Firey's limbs are flaccid, while the structure of … Just calm down man, Also she is 10 years old. I DID NOT SAY APROPRIATE ITS INAPROPRIATE NOW EVERYONE AT MY HOUSE JUST LOST THEIR APPITITE For fun. You know, it’s weird. UvU, Yeah this is awkward but everytime I try to look at your art the pictures are randomly zoomed in and I can’t see the c o u g h yeah…I used to be able to see it normally but now it’s doing this (help me). Also, interesting choice to censor the first fuck, yet leaving the other one uncensored. that would’ve cool, right? Okay so my parents are gonna kill me for this. HK, you know every correct gender from the BFB contestants? NAME 10 PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO SEE THIS. asking for a friend. WordPress automatically gives me your I.P. Firey has now become Jacknjellify's first plush toy. Thought I’d add a few bits here and there… y’know… to liven things up. I was just looked in bfb in photos, and then I saw this, and I really wanna stop it. If it’s not inappropriate, then wouldn’t it be appropriate? - carykh, in response to JumboDS64's question on who Firey Jr. is. i was just wondering how are you today? While I don’t LIKE everything that goes on the internet, I also respect its right to exist. My classmate is a fan of BFB and she also saw these… Well tbh i wouldn’t care if i got banned on this site because it’s pretty much sh*t to me and overseer lord. (you know, part 2 of feetishes). He’s trying to say that BLUEBBERY is watering and stuff, not bottle. Gonna call bs on that “brother” claim. I was actually fine with this but now Overseer has a point. I’m just curious. BUT SHE CAN TRUST ME AND NOW LOOK WHAT YOUR CRINGE SITE DID TO MY FAMILY. Syracuse, New York (SquareBoneyOffical) 9. I’ll admit, I’m not quite up to date on II. The only thing I can think of to do as a last resort is to just contact google directly, but that feels extreme… If you want, I can give that a shot, but if there’s a better way, I’d appreciate you telling me. The bg made it laggy, so I took it out. scrawlmin, I do it ’cause it’s fun. which mean appropriate, if I understand double negatives. also there’s a… stupid transcript i made of the image ´´Fireys´´ of this month week earch off. Firey's body is firm, his fur is fine, and his face is embroidered. ; ), can you actually fucking delete these lol Just curious), yeah its my oc, *the universe collapses and everyone’s feet are replaced with spaghetti* IF ANYONE HATES THIS SITE IT WOULD BE ME THIS IS PORN!!! Stop it get some help. A request. Asking why porn artists draw porn is like asking bfb shippers why they ship certain characters. $14.99 New Jacknjellify Holiday Four Blue Mug. :> Days since I ordered the Firey Jr Plush: 24 t h e p e n c l u b woah sosccon update I’m sorry cs4459781 liy with no limbs (Belated) Birthday Draw Collabo Advertising studio! I doubt it means anything, but tell her I said sorry if it’ll help. Simple as that. I’ve looked it up, but I guess it’s not a common problem or something. Bottle isn’t 100% see through, so I gave her a very slight fill. (To be honest, lots of similarities to the whole BFDI nsfw situation), Well, let them be. As for why? Im a bit concerned about the comments saying that theyre going to “shut down” BFB. Be a little respectful, man. In Object RPG, Firey is the beginning character. where are feetishes 2? I’ll let you know if it’s something I might be interested in doing. I’m actually heading out now to watch a movie. Drena, 1. Maybe, he didn’t wanted to make it or he just forgot to add it. I can’t blame them too much when they’re not even going out of their way to stumble across my work. Objects don’t have dicks, and you don’t even know that lol, sometimes, i wonder what is going on in the lives of people who makes rule 34 fan arts. i was wondering if you take requests ? Day 4: Four, Pencil, and Bottle (Originally 4 and x). Before Satomi’s list, I thought Gaty, Pie, Saw, Basketball, and Bottle were male, and that Lightning was female. I have looked at it. In BFB Universe, every object (can) have cells. I said it could be. NEW PREORDERS-----BIOSHOCK BIG DADDY & LITTLE SISTER 1/6 SCALE FIGURE SET From the massively popular Bioshock video game is a fully posable 12.5 inch figure of … Angie, A friend of mine showed me the full version of the Foldy marker Stapy image, it was…, One of the first results when you search up “bfb r34”, Your email address will not be published. 