Unlocked by obtaining 5 different Digimon, Unlocked by obtaining 25 different Digimon, Unlocked by connecting to 5 unique Ver.20th devices, Unlocked by connecting Versions A or B with Versions C, D or E, 0-2 Care Mistakes, hatched from Version 1 Egg, 3+ Care Mistakes, hatched from Version 1 Egg, No requirements, hatched from Taichi's Egg, 3+ Care Mistakes, 5-15 Training, 3+ Overfeed, 3+ Care Mistakes, 16+ Training, 3+ Overfeed, • 3+ Care Mistakes, 0-4 Training• 3+ Care Mistakes, 5+ Training, 0-2 Overfeed, 3+ Care Mistakes, 8-15 Training, 0-2 Overfeed, 3+ Care Mistakes, 8-15 Training, 3+ Overfeed, • 3+ Care Mistakes, 0-7 Training• 3+ Care Mistakes, 16+ Training, 0-2 Care Mistakes, hatched from Version 2 Egg, 3+ Care Mistakes, hatched from Version 2 Egg, No requirements, hatched from Yamato's Egg, • 3+ Care Mistakes, 0-7 Training• 3+ Care Mistakes, 8-15 Training, 3+ Overfeed• 3+ Care Mistakes, 16+ Training, 0-2 Overfeed, No requirements, hatched from Slayerdra Egg, No requirements, hatched from Breakdra Egg, 3-4 Care Mistakes, Battle 100+ times (Not possible on Japanese Versions A or B), Tag Battle 5 times with Yamato's Metal Garurumon, Tag Battle 5 times with Taichi's War Greymon, Only appears as an enemy in the Colosseum. - LadyDevimon (passing time), Icemon DNA Digivolution allows two or more Digimon to combine into a single Digimon. Unlike Yukimura, Alter-B remains in this form and manages to gain control of himself, then later becomes the official partner of Shoma in this same form. - Kabuterimon (>= 20 Insect-AP) - Etemon (>= 8 Battles) - Kabuterimon (>= 6 Battles) or Hunter Students have Vanished! Furthermore, the number of wins will fluctuate, and I have no idea why. How long will it take my Digimon to evolve? Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth parodies this: when an Elecmon and Numemon shout out "Elecmon/Numemon digivolve to!" The number of full skulls indicates how many care mistakes are required, while half skulls indicate that a care mistake is optional. Depending on what number or how big these stats are (range is between 1-9999), determines your digimon. Yuramon - MetalGreymon (>= 10 Battles), Clockmon - MetalSeadramon (>= 10 Battles; >= 3 Egg-Reverts) and a Forced DigiFuse through Forced Xros Open (強制クロスオープン, Kyōsei Kurosu Ōpun?). Only two of the DigiDestined, Takuya Kanbara and Koji Minamoto, use Fusion Evolution in Frontier. - PrinceMamemon (>= 80 Machine-AP), MegaKabuterimon Yes, battles for evolution must be done as an Adult. - Koromon (>= 20 Dragon-AP) and when the D.N.A. - Kapurimon (>= 20 Machine-AP) - SkullGreymon (passing time) In a Biomerge, this is represented as the human Tamer lying naked within his or her partner, surrounded by a bubble of light named the Tamer Ball (テイマー・ボール, Teimā Bōru? Armor Digivolution (アーマー進化, Āmā Shinka?, lit. Your Digimon will call when its Hunger or Strength Hearts empty, or when it is time for it to go to bed. ), or De-Digivolution is the opposite of Digivolution. However, in the English dub of the first two seasons this process is not given a unique term and was simply called Digivolution. - Crowmon (>= 40 Bird-AP), Unimon Champion-to-Ultimate Matrix Digivolution is triggered through the aforementioned examples of Calumon and the Blue Cards. Fighter Mode! - Lynxmon (passing time), Gomamon Coexistence. If you have cleared Area 45, a Computer will appear instead of a Traited Egg. - WereGarurumon (>= 40 Beast-AP), Kabuterimon - Gryphonmon (passing time) Raid Clash Battle! - BlueMeramon (>= 10 Battles) - Sukamon (>= 4 Penalties) - Vademon (passing time), Ankylomon - Lynxmon (passing time) You don't get Herrismon since it requires 2 Care Mistakes, and you