Pray we see the profit, and we find forgiveness [Chorus] I mean, the fuck did you think? They just think you're dope Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Offline meanwhile, in the crowds of protesters themselves, music has also been fuel for harmony and unity. Dark Days Lyrics. “My mum had me at 17 and my dad was abusive so she left him. Covered in name brand fleece and polo neck tops / It's funny what the mind can do / But when you're by my side, I'm fine it's cool / Aye / Backseat No excuse, freedom costs, took the risk, made mistakes Out of the four police officers involved, three were dismissed and one was given a warning. But when you're by my side, I'm fine it's cool Please check back once the song has been released. ‘People are dying who shouldn’t be dying’: Meet Che Lingo, the London rapper confronting the UK’s police brutality. Back in February, it was announced that Che Lingo had signed to 7Wallace – the record label of actor, musician and DJ Idris Elba. The video has been viewed more than 3m times and has inspired remakes from and others. Watch our full Song Stories interview at the top of the page, where Che Lingo also explains the process being the track’s powerful and cinematic video. They don’t know me No excuse, freedom costs, take the risk, made mistakes Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Bro how can you call that justice It's funny what the mind can do But I learnt to play Tetris though Gimme that money right now No Sidekicks Lyrics: I sacrifice my life for you / My sidekick but more time who's saving who? All these jockeys Since he broke through in 2017, his sound has woven together genres like R&B, grime and west coast hip-hop, matched with easy flows and a lyrical dexterity that reveals new layers the more you listen. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. They ain’t even got no evidence The song was a heartfelt reaction to … We pray the cheque on the way They speak directly to his lived experiences with a wisdom and emotional intelligence that belies his 28 years of age. “There are a lot of people in both the UK and US that we want justice for, including Julian and Sarah [Reed],” says Lingo. Lingo’s melodies, in straightforward and dulcet Kendrick-inspired tones, have charged up the protests taking place in London. Unless I got some confirmation It's funny what the mind can do [Pre-Chorus] Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. That’s my blood, family tree Watch our Song Stories video with the rapper above. [Chorus] Always on point [Verse 1] “No Sidekicks” marks the first and only collaboration on the EP featuring Mick Jenkins, signalling the beginning of Che’s feelings of lovesickness that flow throughout the project. His songs explore themes such as colourism, self-doubt, social media, millennial romance and clout chasing – in not so many words, being two-faced – as on the track “Same Energy”, which was selected for the Top Boy soundtrack last year. That’s my blood, family tree King of this castle you’re looking at greatness watch me South (Unreleased) 2. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. 1. Lingo is confident in his masculinity and actively divests from the toxicity that may come with being a confident male artist. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. They just think you're dope It opens and closes with a woman fiercely defending her rights: “There is nothing going on here and you are violating my rights!” she scolds as a baby calls in the background. “I literally come from the most stereotypical type of broken home there is. Streets are cold, see the frost, things I know, God forbid There is a difference between raising and facilitating,” he shares, meaning that due to the lack of security his mother could give him, growing up in her care would not have been possible at the time. Pray I never repeat the loss It’s been seven years.”. He really could’ve sent man doctor, Instead of just working patience (patients) A significant contribution to efforts to seek justice has come from the music community. He also explained how the initial “driving force and inspiration” of the track was to raise awareness for his friend Julian Cole – who had his neck broken and was left brain-damaged by police after an incident at a Bedfordshire nightclub in 2013. Arcade Fire debut new song ‘I Can’t Wait’ on US TV... Ariana Grande takes aim at “straight, white, old” presidential candidates, Protestors gather outside the White House as election polls close. “To see videos of people playing ‘My Block’ at the protests is such an indescribable feeling,” he had tweeted. They don’t know me “I wasn’t raised by my mum and dad because they were both involved in crime,” he states matter-of-factly. When you’re in that space, you’re the king or queen of it. But his music has a serious message. [Pre Chorus: Che Lingo] As a result, he knows how to write songs about and for women that don’t feel wildly inappropriate or out of touch. Aye We pray the cheque on the way. Only after they noticed he was unresponsive in the van was an ambulance called. The song was a heartfelt reaction to … Like i'm s'posed to do, yeah Rising rapper Che Lingo on the meaning of lyrics of 'My Block' – and how a pride of where he came from and "police injustice" inspired the single. Streets are cold, see the frost, things I know, God forbid Three police officers have been sacked for lying about what happened following a scuffle outside a #Bedford club which left a man paralysed. This game-changing moment has inspired a new wave of protest songs and underlined the timelessness of others. The demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd have brought a wave of powerful protest music, with new tracks and revisited classics, Last modified on Wed 1 Jul 2020 12.18 EDT. Frustrated Being an independent artist in the early years of his career meant he could jump from genre to genre without feeling restricted by the narrow lanes artists often feel like they must subscribe to. Backseat, windows up “Society might teach you that where you come from is a disadvantaged place,” Che Lingo told NME. My links tough Pacify our women, justify the killings Call me Rock Lee His music speaks about his lived experience and throughout our conversation he stresses that his music is not “intentionally political” but is “coming from a place of emotion”. Making money off it, magnify the figures She knew how to raise me, though – and definitely wasn't absent. I grew up on an estate in South West London, where my nan did her best to give us absolutely everything. “Later on, three of the officers lied about what happened in their statements and were then convicted of gross misconduct and fired from their jobs,” said Che Lingo. Black don’t mean illegal All the money in the world When Lamar performed it at the 2016 Grammys, he shuffled on stage in a line of black men with chains around their ankles and delivered the most powerful performance of the evening. Never really fit in the blocks That's the way I like to smoke I’ve walked into this place that I thought was the reason I didn’t get that, or the reason that I wasn’t invited to that, or the reason that this person decided to clutch their bag a little bit tighter. Streets are cold, see the frost, things I know, God forbid We pray the cheque on the way This was during a time when colourism and anti-blackness were rife online and Lingo’s song felt like the beginning of a new and more positive conversation. [Chorus: Che Lingo] It’s time for justice, he tells Chanté Joseph, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Rolling round my block, feeling hot Lyrics to 'My Block' by Che Lingo. We pray the cheque on the way Gimme that dough [Pre Chorus: Che Lingo] Sending me all of your energy just incase I need to spirit bomb enemies I first heard of him when he released “Black Girl Magic” in 2017, a love song dedicated to black women of all shades. [Verse 1: Mick Jenkins] What they're saying is fake Rising rapper Che Lingo has opened up about how a pride of where he came from and “police injustice” inspired his recent breakthrough single ‘My Block’. Rather than being rushed straight to a hospital when he was visibly hurt, Cole was taken to a police station. No excuse, freedom costs, took the risk, made mistakes Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium.

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