Most of his subscribers on YouTube are paid bots. In terms of high ticket sales, Dan has never done it himself. When I bought the useless High-Ticket Closing Course, I was very disappointed with it. Do you know someone who has been scammed by this thief? How they managed to get me to buy and that’s the answer. In reply, I asked them if they could give me a refund because the course was certainly not worthy of my money. His crime is his false advertising. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself and you can thank me later. Even his wing chun martial arts videos are very informative. give poor people chance? When the course is finished, they want you to sign up to the inner circle which is 2k plus 100-200$ a month or so. Idaho's nickname is "The Gem State." Dan lok already took your money. Without good health, you can’t keep up your daily goals. Here is a listing of a regular apartment in the tower, has the same “ferrari” kitchen design and ceiling height as his apartment in the video. Though success is never overnight, it can be achieved much faster when you have 100% clarity on where you are and what strategies are the most appropriate ones to apply, at this stage in your journey. The people who defend Dan Lok either works for him or sells his affiliate courses – which is still working for him… Personally, the one good thing that came out of the course is that it really prompts you to ask yourself important questions: ‘what do you really want in life?’ ‘What do you really value?’ ‘Is your current situation really so unsatisfying?’ btw anyone who say to be never satisfied is trying to sell you a useless course; most people who pay for money does not want to learn how to be rich – they want to learn the shortcut of how to be rich; they (as in me) are mistaken that money paid = secret shortcut to be rich. If you want to get to that next level, you’re going to have to learn new skills and upgrade current skills. If you really want to be successful – find someone who has succeeded and you want to follow, read about them, learn their methods, and then WORK YOUR ASS OFF. Dan Lok uses all the same methods in his classes that I used for many years. THINK! If you want to achieve a goal, you cannot have a vague idea of the goal. business is business whether you think it is for someone working in an office or working working anything else, sucks it isn’t the politically correct term of a business but he did not know english. Why is never shown inside any of the helicopters or planes? Nothing. 8 Tips For Managing Money Wisely To Stop Struggling Financially, 5 High Return Investments That Can Make A Fortune With Low Risk, How To Become An Entrepreneur: What You Need To Start, Surviving a Recession: What To Do And What To Avoid, How To Negotiate Profit Sharing Once The Deal Is Closed, How To Unlock Your Potential and Create Your Ideal Self. You got upset that he it is not live, yet you sound like a person that did not take advantage to replaying the course, or even looking at the bonuses more than what your fish attention mind span can handle. You’re taking your skills, your experience, your talents, and you’re delivering value to the marketplace in exchange for money. The sales methodology is nothing special for those who have worked in sales. Lessons and Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have To Succeed – With the CEO of Skillshare Impacting Over 4 Million Students With Transformative Learning With Matt Cooper. And he got this success through internet marketing. Or a guy with 1 million followers? And thus has earned himself the name; The Asian Dragon. I had bought his “High-Ticket Closer Certification Program”. Yep. He told you this in the seminar that people pay you for what they think you are worth. They will also show you how you can grow your income and make up to $10,000 or more, without ever having to start your own business. Whatever happens, no matter how hard it gets – Don’t quit, because quitters never win right. It’s like Dan googled “how to make easy money on the internet” and then dutifuly applied everything and came up with what we see today. I made the foolish mistake of buying one of his courses. Owning a YouTube channel and a coaching company which helps people close deals. © 2020 The Dan Lok Shop. The third component is what I call high-return investment. whattt? You complainers are total losers and write like typical narcissists. people do not expose Dan Lok as a fraud because they are afraid of litigation. This is common sense, if that was the penthouse in his video, it is a pretty pathetic penthouse. If he can’t teach his customer support to behave properly, he certainly can’t teach someone else to close deals.

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