67.2M Fans. I like the vibe. How convenient for his lie for them to not be caught on camera. *INSANE REACTION*. If this was true, he would’ve shown the camera footage. I like the color, it gives you a happy vibe,” Brandon shares. It starts on TikTok. He had created a Vine account back in the app's first year but never really made videos consistently. Anthony Davis can't be convinced to stay with the Pelicans, play ... NISSAN SENTRA - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed, HE TURNED THE TV OFF DURING THE DRAFT LOTTERY! 6 Things You Didn't Know About Nour Turki (FaZe Rug's Cousin) His Brawadis YouTube channel has earned over 5 million subscribers. Brawadis. Imagine going to a petting zoo during covid, Lock all the doors and let them stay at yours or Brian's house, Haters need to calm down and stop doing stuff like that. should reach. He as a Big IRmys channel lmao , Cause fans would bring paper, pen and scotch tape lol gtfoh your videos are so fake, Get more Security Cameras and put them in the spot were that just happened and they prolly wouldn't expect it so you could catch them in the act, Notice something happened a while ago with another rich youtuber and now it is happening to you, 2:31 Brandon tried hard to make his laugh like David dobriks, Literally Brandon gets a haircut like all the time but I get a haircut like every 4 or 5 months , Y don't u put more cams around that area near the window when u heard banging. This year, Brandon started posting home tour videos, where he’d be peruse mega-mansions with the hopes of finding the right one for him. Little Sister Applies for Vlog Squad Internship. “The first thing that pops out is a lot of plants, a lot of trees, a lot of green. تاریخ انتشار پیش 3 روز is no one going to say anything about junior? She is the cousin of popular YouTubers Brandon Awadis and FaZe Rug. One is pup Booker, professional videographer and cousin Clint, cousin Mandy, cousin and BFF Anthony, and newlyweds Rami and Jessica. THIS WAS AMAZING My cousin Nour and I decided to buy every single item from the 99 cents store, and the ending to this video was emotional and great. Thử Luộc Tôm Trang Bọc Nước Ni Long | Ẩm thực việt nam vlogs. around November 4th, 2020* * rough estimate based on current trend The haters are dumb for what they did because that’s not rugs or brawadis house now it there parents house. Popular Instagrammer who has earned over 490,000 followers by posting makeup content and various pictures from her day-to-day life. and I Wish i had supporters like you for my IRmys Channel ! STAY SAFE! Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the Braw before my B DAY, I love how he protects his mom and dad it’s so sweet to know he has their back but I think everyone should ❤️, agreed!!!! Ok sorry Brawadis it was me i pranked you guyse, 8:14 SPLASH NOW THAT YOU KNOW HOW MAH ICE BEEEEEEE, rockin is so done with the chancla thank god i got a abuelita she if that was me she would come and save me, Tell me why this vid looks like it was 2 years ago.

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