There aren’t a lot of true disadvantages to this bullet because it is truly "debugged" technology. Frangible bullets penetrate less than non-frangible bullets because after the bullet comes apart, the resulting individual fragments have less weight and therefore less momentum (energy) to drive them through a medium. That's gonna hurt. Like other ammunition, frangible does penetrate most building materials with the exception of hardened concrete and thick steel. For example, a frangible bullet may have the initial energy (while whole) to enter a target, but not enough energy to exit it and/or then penetrate a wall nearby. Once the frangible ammo makes an impact on a target, there will be no traces left of the bullet that could bounce back and potentially harm people or properties. While some of these bullets are touted for defense and hunting--as they have enough energy to kill the initial target they strike--the majority are intended for practice to reduce the likelihood of dangerous ricochet. Frangible bullets should not be confused with “pre-fragmented” bullets like the Glaser Safety Slug, which perform differently. Here's why I use it for home defense. What's that Liberty ammo group like at, say, 20 yards? Reports indicate the round has no trouble penetrating common heavy clothing such as leather jackets, denim, etc., and will even penetrate car doors. While I almost never see one, I expect one to be there. If you are interested in this ammunition, our team at Ammo and Bullet will be more than happy to tell you everything you need to know. Some rifles and pistols just do not like cast bullets, or they do not like them pushed as fast as jacketed bullets. That hog dropped immediately--just went right down. View entire discussion (15 comments) If you are looking to eliminate over-penetration in a human by a handgun round, lighter and faster is the way to go. As I... U.S. All of our products, including frangible ammo, are made using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art machinery. In other words, frangible bullets produce less risk of ricochet than traditional bullets. Any opinions on that ammo? ability to identify ballistic traces on the surfaces of fragmented. Secondly, because most frangible bullets are made of copper and/or an alloy, most are substantially lighter than lead bullets, therefore they may not strike to the same point-of-impact (POI) when fired from your firearm. 2. For special situations, we also create custom ammunition. We are proud to offer ammunition assembled using top-notch materials and state-of-the-art equipment in the USA. We load and package your ammunition based on your specifications. For extra precaution, choose ammunition made by a reputable manufacturer. 3. As such, frangible ammo may be preferred for specialized scenarios such as aboard aircraft where a breach in the craft’s walls by a bullet could be catastrophic to everyone. Our company also performs tests on random samples and checks component dimensions prior to loading. However, due to some frangible bullets’ soft, powdery nature, some have been reported to foul barrels more than traditional ammo. Lead bullets are more fragile, and finding an accurate load takes more load development. Other tactical uses could be in crowded areas or apartment complexes where bullet passthroughs could be potentially deadly to innocent people in the next room. If you do not want to put yourself or others in danger, we suggest that you use frangible ammo. Do you plan on purchasing frangible ammo? If you want to learn more about our ammunition, feel free to get in touch with us today! Again, don’t count on wallboard to be your backstop, but if my neighbors were popping off rounds in their homes, I’d rather they’d be shooting 223 than any regular pistol caliber. What is Frangible Ammo: Defense Use. One of the disadvantages of using traditional bullets is the lead emission that follows after each shot fired. Partner with us, and we’ll help you get reliable ammunition. We have a machine room supervisor who will examine the in-line process measuring devices and make certain that all quality procedures are implemented. Feel free to choose from some of our most popular rounds, including 9mm, 45 Auto, .300 Blackout, .223/5.56, and .308/7.62×51. However, because each individual pellet has very little energy after dispersion, they do not penetrate secondary barriers well. Now if the bullet breaks apart in the body, it … The dense nature of lead and tough copper jackets means fragments tend to be large and retain considerable force for quite a distance. projectiles. This slug is also desirable for shooting steel plates at close range during practice due to less ricochet danger. These demonstrations showed me the nature of frangible’s performance, with lessons about its utility for indoor self-defense. find on the internet that they feel will be of benefit to others... Our readers are invited to send in their own articles, or links to articles they The bullets are typically made through a process called sintering, which entails heating a powdered material to just below its melting point, at which point the particles adhere to each other. Frangible defense ammo like the DRT, Magsafe, Glasers, and such like reduce penetration in walls, etc, but they have a reputation for underperforming in people, and cost way too much for most shooters to function test for reliability with. The rounds typically destabilize after just a few layers of wallboard and lose a lot of energy. 