Actually I think I can do better in terms of portability, usability and cost. The main benefit of a single arm is easier entry and exit. The beauty of this design is that the head, projector and screen are in a fixed geometry, so that any adjustment is instant. Update. Stereo speakers and base shakers allowed for further immersion. Anti-Gravity Workstation (with Standing Option): The human body was not designed to spend 8 hours a day sitting with our hands on a mouse and keyboard. It's an insult to out inteligence. This is at the expense of squareness. If I want to bang out an email, I just sit up, send, then lean right back. The human body was not designed to spend 8 hours a day sitting with our hands on a mouse and keyboard. I don't need brightness (in my face!) Cool! Unlike many of my projects that end up in my reject pile, I use this almost every day for many hours (I am using it NOW) and fully expect to continue using it or an upgraded version. I really like this project. If you can figure out how to make such plastic capable of back projection, then a decent compromise might entail doing something like you are currently doing, but make it wider - some crazy aspect ratio (32:10 or something like that), then "bend" the projection surface into a curve - almost like a personal Cinerama screen. Attach your computer monitor to an articulated monitor arm. Reply haha. The dome solution might be a more comfortable solution. It is all about the marketting. I am expect it will be easier to execute by samsung or sony with there bendy screen tech that is forthcoming. Share it with us! On those other days that I am at a traditional desk in the office, I miss my anti-gravity workstation. I even figured out how to use a standing option using this configuration. We have se… Now that lots of ergonomic accessories are available, it's quite a bit easier to put something like this together. Thanks for the comment. 2 years ago. The big problem (well, expensive $$$ problem) is getting such a dome made for back-projection; it would likely need to be made from acrylic or polycarbonate, and both are going to be expensive out the gate (if you've ever priced clear plastic domes, you'll know what I mean). The advantage of this design, is that you can switch between positions instantly without any additional adjustments. My big head is always leaning on the chair. * I am not an ergonomics expert and cannot certify that this system will be safe to use for all people.

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