Pumpkin Love/Chip of Fools/Irresistible/Please Let Me In. Snap tells Rudy to draw something, When Snap says "you're gonna see a lot of fried Rapsheeba fans," this gives Penny an idea: to draw a fan to push the cloud away. Four friends and their daily lives of playing extreme sports, surfing, and getting into some crazy situations. During recess, Rudy gets stuck in ChalkZone and Snap is stuck in the real world. This page was last edited on 4 September 2020, at 16:33. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It is the final episode of Season 5. Rudy and Penny travel through ChalkZone in order to get to the school at night, however the plan goes haywire and ChalkZone is almost discovered by their teacher before he becomes crazy with the police when tries to explain that Rudy was coming out of the chalkboard. Penny and Rudy work together to turn the fan back on, this time putting it in reverse to destroy the cloud. / Blocky questions the simplicity of his design. When a cloud shoots lightning on the Globe Theater, Rudy and the gang must figure out a way to fix everything inside. ChalkZone is an American animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon. / Rudy's 2-year-old cousin gets lost in ChalkZone with the Magic Chalk. Rudy and Penny get lost in ChalkZone, and they must find a way to get back to the real-world before Rudy and his dad participate in the competition. An ChalkChimp gets to full of herself when she interferes with Penny's Mum Experiment / Rudy must prove his innocence for a crime he did not commit / Snap and Rapsheeba go on a Top Secret Mission. Add the first question. Taken From Spongebob Squarepants (2000) Sorry about that. With backup singers, Rapsheeba sings a more modern version of Rapunzel, which the audience greatly enjoys. Title Card Name Villains Code Premiered Description Season 1: 2002 Rudy's First Adventure … You can edit all of these blocks by going to Style Properties -> If Rudy draws a horse, he has himself a ride. As the show continues (with the witch chasing Rapsheeba with scissors), the cloud now hovers over the theater. Kids' Choice Awards México 2020 Orange Carpet | Nickelodeon Latin America. / Snap gets a new cologne and becomes "Irresistible". The episode "The Quicksand Man" reveals that Snap fears … It was later reaired as part of the first season, on April 26, 2002. / Snap tries to find a present to give to Queen Rapsheeba, but it's not easy when the flowers, chocolates and cards in ChalkZone are alive and have quirks of their own. Note: This season (except for Episode 1 (30)) has never aired on Nicktoons. The life of an adventurous family, from the point of view of an eleven-year-old girl gifted with animal language. Disaster Park (S04E03) is the third episode of season four of "ChalkZone" released on Mon ... More Disaster Park (S04E03) is the third episode of season four of "ChalkZone" released on Mon Jun 06, 2005. View production, box office, & company info, Carlos Ramos’ “Overlook” Art Print Inspired From The Shining, Cool Stuff: Carlos Ramos’ Kubrick-Inspired Art Show, Be Careful Chirren that's a lot of Cartoons, MsMojo: Top 10 Animated Nickelodeon Theme Songs. If they ever decide to bring the Nicktoons movie out of Development Hell, then here's how I think the plot should be. How did I'm with Stupid get so much hate? In the episode "Killer Breath", it is revealed that Snap has no sense of smell when he is tasked with saving ChalkZone from a plant with the killer breath, which is tasked to him since he was drawn without a nose. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Zoners in ChalkZone are lined up to see Queen Rapsheeba. / Snap and Queen Rapsheeba attend a ballet. Volume 2 | Prime Video", "Amazon.com: Watch Oh Yeah! After Rudy discovered that he can't go to Hawaii with his parents because of the anniversary, Rudy goes to ChalkZone and has his chalk versions of his parents break up, and he must get them back together or his parents will start and argument for a long time. The air dates of the episodes are from the USA. Richard Bowman, George Chialtas, Jaime Diaz. Rudy releases an ancient ChalkZone disease that makes anyone made out of chalk blow up within hour's infection. / Rudy has an issue with a chalk character who wants to marry him. Max size: 2Mo. / When researching ChalkZone, Rudy and Penny take samples of a chocolate chip cookie tree to examine, but Snap "eats" them before they can and has a bad nightmare about it. / Snap has an issue when his food starts talking. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Cartoons! When Plainsville is voting to change the name of the town, Thor Throat (a famous wrestler) pays a surprise visit to host the event. now anyone who says the fairy oddparents is a stupid show odviosley has never watched nickelodeon before either that or their brain is in another place besides there head! ChalkZone stars Candi Milo, Robert Cait and Jess Harnell. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The show premiered on March 22, 2002 and finished airing its fourth and last season on August 23, 2008. / Snap and Rudy stumble into an eyeball bush during germination season, and the eyeballs wouldn't let them go until they bring the seeds to a new location so the plant can reproduce. The show ended with 40 total half-hours. The adventures follow ... See full summary ». / Rudy realizes that his fans are drawing Snaps with chalk, resulting in several Snap clones. Rudy uses ChalkZone to sneak his award-worthy "Jill-o-Lantern" to the pumpkin contest. Queen Rapsheeba's new house is haunted by smudges, beings that are formed when characters are only partially erased on blackboards. Before becoming a full-fledged series, eight segments aired on the network's Oh Yeah! Local reporter Terry Bouffant has figured out the existence of ChalkZone and is planning to reveal it to the world. Animation. PNG or JPG. Starting with season three (at episode #015), the show got an updated intro; starting with episode #020, the title cards changed from a … / Snap questions his lack of superpowers because of his costume. Image must be about this episode. With Elizabeth Daily, Candi Milo, Hynden Walch, Jess Harnell. / Rudy writes a Poison Pen Letter to a girl from school when she doesn't invite him to her party. / Snap is abducted by a giant toilet in the sewers who wants Snap to sing for him.

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