won't get Renamon X because it requires 4 effort hearts. Within the DigiQuartz, a Fusion Loader can only digifuse two of a Hunter's Digimon together. Your Digimon will call when its Hunger or Strength Hearts empty, or when it is time for it to go to bed. is the most powerful evolution in Digimon Frontier. - Greymon (>= 6 Battles) The only exception is Diablomon X on the Digital Monster X Ver.3, which must clear Area 44 every time in order to evolve. - Phantomon (passing time) Pseudo-Evolution (ぎじ進化, Giji Shinka?) - Cyberdramon (>= 40 Dragon-AP; >= 8 Battles) Beast Spirit Evolution!" What the required levels for this evolution are. Kabuterimon tries to Super Digivolve but is stopped by an Infermon Clash Battle! No, once you have cleared an area it will unlock specific evolutions, and those evolutions will always remain available. - D'arcmon (>= 6 Battles) Demon Lord of Destruction, Diaboromon! Sometimes it happens at 50, somtimes 55. To perform a Jogress, the two Ultimate level Digimon that are needed must do Tag Battles together 5 times. In Digimon Data Squad a human partner evokes D.N.A. This same term is also used in Digimon Fusion to describe temporary Digivolution or Digivolution at will, such as Shoutmon's Digivolution to OmniShoutmon and MetalGreymon's Digivolution to ZekeGreymon. In Digimon Xros Wars Shademon's larva's Digivolution after being fed hearts of despair is also a Dark Digivolution. - SkullMeramon (>= 10 Battles) - Piximon (>= 40 Holy-AP) - Centarumon (>= 4 Battles) Every four times you Train, you will get an Effort Heart. - Cyberdramon (>= 40 Machine-AP; >= 8 Battles) - Tsunomon (>= 20 Beast-AP) They may gain armor and/or clothes. - Motimon (>= 20 Machine-AP), Zurumon This only works for Quest battles, Connection battles do not count. - Gazimon (>= 20 Beast-AP) This is the 2nd most important part in getting a champion/ultimate. You need to know what is a crae mistake and what's not. - Tanemon (passing time) - Whamon (>= 10 Battles; >= 50% Wins), Gesomon Your name and email address will not be made public, these are purely for verification purposes and will not be reused in any way. This guide will make it more clear. (Defense), Speed and Brains. or "Digimental Up!". - Parrotmon (passing time) - Clockmon (>= 20 Machine-AP; >= 1 Egg-Reverts) ), which is akin to DNA Digivolution in previous titles where the components permanently fuse into the result, and Jogress Up (ジョグレスアップ, Joguresu Appu?). - BlackRapidmon (>= 8 Battles) If you aren't seeing the results you expect, just keep winning more battles, you will unlock them eventually. is a manifestation of a human partner's emotions they can send to their Digimon to prompt Digivolution. - SuperStarmon (>= 40 Machine-AP), Devimon In Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Landing! - Deramon (passing time) DNA Digivolution is handled differently in some video games. - Etemon (>= 4 Penalties) A care mistake occurs any time the Call Light goes out without the Digimon's need being take care of. A Tamer activates Biomerging by commanding, "Biomerge Activate!" - Starmon (passing time) It is similar to DNA Digivolution, the difference being that DNA is permanent in Next Order, whilst EXE is temporary and only available during Battle. However, sufficient injury or energy loss can cause a Digimon to revert to an even lower form after naturally digivolving. Area SP can only be unlocked by battling a White Device with a Black Device, a Red Device with a Purple Device or a Yellow Device with a Blue Device. - Phoenixmon (>= 50 Bird-AP; >= 16 Battles; >= 1 Egg-Reverts), Garbagemon A Digimon has to reach certain weight in order to digivolve ( look to " Body Weight " on my list ). - MachGaogamon (>= 8 Battles; >= 50% Wins) First things first, I do not own any of the images of Digimon found on this site, which are all property of Bandai. Because of this, only a sparse number of Digimon naturally reach their final forms. - Scorpiomon (>= 40 Water-AP) This very old game, has been misunderstood by many people that attempt to get strong Digimon. Just make sure to check the feature tracker first to see if someone already requested that improvement. Hot Time in Dragonland! - PrinceMamemon (>= 60 Data-AP; >= 12 Battles), SkullMeramon The roll you get determines what random encounters you will get. Janyu's Ark It is called the "Light of Digivolution" in Digimon World DS. - RedVeggiemon (>= 10 Virus-AP), Guilmon Unified Spirit Evolution!". On the walking screen, the top bar is happiness. You can see what improvements are currently being worked on by clicking here. Orange will have them digivolve one level higher, whilst green will digivolve them two levels higher. - DemiMeramon (passing time), Poyomon - Cyberdramon (>= 10 Battles; >= 50% Wins) Answering Yes will let you raise a Traited Kera Egg, while answering No will let you raise a normal Traited egg. "Blast Evolution") appears in Digimon World 3, Pendulum X 3.0, and D-Cyber Ultimate. Every day when your Digimon wakes up, the XAI will roll. - ShogunGekomon (>= 40 Water-AP) - Divermon (passing time) Biomerge Digivolution, or simply just Biomerge (マトリックス・エボリューション, Matorikkusu Eboryūshon?, lit. Attempting to start a new egg will result in a question appearing on the screen. - Icemon (>= 20 Machine-AP) 1. It combines the similar processes of Jogres Evolution (ジョグレス進化, Joguresu Shinka?) On the Digital Pendulum Ver.20th, which Vaccine Digimon evolves into Marin Angemon? "Warp Evolution") is a digivolution process where a Digimon can reach a higher level directly bypassing any intermediate phases. - Tsunomon (>= 20 Beast-AP) Now Revealed! - Bakemon (passing time) - Lunamon (passing time), Babydmon The roll you get determines what random encounters you will get. - Deramon (passing time) - Mamemon (passing time), Kokatorimon of multiple Warp Evolved Digimon. - Woodmon (>= 4 Penalties) - Mammothmon (passing time), Numemon Usually, with the case of Digivolution to the Champion level the resultant Digimon is larger than the previous form, but Digivolution to the Ultimate level can often cause the Digimon to refine its strength and decrease its size at the same time, such as (e.g. - Garbagemon (passing time) The name "Jogres" is a portmanteau of the words "Joint" and Progress". It is later used in Digimon Adventure 02, when the Digimon Emperor's D-3 and the presence of Control Spires prevent Digimon from digivolving to the Champion level. Area SP can only be unlocked by battling a White Device with a Black Device, a Red Device with a Purple Device or a Yellow Device with a Blue Device. - MetalGreymon (Virus) (>= 40 Virus-AP), Gururumon - Gatomon (passing time) - BigMamemon (passing time), Gargomon Repeat until you roll a 6 or 7. - Bakemon (passing time), Terriermon "Armor Evolution") is the fusion of a Digimon with a Digi-Egg (デジメンタル, Digimentaru?, "Digimental"). and Koji's is just "Execute! - Flaremon (>= 10 Battles) They are 100% compatible for battles and Copymon. Azulongmon shares the energy of a DigiCore with the Adventure 02 partner Digimon, a ball of powerful energy that catalyzes Digivolution in a similar way to what Calumon does in Tamers. The concept of Sudden Evolution (突発進化, Toppatsu Shinka?) These Digivolutions appear in Digimon Frontier, the card game, manga, drama CDs, and video games.

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