Most patients respond to medication, however, a surgical procedure involving the olfactory bulb has also been shown to provide relief. When antibiotics failed to treat the condition, she simply learned to live with it — and avoid disagreeable odors. I've had a rough start for 2016 already and I'm about 85% sure I'll be done smoking by December. When my son bought me a vape last year and told me to carry on smoking till I didn’t want to, I found that within three days I only smoked half of my normal amount. Posted 30/05/2014. Smell disorders aren’t that rare. But it’s not typically something sweet that’s conjured up by the brain. Experts say problems with smell can indicate a variety of health problems. Oh absolutely! “People will say it’s chemical-like or talk about a burning smell.”. Why do we like pumpkin spice so much? “If you can’t smell, they both taste the same.”. Brief episodes of phantom smells or phantosmia — smelling something that’s not there — can be triggered by temporal lobe seizures, epilepsy, or head trauma. Suddenly cigarettes taste weird Yes, yes I know. This isn't really a question but I wanted to help all of those people who are asking about this. The pack is only 3 days old so it's not moldy or stale. Also, I've heard that the new "FSC" cigarettes (fire safety something) are causing them to taste differently as well. “AIDS can initially present with smell loss,” he says. You can share your stories. im having the same issue lately, but I believe what Is causing it, is that my stomach has an infection which is affecting my tastebuds.....leaving a metallic Styrofoam taste in my mouth which makes me unable to enjoy smoking. advertisement. “And they also may be easier to ‘fire off.’”. Comments (2) ckm2012. I get my packs at the same place every time (deli next to my house), and they have been fine every time. It could be a tumor – that’s on the top of your list of things to rule out — but it could also be a cyst or some infectious agent housed in the area of the brain where the smell is processed.”. Eina6. Cigarettes suddenly taste horrible? What is the cause of this? The pack is only 3 days old so it's not moldy or stale. Smoking = bad. Phantom fragrances can be produced by one or both nostrils and can waft in and out of a person’s life over the course of a few hours or a few days or a few weeks. “By all means, a phantom smell could mean something serious,” says the psychiatrist and nationally recognized smell and taste expert. I'm not sick either. Smoking = bad. One quick way to test whether your sense of smell is diminished is to dish up a bowl of ice cream. While pinpointing the cause of phantosmia can sometimes be difficult, treatment is available, including nasal saline drops, anti-depressants, sedatives and anti-epileptic drugs. Maybe your body is naturally rejecting the cigarettes,smoking is bad for your health.Smoking can cause lung cancer and many other diseases that can result in great pain and death. Even if there is no underlying tumor, epilepsy or some other infection, problems with your sense of smell can be very disabling. Was the phantom orange scent a warning sign of his impending doom? Share your thoughts living the best life here. The brain may trigger such sickening odors instead of agreeable ones because humans learned very early to avoid noxious smells for survival. In a 2009 episode of “Mad Men,” a character with some major health issues — stroke and dementia — mysteriously smelled oranges while eating chocolate ice cream. I bought another pack thinking perhaps something had been spilled on them at the store, but the 2nd was just as bad as the first. Everyday life, everyday problems. Shortly after, the man dies while standing in line at the A&P. Medical tests such as MRIs, CT scans and EEGs can find common physiological triggers such as tumor, sinus infection and epilepsy, but some patients never understand why they’re suddenly inundated by the smell of garbage or rotting fish or burned coffee or cheese.

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