gazed into the golden visor, looking for any sign of life underneath the armor. Parangosky knew that he wanted nothing more than to end her existence then and there, but he was stopped by Parangosky's hold over his A.I. The Doom Slayer shook his head. VEGA had to have been bluffing, there was no way that such actions had gone without BB's notice. That'll be sixteen credits. After graduation, you rose quickly to the rank of Commander. Currently, they were all on board the Shipmaster's flagship, the Shadow of Intent. As introductions continued to be made, VEGA patiently told them all the tale of how both he and the Doom Slayer arrived here. Something wrong?". Jeff replied. Attaching the grenade launcher to his shotgun, he fired one shell at one cloaked Elite and stunning the other. Parangosky's eyes widened at the Doom Slayer stepped forward. The magnum clattered onto the now solid bone ground and Gor kicked it, sending it skittering into Marvin's hands. You are no demon to me, but a warrior who has earned my respect forged from many battles. I'll stay on station and keep an eye out for Covenant boogies." "Hey Sargeant! It had grown into a friendship, and perhaps even deeper than that as well. Yet she did not suffer. Gor tightened his grip. After the small skirmish, he waved over to Jeff and Gary to move up. The room they found themselves in was a great hall of sorts. A shrine is an unlikely place to put such a significant installation." "We're not leaving him here. The two runners weaved their way in between several piles of skeletons before the floor suddenly erupted in front of them, spraying femurs in all directions. The pelican turned around as it arrived, and Thel watched as the drop door opened wide. Admiral Hood sighed and lowered his gaze. A Marine replied looking at their orange blood covered armor. Their final stand awaited. "I see…" VEGA said, replying to the gesture. Gor then turned towards the far end of the hall. Can't see a way out either. The same applied for the Doom Slayer. Keyes asked. Gor then seemed to deflate a little. VEGA was speaking directly to the Slayer now, and Parangosky remained silent as the A.I. "I don't know. But they must be looking for Halo's control room." Daisy came to her senses and ran into the portal, disappearing from Hell. Goodbye, Admiral Parangosky.". What the hell was wrong with BB? I was overhearing my marines chat with those two troopers in white armor. "To business. She had underestimated just how advanced and powerful his creators were, how advanced and powerful he was. Echo 419 and Bravo 022 flew over the vast sea. The armored man made several gestures trying to communicate that Daisy was to leave. I have a pizza for Losa Fumase! A super soldier birthed from the undercover ONI Spartan Program. After flipping the Warthog back onto it's wheels Jeff and Gary jumped in. Thel chose not to move. However, upon accessing logs detailing your victories against Insurrectionists as well as the Covenant, I conclude that all of your achievements are well earned. "Ugh. For the first time in a long time, someone had the upper hand on her. There was none. And then thinks about that. A flood army, a Gravemind has you in its sights. Foehammer replied, landing down onto the beachhead of the island. that was now no longer with them.

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