L: 27 inches x H: 23 inches x W: 4 inches. Strict quality control measures are upheld throughout the creative process. CSS TENNESSEE model "I just wanted to let you know that I received the CSS Tennesse today and it's a wonderful model ship. The reason the vessel did not have any war casualties was because it was never involved in a battle against any Union Naval vessel, as was the CSS Alabama, but instead took United States merchant vessels. The monthly newsletter includes: > Upcoming modeling events She was dismantled as a man-of-war; her battery was dismounted and struck below, and her hull repainted to resemble an ordinary merchant vessel. She was then turned over to the United States government. It's a beautiful model ship and it helps me understand how awesome these ironclad rams must of looked like during the Civil War. CSS Shenandoah continued on her course and arrived at Melbourne, Australia on January 25th, 1865. Shenandoah's battle ensign has been in the Museum of the Confederacy's collection since 1907 and is currently on display. They correctly predicted the risk of being tried in a US court and hanged as pirates. The SHENANDOAH provides maritime historians with one of the few examples of technological advances in ship design of the mid 19th century. Only a few clipper ships were equipped with steam. Please click on "YOUR VESSELS" button on the right hand size column for more details. A DVD set of building the CSS Shenandoah will also be available as an optional extra. Five of these were put to the torch or scuttled, after Captain Waddell had safely rescued crew and passengers; the other was bonded and employed for transport of prisoners to Bahia, Brazil. The Confederate Government purchased her in September 1864 for use as an armed cruiser to capture and destroy Union merchant ships. Enter your email address to sign up to our newsletter to keep up-to-date. The SHENANDOAH was the last of the trio of Confederate raiders, including the FLORIDA and ALABAMA, which visited Melbourne in January/February 1865 prior to its Pacific cruise in search of Union whaleships during the American Civil War. Waddell took close to one thousand prisoners, without a single war casualty among his crew: two men died of disease. After the surrender of Shenandoah to the British, the British had to decide what to do with the Confederate crew, knowing the consequences of piracy charges. Still short-handed, though her crew had been increased by voluntary enlistments from prizes, Shenandoah arrived at Melbourne, Victoria, on January 25, 1865, where she filled her complement and her storerooms. S. S. Lee, Orris M. Brown, John T. Mason and W. C. Whittle sometime in December 1865 sailed from Liverpool to Buenos Aires, via Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo. Modellers Shipyard have announced the introduction of a new wooden model ship kit to hit the - CSS Shenandoah 1864. The SHENANDOAH was the last of the trio of Confederate raiders, including the … Semmes's former sailors surrendered as artillerymen. At this place, the cutters used to meet with the English Vessels carrying weapons and luxurious goods, which were then sold at the highest price at the Southern market. Shenandoah then proceeded to capture 11 more prizes. You can explore our range of boat building kits by clicking here!

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