Franco was certainly indebted to Hitler and Mussolini for their aid during the Civil War. Under the circumstances, Spain could not officially recognize the survivors of the Blue Division, but neither was the division vilified, as the volunteers who fought for the Axis generally were in other countries. Mix & match this shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you! The Soviet offensive was not a success, and the Spanish repelled the attacks in its sector, but with heavy losses. Apart from a small group of Germans assigned as intermediaries to the divisional staff, the entire division was comprised of Spanish volunteers. One of those gestures permitted Spanish workers to volunteer to help Germany with its labor shortage. From there, it was a part of the relatively static operations of the Siege of Leningrad, but during the winter it distinguished itself for the tenacity of its defense in the face of Soviet counterattacks. The Blue Division (named for the color of the Falangist uniform) was deployed on August 20. For its part, Britain was quite happy to overlook passive support for the Axis (such as the use of Spanish naval bases by Axis naval units, overflight by Axis aircraft and the permission of Axis agents to operate in Spain) as long as Spain did not commit to the war directly. While Franco was sympathetic to some of Hitler’s goals, such as the defeat of the Soviet Union, there was no realistic way that Franco could have participated meaningfully in the war in the first years after the Spanish Civil War. The Falangists had to accept that Spain would never adopt that model, and Spain eventually found its place in Western Europe. Both sides were very conscious of differences in martial temperament, with the Spanish depending upon their elan when the Germans relied on procedure. If Germany won the war, however, Spain would be compelled to behave more like a fascist state, and the Falange would gain real power. Last pre-made by the Germans, and the other independently by Spanish soldiers. The formation of this unit was a popular decision. I have some Crossfire material for the Blue Division including. Spanish and Portuguese Military History, Wargaming, and other stuff. The most that one might say of the ideological component was that Franco’s Spain would have found a Europe dominated by Nazi Germany as a friendlier place than a Europe dominated by the Soviet Union, or even by Britain. Uniform numbers [edit | edit source]. The Blue Division was infamous for poor discipline. Franco had been the leader of this last group. Dear, I.C.B. Blue Division Soldier 1941-45: Spanish Volunteer on the Eastern Front. That same war had devastated Spain, and it was still rebuilding during World War II. The Nationalist side was a coalition of forces united only by their opposition to the leftist Popular Front. It reached its position on October 12, in time to participate in closing the ring around Leningrad. Osprey, 2009, Wheal, Elizabeth-Anne et al. The Division left active service on 23 December 1943 after seeing considerable and bloody combat on the Eastern front, particularly around Leningrad. Three quarters of the Blue Division’s troops were dead, wounded or had been taken prisoner, effectively ending the division as a fighting force, and the survivors soon retired to Spain by way of Germany. Moreover, it is easy to overestimate the importance of ideology. Click Ok once you've successfully installed Roblox. It was called the “Blue Division” (Division Azul) because the original uniform included the distinctive dark blue shirts of the Spanish Fascists (the Falange), however, the Division adopted German uniforms as soon as they reached Germany. The Oxford Guide to World War II. A Dictionary of the Second World War. The other provided for the creation of the Blue Division, a unit of Spanish volunteers to serve in the German Army against the Soviet Union. There were very many deserters and defectors. "Full Dress" is also prescribed for individual regiments; outside the Household Division it is however seldom worn except by regimental drummers, buglers and other limited categories. Spain had a more powerful incentive to remain neutral. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! One of those forces was a fascist movement known as the Falange, but other forces included monarchists, the Catholic Church, and disaffected army officers. The division remained in the Leningrad area until October, 1943, facing its greatest test in February of that year. Click RobloxPlayer.exe to run the Roblox installer, which just downloaded via your web browser. News of the opening of Operation Barbarossa was met with widespread celebration in Spain, where the only common ground among those forces who won the Civil War was their rejection of Communism. It was originally intended for Army Group Center with Moscow as its ultimate objective, but on September 18, it was reassigned to Army Group North. The Soviets had launched Operation Polar Star, seeking to destroy Army Group North; as part of that operation, the Blue Legion was attacked at Krasny Bor. Click Run when prompted by your computer to begin the installation process. The Blue Division offered the fiercest anti-communists in Spain an opportunity to continue the fight against the Soviets, allowing Spain to show support to its former patrons without being dragged into a ruinous war. This is untrue. Relations between the Spanish and their German comrades were generally good. Without their help, it was unlikely that the Nationalists could have prevailed in the face of Soviet aid to the Republican side. I also have suggestions for the Blue Division under: By Steven Thomas on 19 Jul 2003 | Last Updated 4 Feb 2017. Fourteen numbered 'orders' of dress (in addition to full dress) are set out in Army Dress Regulations though individual Regiment and Corps dress committees do add to this. For their part, the Germans saw substantial value, in propaganda as much as in military utility, in maintaining good relations with the Spanish. Suner was not only Spain’s Foreign Minister, but also Franco’s brother-in-law; he was very much a part of Spain’s power elite, but still Franco was not beholden to him and his ideas. In this way, Franco was free to remain on cordial terms with Hitler and yet to avoid any exertion on his behalf. In its efforts to rebuild, it was highly dependent on goods from abroad, and Britain’s blockade would have shut out substantial resources bound for Spain if Franco had declared war on Germany’s side. The Blue Division (named for the color of the Falangist uniform) was deployed on August 20. Many of the volunteers had hoped that the Blue Legion would help to achieve an Axis victory, and thereby to pressure Spain to conform to the fascist model; while they fought, the tide of war turned against the Axis, and the opposite occurred.

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