Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Once the Brute Splicer dies, enter The Limbo Room. Once the progress bar fills, then disappears, your Little Sister will be finished. Get underneath the camera and hack it. For now, the diner itself just contains some food and alcohol. Notes: This Gene Tonic also outclasses the “Scrounger” Gene Tonic. The “elemental bonuses” that you can utilize now are: Projectiles (bullets from weapons), Melee (Drill or melee attacks with other weapons), Traps (currently limited to Trap Rivets), Explosives (currently limited to propane tanks and red barrels), Other Enemies (currently limited to Hypnotize and friendly Security Devices), Electricity (currently limited to Electro Bolt), Fire (currently limited to Incinerate! At the end is a glowing window. In the back-left of this exhibit is a door. The downside of the “Incinerate!” Plasmid is that flailing Splicers are nigh-impossible to head-shot. On the table to the right is a Gene Tonic. There's a Health Station to your right. Kill the Leadhead Splicer at the first exhibit, then look to your right to see a small room containing a Health Station and some Anti-Personnel Rounds. Near them are some .50 Caliber Rounds. Kill them on camera. Grab the Remote Hack Dart sitting on the steps, then inch forward. The bottom-left quadrant houses the Town Square. Effect: Some Health and EVE are gained after a successful hack. Try to make the oxygen tank explode; this'll do a lot of damage to her. You'll have to find an alternate point of entry. This will stagger the Big Sister for a tiny bit. Big Sisters have also have the ability of Teleportation. Therefore, we're going to do a sequence-break to obtain the Research Camera a bit sooner than what the game expects. Notes: I'm going to go ahead and spoil the fact that all but one of this game's Plasmids have three “levels.” As you upgrade, Plasmids get stronger and gain additional effects. Golden Film Reel 2. Otherwise, the game's ending will be a mess. Gather if you wish, then head across the catwalk near the oil slick and into a room containing some Armor-Piercing Rounds, some Heavy Rivets, and a lootable Storage Crate. This page contains the location of Golden Film Reels, new collectibles in the BioShock collection that can be found throughout Rapture, exclusively in the original BioShock. To add to the nonlinearity, there are various items and ammunition scattered everywhere. Continue along the main path until you see an exhibit featuring some scientists. Up close, the Rosie can also shove you back a bit. This Safe might contain some Auto-Hack Darts. Example: "WelcomeDeveloperFilm=0" to "WelcomeDeveloperFilm=1", Apologies...But i am still having issues..So if anyone can help, please do so ^^. Effect: Increases amount of ammunition found when looting containers and bodies. Face the ice, then use Incinerate! Romaios, have you tried changing 0 to 1? Melt it, then jump over the ledge. Head left into a new room to find several lootable containers and an Audio Diary. Location: For free in the pink room within Grace Holloway's apartment at The Sinclair Deluxe, in Pauper's Drop. Kill it on camera, then Adopt the Little Sister. This is a good ADAM-gathering spot since the hacked Security Camera will send Security Bots after the incoming Splicers. Kill and loot them all. Room 2 holds a First Aid Kit, and room 7 holds an extra Pheromone Sample and a bag of chips. The two instances of burning damage will stack, killing the Splicer. Follow this path into a building. Enemies on an ignited oil slick will take fire damage. As the distance between the shotgun and the target increases, the eight bullets travel further apart from each other. The Splicers will come down both sets of stairs and, eventually, through the door near the ADAM Corpse. BioShock 2 – Guide and Walkthrough ... several waves of Splicers will appear a few seconds after you put your Little Sister down to extract ADAM. This “reflection ring” has a relatively short distance, so you can move to avoid this attack. Be creative and use different ways to kill enemies on camera. Upon entering, Eleanor will contact you. Even if you did, at this point, enemies that shatter while frozen wouldn't leave behind any loot. You'll want the slower needle. The reel will be on a couch to the left as you enter that room with the bathysphere in front of you. This reel can be found in Fleet Hall in Fort Frolic, in the projection room past the storage room up the stairs from the first floor of the theatre. There's a First Aid Kit in this room. Loot the containers, then hack the Safe. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Ryan Amusements onward for 30 ADAM. This Golden Reel can be found in the Apollo Square bathysphere terminal, after making it through Olympus Heights. Next, upgrade the Shotgun's damage output. Shooting this oxygen tank causes it to leak. To the right is a Vita-Chamber and an El Ammo Bandito. To the right of the windows is an iced-over path. Notes: As the game progresses, Plasmids will cost more EVE. Next, head along the path that starts to the right of the television screen until you see some Splicers worshipping an air vent. Once the Turret is hacked, advance further into the room to see an ADAM Corpse next to an Audio Diary. This mound of ice contained some .50 Caliber Rounds, an EVE Hypo, an Audio Diary, and some Dollars. Notes: Unless you keep messing up while hacking, don't equip this. As with other Splicers, they run towards Health Stations when close to death. The reel is located on the bed. Gather if you wish, then head up the stairs. Effect: Causes a targeted Splicer or Big Daddy to become hostile to nearby enemies. Keep strafing and attacking to eventually prevail. If the progress bar starts flashing, it means that your Little Sister is under attack. Press the “Square” button to set your Little Sister down. Effect: Sets an