Upon the announcement that Carlton had dated both men and women, an insult-fest broke out between the couple. The scene of the two fighting also includes Diamond walking away from Carlton, yelling out her version of Beyoncé’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself.”, “Watch my ass [move] to the next dick boy. Love Is Blind, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, hit Netflix just before Valentine's Day, on February 13.; The wild new reality TV show has captured audiences less than a week since its premiere. Contact Krystie Lee Yandoli at krystie.yandoli@buzzfeed.com. "Love Is Blind" Fans Love Cameron and Lauren, Follow the Cast of "Love Is Blind" on Instagram. Our editors handpick the products that we feature. (LOTS of spoilers ahead!). The brand new reality series follows daters as they trust their instincts and agree to marry someone they’ve never seen before. I recently watched Netflix’s Love Is Blind, and I have to admit I haven’t been this captivated by reality TV since the first time I saw Joseline Hernandez on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta dressed like she was originally planning to appear on WWE Smackdown. Since the show aired, Diamond has amassed over 28,600 followers and counting. She is ready for a lifetime commitment. Screenshot: Carlton in Love is Blind S1 E2 – Netflix. Ditto when he asks her whether she would get one with “Carlton” on it. Amber remained skeptical of Jessica, saying she’s currently having a hard time accepting her apology. Navarro's Monica Aldama Opens up About Faith, Pete Buttigieg Reflects on His Coming Out Story, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. “That was the hardest decision I’ve probably ever made in my life, honestly, and I would stick by it again because of where we are now.”. Amber also used her time at the reunion to confront Jessica Batten, who was engaged to Mark Cuevas on Love Is Blind but secretly still had a crush on Barnett from their time “dating” in the pods. Lauren And Cameron From "Love Is Blind" Shared How They Practice Empathy In An Interracial Relationship, 12 Behind The Scenes "Love Is Blind" Secrets That Lauren And Cameron Revealed To Us, 11 Questions "Love Is Blind" Needs To Address On The Reunion. After the show started streaming, both cast members said they received death threats online. Carlton spends a significant amount of time on Love Is Blind talking about wanting to be loved for who he truly is...while willfully choosing to not say who he is. Yes, I am very familiar with the way “People are misjudged when they’re fluid.” But how does hiding it help? Are the "Love Is Blind" Marriages Actually Legal? Ultimately, Diamond deserved to know Carlton's secret beforehand. And though some couples on the show ultimately found love (spoiler alert!) Krystie Yandoli is an entertainment reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York. I was like, This isn’t working.”. “I want to make it very clear that the woman that I fell in love with, I never felt that she was biphobic, homophobic, or that she wouldn’t love me. And I get that for whatever he’s done in years past, his ultimate goal is to be “a good husband and father.” He is clearly intent on leading a very specific kind of life, and he has absolutely every right to lead the life of his choosing—the one he deems is “right.” However, when you are asking someone to lead that life with you as your partner, they deserve to know everything. When you’re credibly accused of misleading the person you intend to marry, “This is why I don’t deal with bitches like you” is probably not the best way to keep your fiancé happy. Eve spends her days writing about TV and film, music, and practically every reality TV show under the sun. Who the fuck do you think I am?” Diamond says. Considering that they don’t follow each other on Instagram or have commented on what went down, it would seem their relationship ended for good when they left the Mexican resort. Carlton denied Diamond that opportunity, so he should have been more cognizant of the potential consequences. “Where we are now, it’s so right for us where we can just date.”. By the time the couple becomes engaged and they get to reveal themselves to one another (again, all part of the Love is Blind experiment), they are relieved to find their spark and connection translates physically as well. I believe Carlton wants a wife so he can be a husband and a father, but I don’t think the actual person that becomes the wife is as important to him. He has the nerve to say of Diamond, “She has proven herself to be ignorant, and she has proven herself to be stereotypical.”. Oprah Mag reached out to Diamond and she stated that there were no hard feelings between them. BuzzFeed News has journalists around the US bringing you trustworthy stories on the 2020 Elections. Here. On the day Carlton proposed, Diamond saw a ladybug she took as a sign from her deceased father that he was there with her. Will Rhythm + Flow Have a Season 2? The former couple agreed to get married, but the relationship imploded after only one day of being together in person because Carlton told Diamond he was bisexual and she was upset he took so long to tell her. Check out Diamond Jack on Instagram @iam_diamondjack. A month later, she scored a career-high 30 points in a dramatic OT win over Eastern Conference rival Connecticut. “And I hope that you take this ring again as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful without any kind of plan.”, Before hugging, Diamond said, “I do. She posts plenty of pics of her dancing days and of what she’s up to now working for Charge Up Cares. When she’s not writing you can find her out with friends, making music or attending events for the brand. If that were the case, Diamond would have been treated better—like she was genuinely loved and cared for. Carlton said: “It’s still kind of awkward, we’re learning to communicate. Carlton’s fear of rejection may have come to pass, but I can’t fault Diamond. One of the couples with the most explosive relationship on the show was undeniably Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton, who never made it to the alter.

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