2020 Bustle Digital Group. ‍♂️ #foreversubliminal, A post shared by Victor Arroyo III (@elfitvic) on Aug 23, 2017 at 4:29pm PDT, The pair already plan on shacking up. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – … Despite saying that she would not enter a showmance during her second time on the show, Nicole Franzel became captivated by Corey from the start of Big Brother 18. Luckily, Nicole found love yet again! A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. ET. The only indication that something did happen is the discussion that has been created amongst fans on social media, as well as a very strange conversation that happened the day after. Let’s hope someone (Janelle?) What’s more likely is that Dan and Derrick found out Nicole ratted them out and both decided to peace out. Chris Evans Just Mocked Donald Trump And Lil Wayne In The Same Tweet, Kobe Bryant Fans Describe Vanessa's First Halloween Without Him As 'Bittersweet', This Moment At The Met Gala Made Demi Lovato Dislike Nicki Minaj, This Is Why KJ Apa's New Film 'Songbird' Is Stirring Up Controversy, The Truth About 'Ghost Adventures' Investigator Zak Bagans, Superficial Traits Emily Cooper And Carrie Bradshaw Share That Make Them So Unbearable, The Rock, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, And Many More Celebrated Halloween Together On Instagram This Year. ?#paintingwithatwist, A post shared by Nicole Franzel ???? But that’s what Dan told me.”, Janelle: Well, it's very weird that she's (Franzel) working with Cody because from what Dan told me she's the reason why Derrick isn't here….What the hell did she do? In a video message shared on Friday, September 8, on the CBS reality series’ Twitter account, Franzel, 25, announced that she had a “life update” as Arroyo, 26, swooped in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I did what was best for my family.”, I won’t lie — Not happy with Nicole right now. During her time on 'Big Brother 18', Nicole and contestant, Corey Brooks hit it off really well! “Well, it’s very weird that she’s working with Cody because from what Dan told me, she’s the reason that Derrick isn’t here,” Janelle said. Although the two are great together, fans had no idea either of them fancied one another. Toward the end of Big Brother 18, Corey told Paul Abrahamian that he wasn’t sure about a relationship with Nicole outside the house. Corey and Nicole's showmance has been going strong since the start of BB18 when Nicole picked Corey to be a member of her team. During an early morning chat with Nicole Anthony on Friday on the live feeds, Janelle spilled the tea as she expressed shock that Nicole F. was working with Cody Calafiore, aka Derrick’s Hitmen right-hand man on Season 16. How did she do that? 'Big Brother 22': Why Was Christmas Abbott Arrested? Last summer, Nicole Franzel met Corey Brooks inside the Big Brother 18 house. (@coconuts_) on Mar 2, 2017 at 4:41pm PST. He holds a degree in Communications and is currently completing a Masters in Media Studies in Montréal, Canada. “So I don’t know. The alleged "incident" that fans are up in arms over seems to have happened on the morning of July 18 when Corey and Nicole were lying in bed together in the very early morning and some ambiguous hand movements were seen. Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel made it clear that she wanted a romance outside the house with her houseguest Corey Brooks. “[After] Big Brother, me and Nicole stayed friends. “Obviously she lives in Michigan, and I live in New Orleans, so it was kind of a surprise trip that kind of sprung up on us. But there was never a group chat that I was involved in,” he tweeted on July 26. Victor later proposed to Nicole on 'Big Brother 20', and a wedding is on its way! With this much tension between the two, it seems like Corey is trying go further than cuddling, which is all we've actually seen them do. https://t.co/nWtWdaJAWy, — Derrick Levasseur (@DerrickL) July 26, 2020. The rumor suggests that TPTB axed Derrick and Dan for pre-strategizing, and the thing is, would they really have? “I won’t lie — Not happy with Nicole right now. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube! Last summer, Nicole Franzel met Corey Brooks inside the Big Brother 18 house. Derrick has denied that Nicole F. had anything to do with his absence, but has made it clear that all his not well between the two of them right now. Paul suggested Brooks talk to Franzel about it because it appeared that she expected them to be an official couple outside the house. While there are multiple showmances in the house currently, including Natalie/James and Paulie/Zakiyah, the subjects in the latest rumored in-house hookup are none other than the innocent-seeming Nicole and Corey. Next: 'Big Brother 22': Why Was Christmas Abbott Arrested? “From then on, it was, I guess it was a love story, and now she’s my girlfriend.”, "Remember that, no matter how tightly you hold onto someone, it won't ever feel the same as it does with them holding you back. Former 'Bachelor' Peter Weber's Creepy Halloween Costume Is Confusing Fans. They both felt apprehensive about the relationship but hoped they could make it work. Corey and Nicole were throwing around phrases like, "You act like I didn't like last night" and "I'm not gonna be weird," which raised some eyebrows. During her time on season 18, Nicole got quite close to fellow houseguest, Corey Brooks. Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel made it clear that she wanted a romance outside the house with her houseguest Corey Brooks. While Nicole feared that long-distance would crush her relationship with Corey, it seems as if he managed to do that all on his own. If these two haven't kissed, it's hard to believe that they've gone the full Lizten. A lot of people don’t know her beyond Big Brother, but she’s a sweetheart in real life and I love her to death.”. I understand the thirst for cast is unquenchable right now but tomorrow we find out who the players are! It seemed like they were going to make it work, but recent pictures on social media imply that “NiCorey” is over. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, Here’s Why Tyler Crispen Is So Happy 'Big Brother' Is Finally Over, ‘Big Brother': Here's Why Nicole Franzel And Corey Brooks Didn't Work Out, Here’s How Much 'Big Brother' Contestants Get Paid, but left suddenly, ending their relationship, 'BB-All Star' Janelle Isn’t Done With Her Nicole Franzel Rant Just Yet, Victor later proposed to Nicole on 'Big Brother 20'. I was most excited to see her,” he gushed. So no, the two did not have sex, but fans are wondering what exactly happened between them — if anything. All rights reserved. And seeing that both of their sidekicks/runners-up — Cody and Memphis Garrett on Season 10 — are on the show and the fact that Julie Chen Moonves asked Cody if the Hitmen or Dan and Memphis’ Renegades were the better alliance on Wednesday, it feels like the show wanted a Hitmen vs. Renegades face-off. Is MTV's 'Are You The One?' However, there are some odd circumstances surrounding the supposed hookup, or lack thereof. During season 18, houseguest Victor Arroyo and Nicole were simply friends, however they quickly got together after she split from Corey, shocking fans. After Michelle won the Power of Veto on Big Brother, Paul started getting paranoid that she would actually take Frank off the block, and that James would put him up as a pawn. Just a few days ago, Corey posted a picture with a blonde woman named Tomi Lauren, who is a conservative political commentator. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. If these two haven't kissed, it's hard to believe that they've gone the full Lizten. Nicole Franzel is officially making her third appearance on CBS's 'Big Brother', but this time around, she's an all-star! Nicole and Corey got caught making out on Big Brother Wednesday night, when Paul wandered into their room late at night to talk about Frank.Corey and Nicole… Sign up for Gold Derby's Newsletter. It looks like something happened between them, but neither one of them has said what. For the latest news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why Howard Stern Thinks Matthew McConaughey Desperately Needs Therapy, 'Selling Sunset': The Truth About Mary And Romain's Relationship, ‘The Bachelorette’: Dale Moss Poses For An Engagement Modeling Shot... With Another Woman, Here's Why Lisa Kudrow Is The Smartest 'Friends' Cast Member. Nicole told Da’Vonne Rogers that she had doubts that they would last outside the house. Please try again later. With all the evidence, it's certainly possible that something happened (not sex, but some form of hooking up), but it's more likely that Corey wanted something to happen and Nicole shut him down. It seemed like they were going to make it work, but recent pictures on social media imply that “NiCorey” is over. Nicole nor Corey have come out with the real reason behind their split, however Nicole deleted Corey off of social media after he had posted a photo with conservative commentator, Tomi Lahren. “Nicole is my girlfriend,” he announced before giving her another smooch. See a Breakdown of Scott Disick’s Complicated Dating History: Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Richie and More, All the Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus, These ‘Marshmallow’ Jessica Simpson House Slippers Are So Plush, ‘Big Brother’ Season 19 Houseguests Revealed. Brooks wasn’t sure about having a showmance with her because he didn’t want to give her the wrong idea, especially considering Franzel was fresh off a painful breakup with her previous Big Brother 16 showmance with Hayden Voss. Nicole had first popped up on fans' radar when she joined the cast of season 16. This feature is not available right now. Here's what really happened between Nicole and Corey. Big Brother fans believed they were approaching couple status, but nothing was confirmed.

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