enemy on fire, dealing continuous fire damage. Head through the nearby sliding door to find a Safe and a Remote Hack Dart. The energy ripple seen when they disappear is purple, and they can teleport great distances. Use the Drill Dash to plow through the rubble. Along this path is an apartment. The nearby exhibit of Andrew Ryan also contains a lootable Storage Crate. Curiously, both Big Sisters and Big Daddies have an oxygen tank on their backs. There are, however, certain points later in the game where Auto-Hack Darts might be useful. At the end of the path is a glowing air vent. Film and kill them all. The real is in the very last room after defeating Peach. Along the path is a Rosie corpse, a Rivet Gun, a lootable Storage Crate, and an Audio Diary. Loot the bodies, then proceed into the actual “Hall of the Future” exhibit. The ADAM-gathering process pauses while your Little Sister is being harassed by Splicers. Grab the Rivets, then hit the glowing Security Override Switch to unlock the door. Outside, you'll encounter some Leadhead Splicers. Location: For free on a vent shrine in The Sinclair Deluxe in Pauper's Drop. It's outclassed by another Gene Tonic. The second Little Sister Gift also contains a Gene Tonic that speeds up the ADAM-gathering process. Either way, grab the Override Key and then backtrack to all the way down to the hotel's first floor. Once he's dead, look near the Circus of Values to find an ADAM Corpse. Hacked Health Stations will kill them. On camera, lure him into the gaze of the Security Camera while attacking him. Once you decide on your approach, stick with it throughout the entire game. It's lying next to several cases of Stephenson's Stout. There's also an ADAM Corpse nearby. Not only will the “Fire Storm” Gene Tonic damage them, it'll also add an “elemental bonus” to Research sessions, thus improving your score. Loot the Rivet Gun for some Rivets. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Next, head down the path to your right to find a lootable Storage Crate, an Audio Diary, an EVE Hypo, and a Shotgun. Audio Diary and Gene Tonic in hand, follow the Quest Arrow until you end up in the reception area of The Sinclair Deluxe. A hole in the wall near the roof contains an EVE Hypo, a lootable Storage Crate, some Trap Rivets, a Rivet Gun, and an Audio Diary. Grab them, then turn around to see a second Gatherer's Garden. © Valve Corporation. Drop back down and follow the Quest Arrow into another long hallway. On the table near the ADAM Corpse are some Trap Rivets. Pass the Vita-Chamber and enter the long hallway. Grab the loot, then drop down. Look on the dresser for a First Aid Kit. For most of this level, I'll tell you where these things are in the current quadrant. Kill the survivor, then head through the door to the right of the stage to find some lootable containers and a “Power to the People” station. For reasons I'll explain soon, I'm going to tell you the code now. Great guide! It was the scientists and surgeons of Ryan Industries whom bonded you with young Eleanor. Collect them with Telekinesis, then continue onward. Notes: There are more than four useful Gene Tonics in the game. You purchase these Plasmids and Gene Tonics with your collected ADAM. Start recording, then lure the Brute Splicer into the puddle. Loot the room, then follow the Quest Arrow all the way to Skid Row, the bottom-right quadrant of the map. The kitchen contains a lootable Refrigerator, a lootable Stove, some Drill Fuel, and a First Aid Kit. Effect: Slightly increases the Research score while using the Research Camera. Location: Received for completing Research Level 4 for Brute Splicers. If you missed a Film Reel don´t worry! Gatherer's Gardens are vending machines that sell Plasmids and Gene Tonics. Twice. Grab everything, then return to the Train Station. Next, enter the pharmacy and hack the Health Station. During battle, Big Sisters utilize a variety of attacks. The path to your left leads to a hallway containing a Turret. Record the event with your camera, then kill the Rosie. Hack the Security Camera from afar. The reel is against the wall on the left side of the garden. In the back-left corner of the exhibit is a golf club. You'll find a Circus of Values, an El Ammo Bandito, and a shimmering ADAM Corpse. Turn towards Andrew Ryan and launch the golf club at his head. Their EVE Cost increases as you upgrade. Replace the “Booze Hound” Gene Tonic with the “Keen Observer” Gene Tonic. Upon entering the actual hotel, you'll be ambushed by several Splicers. The bottom-right quadrant contains the Market and Skid Row. Return to the ride now. In this case, equipping both the “Armored Shell” Gene Tonic and the “Armored Shell 2” Gene Tonic makes you significantly more durable. Notes: I like this Gene Tonic since you're usually hacking hostile machines that are shooting at you. This attack can be countered by hitting the “Melee” button just before impact. It can be activated when you use Electro Bolt on her. Head along the catwalk near the Health Station until you enter The Hamilton Building. Attacking her while she is draining a Splicer will cause her to drop her victim. In this case, you'll get 40 ADAM. Near the desk is a Machine Gun and some .50 Caliber Rounds. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The next reel is found inside Little Sister Room 1 in the Little Wonders Educational Center in Point Prometheus. Heavy Rivet head-shots work wonders against them while Electro Bolt barely phases them. There are so many film canisters laying around in this game, I wasn't sure if I could find them all. The downside is that the flames might hit a Big Daddy and make him hostile. Drop down to return to the exhibit. Effect: Reduces the length of hostile security alarms by 20 seconds. On the table in the room is a lootable Toolbox and a thing of Rivets.

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