Comfort – The purpose of shoelaces is to keep the shoes on your feet. It has many uses such as to fasten a mooring line to a ring or a post. Aesthetics – The knot sits flat and the bow lays across the shoe upper instead of along the length of the shoe. Structure: After the usual Half Hitch, two loops are prepared. For the actual butterflies, see,, Articles with redirect hatnotes needing review, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Butterfly loop, alpine butterfly knot, butterfly knot, lineman's loop, lineman's rider. Structure: After the usual Half Hitch, two loops are prepared. To Step use Arrow Keys (). [3] The loop portion is isolated when the other two legs are loaded, and in fact the butterfly can be tied as a bend with the ends emerging where the loop would be. Then wrap the outer loop around the standing part and pull it through the hole of the inner loop. [12][15], Knot used to form a fixed loop in the middle of a rope, "Alpine butterfly" redirects here. The Bowline Knot makes a reasonably secure loop in the end of a piece of rope. The loops are passed inside each other as shown which results in the Fieggen Shoelace Bow Knot. All Rights Reserved Copyright & Privacy (v10.0). It is easily learned and provides a quick, convenient alternative. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. It does have two giant faults: it slips and can also bind. In doing so she creates a slip-knot style fastening in seconds. Tied in the bight, it can be made in a rope without access to either of the ends; this is a distinct advantage when working with long climbing ropes. The demonstration is quick but she recommends practising a few times to perfect it. Isolating a worn section of rope. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, A woman has revealed how to tie your laces in just three seconds, She begins by making two loops in her shoelaces, She then reaches through each loop with the opposite finger, She then pulls them through forming a slip knot style tie, Woman uses a cardboard cut-out of herself to make sure she always buys the right shoes online. Origin: Ian Fieggen describes it as the Ian Knot on his Shoelace Website. Drew but made no specific reference as to the source of this claim. [7] Wright and Magowan call the butterfly loop "new," along with several other of their knots, in the sense they were unable to identify any earlier record of them. She begins by demonstrating how to traditionally tie a shoe lace compared to her method which is much quicker. [14], The double butterfly loop has two non-collapsing loops, allowing for two clip in points, both of which have the same advantages and disadvantages of a single-loop butterfly. Tie a half knot, and tighten. Watch short videos about #butterflyknot on TikTok. Want more life hacks? [4] Burger called the knot a lineman's rider stating it was often used by "linemen and especially telephone men". #butterflyknot | 2057 people have watched this. It is easily learned and provides a quick, convenient alternative. Load can be safely applied: from the loop to either end of the rope; between the two ends with the loop hanging free; or to the loop with the load spread between the two ends.

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