Vox Machina make their way through the cursed caverns of the undead dwarven city of Thomara, hoping their presence won't be discovered. 3:53:47 taliesin using binoculars to look at the map has me dead lol, Was the "Holy Mackerel" comment a fish pun on "porpoise"? She is the current editor-in-chief for Project Derailed. Artagan informs him that it is used to distract undead. Welcome to Critical Role High ... 1:31:10 Jester and Yasha 1:41:55 Beau and Yasha, Travis: 420 every day Me: *looks at video length*. They ask him how much time will have passed when they teleport back. Vex casts pass without a trace on everyone. I love the new layout where you guys have the large window as the battle map and the players and DM on the left hand side of the screen in two columns of four smaller thumbnails!!! Sam’s flask says “Sam’a Jam’a CoMe On AnD SaM AnD WeLcOmE tO THE SAM” which is a Space Jam reference, and also horrendous. Oh we should campaign to get an NPC in for you! And when as intense as it is through headphones, apparently chills too! The cultists leave, but the skeletons and rock behemoth stay behind, still guarding the archway. Critical Role Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 1:36:17 ♫ Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Cad communing feels a lot like that scene from IRobot "Now that, detective, is the RIGHT question." He passes by the behemoth and suddenly takes a knee, feigning a headache. Way. They discuss Sylas’s return and their new frustration. "Talks Machina #112: 'Intervention'" (TMx112) is the one hundred and twelfth episode of Talks Machina.Liam O'Brien and Sam Riegel discuss "Intervention" (2x63) with host Brian Wayne Foster. Episode link I swear these episodes of Critical role just continue to get better and better...I keep thinking it not possible, but they do XD I was in tears laughing this episode. Well planned Matt :D, You know... i made a cleric subclass with that name a long time agoe... the open sea domaine. It could be a kind of bird. She also brings Trinket out of her necklace. xD. Vex moves through space using the ethereal plane. The remaining shadowghast attacks Vex. During their journey, however, they gained a sphere of annihilation. I love them all...especially the touches of gray hair...if you've got it, flaunt it! @j_vedyt: Liam: After last week's events, when can we expect Frumpkin to become a horse as an apology to the fans? He admits that he has once before and that he was later blocked by the shifting laylines. Scanlan casts the spell to create the mansion, making sure to hide the shimmery door. Katherine Bennett: To Sam: Does Nott still figure that Caleb is her best chance at getting her body restored, as she sees him advance in power? Wack. Feel free to post them here. Trinket appears in the material world next to Keyleth.

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