3. > What are the advantages and disadvantages of rimfire ammo compared to centerfire ammo? Our company produces ammunition for businesses that run rifle ranges and shooting clubs, and we create customized solutions for their unique needs. So for people who practice shooting on steel targets--where ricochet is a real concern--or engage in ultra-close-range practice, frangible ammo is an excellent choice. We produce different rounds starting from 9mm up to .338 Lapua. So it did indeed prove to me the high velocity cavitation argument. Most compressed metal/polymer/composite frangible is made to break up on close range steel targets. We believe that great partnerships come from mutual trust and respect. Members of the police force or military can also hone their skills with regular shooting practice. This process is done twice to ensure accuracy. It doesn't feel any different than the practice ammo I reload (equivalent to the SIG Elite 180gr). Compared to using frangible ammo, shooting standard ammunition can put people nearby at risk of lead poisoning. Whatever you buy, save up and buy enough of it that you will actually go out and practice with it & get to know the difference between that and the cheap stuff. We offer quality rounds designed for any military mission. Frangible ammunition is available for most calibers of handguns and rifles. We are Ammo and Bullet, an ammunition manufacturer based in Arundel, Maine. We use laser sensors to check powder levels. The slug and pellets travel down the bore and toward the target as a solid unit, but upon impact the tiny pellets act like a miniature shotgun pattern to cause damage. Take a look at this video and watch a 20lb block of ballistics gel jump off the table. Frangible ammo is not without its downsides. Splash-back and ricochet from lead bullets is not trivial in many cases. The core is compressed enough to effectively do the same wound as any ball ammo. Thanks for the feedback. Our products are used globally and contribute to the protection and security of millions of people. Because the material of choice to make frangible bullets is often a copper alloy, or even powdered copper held together with a metal or polymer binding agent--not lead--frangible ammo is most often non-toxic. Designed to disintegrate into tiny particles upon impact to minimize their penetration for safety reasons. So it’s best to check for point of aim/point of impact disparities--as well as functionality--in your firearm before purchasing large quantities for practice or before considering them for personal defense. Our company values the trust you give us. Immediate Action: The Easiest Way to Keep Your Gun... Self Defense Starts with the Right Mindset, Steel Challenge: Everlasting Race Of Speed, Preview: Hawke Endurance Micro Red Dot Sights, The Switchback DF Tactical Flashlight Ring Attachment. That’s not to say your kids are safe two walls behind the target, but by the time the round goes through your exterior wall it will probably lack the energy to penetrate much more than window glass 10-20 yards behind the wall. Air Marshalls use it as you want to try to avoid putting bullets holes in the plane at 40,000 feet of altitude. Precision Defense Indispensable for firearms training, frangible ammo is created to be the ideal companion of people who are new to shooting. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I don't use it, so it doesn't apply to me, but this is a great point. When you use standard ammunition instead of frangible ammo, you are more likely to encounter a ricochet once the bullet hits the target. Different organizations and businesses have approached us for private label ammunition. 3. In practice 60% of a frangible never breaks up short of hitting something that would stop a normal fmj pistol round. Over the years there have been several advancements in the frangible ammo category, but most use one of three general designs: 1. [Listen to these experts.] While there are several internet rumors stating frangible ammo can ruin handgun barrels, I find this unproven and difficult to understand, as nearly all frangible ammo is made of copper and/or metals that are softer than copper; therefore causing swift damage to a steel barrel is unlikely. Frangible projectiles are used for three main reasons: 1. Hawke Optics has released a new line of micro red dot sights with the Endurance line. Even though it disintegrates upon impact, frangible ammo can still penetrate enough to keep your opponent from causing more harm. Because the material of choice to make frangible bullets is often a copper alloy, or even powdered copper held together with a metal or polymer binding agent--not lead--frangible ammo is most often non-toxic. Are you interested in self-defense training? If this is the case, rest easy because fouling (also called barrel smoothing in extreme cases if the ) can be removed by standard cleaning of the barrel. That being said... For home protection, I use Liberty Defense 60gr in my 10mm EAA Witness as it's my primary home defense weapon. In simple terms frangible allows concealment to become cover for a bad guy. The Thyrm SwitchBack turns your compact flashlight .. Self Defense Insurance For Concealed Carry. 12 shot pellets held within. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Our lab technicians perform validation for handheld measuring scales and instruments. At these speeds, cavitation becomes a huge factor in the damage caused by the bullet. That being said, I have my G29 and my wife’s 9mm shield for bumps in the night. Glaser Safety Slug: This proprietary projectile was made by Glaser in 1982 and was later purchased by the Cor-Bon ammo company. You can also continue doing your shooting activities while keeping yourself safe when you use frangible ammo. First, because it doesn’t penetrate well, frangible ammo is not the ammo of choice for most self-defense scenarios that are unpredictable by their very nature. frangible allows concealment to become cover for a bad guy. If we miss out on any step, we properly dispose of a cartridge. Our company develops and produces high-quality ammunition for the military, law enforcement, and businesses. Instead I’d recommend good expanding ammo, e.g. ©2020 Ammo & Bullet Mfg. For example, we can produce green ammo to minimize lead air pollution in indoor ranges or to comply with new environmental regulations. Using frangible ammo is beneficial for individuals who want to learn how to shoot. There’s always high demand for a bullet that won’t cause collateral damage or accidental injuries due to over-penetration – because these are bullets …

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