As was revealed in the final third of their Catfish episode, Terrance and Sheklia actually dated for several years about 11 years prior to the Catfish crew reuniting them once again. She actually turned out to be Alexis, a young woman who created the profile when she didn't know anyone in her new town. This couple pulled a Catfish first and were the first participants to actually catfish the entire show! Ashley was hesitant to forgive Mike at first, but then she decided to give him a second chance. “For a while now I have been straddling two careers as TV host and filmmaker and, while this level of busy-ness is a dream come true, my life can no longer sustain it,” he continued. Not so much. ", Three years later, Ashley also passed away. Like many catfish, Felicia always offered up excuses for why she and Mike couldn't meet. Today, Derek is now married to someone else and Lauren is keeping a low profile on social media. Rod thought he had been speaking to a transgender woman named Ebony for a few years, under the name "KJ" and using photos of his cousin instead of himself. And if we've learned anything from the Catfish Season 3 trailer, it's that this season promises to be just as mystifying, shocking, and heartbreaking as the first two. Wherever Terrance is, though, it seems apparent that he's there without Sheklia. Unfortunately, it never bloomed into a romance. Sadly, on Oct. 12, 2013, Mike tragically died from a pulmonary embolism as a result of deep vein thrombosis. After Mike's death, Ashley told MTV News the couple had been "very much in love," and had planned to spend New Year's Eve together. Despite the fact that when Catfish checked up on them two months after filming wrapped, the pair seemed like they were working things out, and even visiting one another, it doesn't seem like that is something that's maintained today. At the time, Ashley said she and Mike were "very much in love. Luckily with Nev and Max's help, the pair finally met and Felicia turned out to mostly be the person she said she was, give or take a few details (you can't be too picky when you're on Catfish, right?). Leuh initially fell for Justin after meeting him on Instagram, but grew suspicious after two of their meet-up attempts failed. However, after Felicia stood Mike up when they were supposed to meet, Mike called the show to let Nev and Max sort things out. “And just to be able to, you know what it is? Derek proposed on the Season 2 reunion show, and it seemed like he, Lauren, and her 3-year-old son Mason would live happily ever after. Although Nev and Max were upset, it was one of the rare Catfish happy endings — or was it? In June of this past year, Sheklia also updated her profile picture to a photo of her and another man, with hearts surrounding the frame. Unfortunately, Derek and Lauren never made it down the aisle, and in 2014, the couple announced their amicable split to disappointed fans. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube! Though each episode ends with a little update on the couple after some time has passed, we know a lot can happen when the cameras turn off and real life begins. Sheklia has started to advertise her episode of Catfish on Instagram and Facebook, asking friends and family to tune in. Then she told Nev and Max that she only spoke to Rod because she thought he was gay, and she just wanted a friend. A look at what seems to be Sheklia's social media accounts shows not only feeds, photos and pages decidedly absent of Terrance, but filled with brand new baby pictures as well. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. But how long does the connection last? They decided to stay a couple anyway. It’s a very similar catalog of references. Today, Kya is happily engaged to someone else and Dani has finished his transition after having gender reassignment surgery. While we don't know for sure when filming for this episode concluded, it seems clear that Terrance is no longer her main squeeze, though her Facebook does note that she's in a relationship. After meeting, the two hit it off and decided to stay together. He always knew how to make a great, very biting joke or a perfect pun. Unfortunately, shortly after the episode aired, Felicia tweeted that Mike stood her up at the airport when she came to visit him, and their relationship was over. Counting On's Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar's Cutest Family Photos, Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich 'Tried to Resolve Issues' Before Divorce, Below Deck's Captain Lee Was 'Anxious' Without Kate Chastain, Lori Loughlin 'Was Dreading' Serving Time Before Entering Prison, Duane Chapman's Fiancee Francie Is Helping His Kids After Beth's Death, Brad Pitt 'Upset' After Split From Model Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski, MAFS' Miles Is Torn Over 'Very Complicated' Decision to Stay Married, How Did Blake Shelton Propose? The show that made you terrified to go online is back. Whether the people on the other side of the computer turn out to really be who they say they are, when they don't end up in a brawl or refuse to speak to one another again, some couples pursue a romantic relationship, others at least remain friends. They were actually catfishing each other, both using fake photos and names while talking to someone they thought was real, and it just so happened that the fake profiles they stumbled upon were each other's. What's crazier than one catfish? Although they've been talking online for more than 10 years, Kim and Matt had never met in person. "I've learned so much in this past year," she wrote, "but most importantly is that you cant turn an internet man slut into a boyfriend.". These days both Whitney and Bre have minimal social media presences, with Bre’s Twitter on lockdown. “Hey guys, the time has come, sadly, for me to move on from Catfish. However, after Kya came clean, she started to suspect that Alyx was lying about his identity, too. After meeting on Catfish, they decided to make their relationship work. All Rights Reserved. I mean, come on. Lauren and Derek set the bar insanely high for all Catfish couples to come. As for Whitney, there are no social media accounts from her that we could find. When they finally met in person, Ebony was pretty upset about the truth, but then she dropped an even bigger bombshell on Rod: She has an 11-year-old daughter and she was not in fact transgender, she was born a woman. Season 3 of Catfish: The TV Show premieres Wednesday, and we can't wait to see all the twists, shocking reveals, and love connections it has in store for us. Today, Mike lives in New Jersey and Felicia is single. ... Shane, and they've been together … Sheklia, at least judging from her posts, is happy, no matter who she's with, and we can only hope the same is true for Terrance. I will drop an irresponsible amount of money to watch this drama unfold over two and a half hours on a movie screen today. After the show, the two remained best friends. Can anyone else follow this tangled web Rod and Ebony wove? So, what are Catfish couple Sheklia and Terrance doing now? To everyone's surprise, Derek actually turned out to be exactly who he said he was, and the two became a real-life couple in no time. Once Catfish showed up, the two met and it was revealed that Matt had been genuine about his identity and was simply shy about meeting in person because of his weight. The pair were able to move past all this, and Rod and Ebony remained "cordial" and still talked after the show was over. And some of these updates are about as surprising as the end of a Catfish episode. Whitney initially told Nev and Max that she wasn’t sure if her online girlfriend, Bre, was the real deal. “You’re still a man to me,” Kya said at the time. The two decided to stay together, but a few months after the show’s taping, Felicia posted on Twitter, “People change unfortunately and sometimes you just have to cut your losses. When we left the episode, Ashley and Mike were on good terms and still in contact. Less than a year after their episode aired, Dani tweeted that he and Kya were no longer together.

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