She's a fighter. I worked at juvie.” Juarez adds that ultimately the station was planned and green-lit long before she was ever in office, and she couldn’t see how further delaying a needed North Seattle police station would accomplish anything. I reached out to try to find out where the homes are and I will update this post if I hear back. The city’s financial disclosure forms ask candidates to list all of their assets and employers, as well as those of their spouses. I want to dig more into Indian country on missing and murdered indigenous women. A brief frame of the video shows some of the councilmembers appearing to look at their phones before the edited video focuses on the man, who proceeds to lecture the council to not look at their phones. But Juarez is using her lived experience to, in some ways, rewrite how the council does its business. The developer has already secured a new professional hockey team but they have yet to bring an NBA team to Seattle. An investigation by Seattle’s Urban Indian Health Institute found 5,712 reports of missing native and indigenous women across the country in 2016, yet the Department of Justice, in a long-standing practice of our government ignoring tragedies in Native communities, had only tallied 116 of them. The station is expected to open in 2031. Juarez was one of the five council members who voted not to sell a city street to billionaire Chris Hanson, effectively blocking him from building a basketball arena in SoDo. Takedown Policy. “I think it’s just right to lead to leave. The couple have a mortgage on their home, which is appraised between $200,000 and a million dollars. “[Constituents] are really well informed. Lester Black is a staff writer for The Stranger, where he writes about Seattle news, cannabis, and beer. Terms of Use I am a fucking woman of color. Progressives are unsatisfied with the city’s continued criminalization of homelessness, a critique that implicates the entire council. But before I can question how this squares with her image as a district fighter she jumps in and tells me that the NHL deal is also good for her district. Lester Black is a staff writer for The Stranger, where he writes about Seattle news, cannabis, and beer. Sawant said she would only take $40,000 of the salary and donate the rest, but came under fire after the blog SCC Insight reported that she donated portions of her salary to Socialist Alternative and 15 Now, the two organizations that her family gets an income from. On a lot of issues—they know what I’ve done. District 7 candidate Andrew Lewis says he’s worth only $5,000 and District 2 candidate Phil Tavel says his net worth is a whopping $0. Debora Juarez is the incumbent council member and has support from business and labor. And I’ll tell you exactly what I told them, ‘I did not get my ass kicked for 18 months for you to put my training center, our NHL training center, our Seattle hockey team, in Tukwila. Juarez’s other big key project is the redevelopment of the KeyArena, work she did after a bruising fight over a different arena in SoDo. Six of the candidates are worth over $1 million including District 6 candidate Heidi Wills, who owns three homes, and District 2 candidate Tammy Morales, who listed the highest estimated net worth in the election at $2.6 million. 800 Maynard Ave S, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98134, Contact His spouse, Suzanne Muse Solomon, works at Compass Housing Alliance and Paratex Pest Control. As a councilmember, Juarez is well-known for focusing on her district and advocating for major capital projects, including the Northgate Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge over I-5 and a controversial police station in her district. She tells me these two events aren't connected—she took on KeyArena because it was a good idea, not because she was trying to make up for anything that happened in SoDo. Thank you! Juarez speaking following a meeting of her Civic Development, Public Assets, and Native Communities Committee. But in a year when anger at the council and its incumbents may be at a boiling point, and at a time when trust in government is low, can Juarez win on this "I take care of my own" pitch? Can Debora Juarez convince North Seattle that she's fought hard enough to be re-elected? This year’s council candidates are, as a group, significantly richer than the average Seattleite. Juarez isn't a Mike O'Brien liberal or a Tim Burgess conservative, which often puts her in the middle of the council’s ideological battles, and that's fine with her. I have some other stuff I want to work on. It’s kind of like, ‘When is NHL coming? But Juarez says the man directly told her after the video went viral that she is not the problem. Now more than ever, The Stranger depends on your support to help fund our coverage. Juarez tells me she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a neurological disease, in 1999. Here’s what the candidates listed, divided by district: District 1Council Member Lisa Herbold lists her net worth as $527,000, which includes a mortgage on her home in Seattle, a property in North Bend, and her salary as a council member. Daniel Strauss: lists his net worth as $105,000 and says he makes under $100,000 as a legislative aid for the city of Seattle. Thank you and we are truly grateful for your support. Andrew Lewis estimates his net worth as $5,000 and says he makes less than $100,000 as a staff lawyer for the Seattle City Attorney’s office. “We have a choice about who goes in those buildings,” Juarez says to me. | His wife, Lindsay Pedersen, owns her own brand strategy business. She also points to a foodbank in the area that she fought to get $20,000 for from the mayor’s budget, as well as her work on low-income housing in that specific area of the city. “Yes! But for Juarez, hearing about missing and murdered women is particularly painful. I was a public defender. More than ever, we depend on your support to help fund our coverage. "City of Tomorrow: Jinny Wright and the Art That Shaped a New Seattle", If Trump Is Re-elected, Cities Will Likely Shift to the Right to Solve the Homeless Crisis. Juarez ordering some tacos at the Lake City Farmers Market. "Nobody gave me anything." Juarez tells me she’s been fighting for more sidewalks and her advocacy has won her strong support in the nearby Bitter Lake and Licton Springs area. Please consider supporting local, independent, progressive media with a one-time or recurring contribution. His wife, Erin Overbey works for the King County Sheriff’s Office. “I was literally holding it together. “Tukwila gave them 10 acres for free. “Like any business, you have to nail down that anchor tenant, you have to show the market that we are a viable city.” I point out that this project is in Lower Queen Anne, miles away from her district’s border. She spent five years as a public defender and then worked an attorney for the Native American Project. Terms of Use She's spent over 30 years living in North Seattle and walked a unique path to the council: attorney in high-stakes native rights litigation, single mother, Latina woman, enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation. The video was posted to Reddit and then went everywhere, getting picked up by both local and national conservative media outlets as an example of Seattle’s liberal politicians being indifferent to constituent concerns. She says her biggest hope is to create a public development authority—a type of government-owned corporation—that could directly build housing. Their dispute continued during the 2005 midterm elections . I want to run a non-profit. | And dammit, if I’m your city councilwoman you’re damn right I’m going to make sure it’s done right. Now more than ever, The Stranger depends on your support to help fund our coverage. Debora Juarez, Blackfeet, Is New Seattle City Council Member", "Burgess up, Deborah Juarez and Lorena Gonzalez are new Seattle City Council members", "In Seattle's Sidewalk-less District 5, Voters Want A City Council Rep Who Walks The Talk", "New City Council sworn in to start year", "Councilmember asks if Seattle has lost touch with reality",, "The Seattle City Council Primary Election Is Heating Up: Part 2", "Street level politics come to Seattle, led by Debora Juarez", "Milestone meeting in New York sets up fate of NHL in Seattle", "How the Seattle Center arena rose from the SoDo ashes", "Seattle City Council approves $700 million renovation of KeyArena", "Elections Results - Primary and Special Election", "Elections Results - General and Special Election", "Election Results - Official Final Election Results", Debora Juarez's Seattle City Council webpage,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 16:52.

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