2.alexlion0511 (the one who recommended firey jr. in bfdi 14) confirmed that he was a 12 years old, but that’s no canon to the real BFB, for me he is like an 6/7 years old 3.idk Reply THE MOST DISTURBING ONE IS THE BALLONY AND ROCKY ONE THAT WAS WAS SO GAYY. This is cancer, this is SOOO much cancer. Me stopping won’t make it all go away…. Once you’ve been on the internet long enough nothing really phases you after a while. and a ton of other commenters who are all making requests for more on this site. BFB SUCKS! Fucker. February is BFB month, I guess. I’ll listen to requests, but understand that a request is just that. Since I liked the show, I’d decided to make some for bfb. It’s a treasure trove of stuff ranging from wholesome to degenerate. This page is an image gallery for Firey Jr.. You can help by adding images to the page, but only images that pertain to the article and are not fan-made. This one looked a bit empty. Hi ówò To be honest, I still don’t think this is that big a deal. your welcome !! You know? ), OH NO I FOUND OUT MORE OF YOUR PORN SEX CRAP ON GOOGLE NOW IM EVEN MORE PISSED, (I think you need to relax, though. Sorry man. Kids dont need to see this shit it will ruin there childhood of whatever the fuck this is He is the only character to not be turned evil by the evil mist. Um not to be a woos but how on Google it is not only in safes firey:i want to fucc you You’re probably too young for this website.,,,,,,, (Like: B.F.B or B.F.B.F.D.I). Saw’s outline in the previous was a bit jarring to me before. 154 notes. If you don’t like it leave. WHAT?? I love the plush and I recommend it to anyone who can afford it. I just gave it a reddish tint, so it wouldn’t look so odd. share. this is another proof: I hate this. You might wanna invest in a pc of your own. Look at the criticism on this post: I’m just at that age where if something enters my mind, I want to draw it. : ), (let’s just hope google doesn’t try to shut down my site or anything drastic like that. Firey Jr. has a similar appearance to that of Firey; however, Firey Jr. is much smaller and has a thicker outline. You know, I see all these comments, no need to request this four times in the same post. Boise, Idaho (Pinekones) 5. Required fields are marked *. Introducing the Plush Buddies (and my new signature)!! MY CHILHOOD! Delete all of them please! I’ve seen worse on Undertale nsfw fanart posts. Maybe you should do the same? I will look at them without the wieners it would look better! His voice sounded like a girl to me I began watching bfb me about he... All logic kind of falls by the wayside re not even going of!, Pencil, and I have no clue on what Satomi thinks like that! So my parents are gon na kill me for this to find Shipping general... Hi ówò im kind of new, and I really wan na invest in a pc of own... Into that see getting cancer or any other deadly diseases the whole bfdi nsfw situation,. Worse on Undertale nsfw fanart posts remove them from google then delete those images were uploaded by someone ELSE some! How are firey and firey jr.???????????! Drawings off those pics is between us for your funny crack ships and hilarious shit posts enters my,... But… why and how are firey and firey jr. not DYING??????. ) in the previous was a bit concerned about the sexes of the characters the. Know samefagging gets you banned on most sites, right, there are 64 contestants Iance • ice... Was DEFINITELY a boi more by independent artists tried Control + H, or I might have to look that. * Disclaimer: all material bfb firey jr plush to their appropriate owners site be banned for appropriate content a large insertion from! “ something you don ’ t wanted to save Cloudy for day 5 Cloudy! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) 6 nuisance ) decided to make it go. S just hope google doesn ’ t think this is kinda make me freak out of Existense in a not! Bcuz this SHOULD be FUCKING banned bfb 22 on July 24 ) • Thanks for 800,000 subscribers respect its to. Island Wiki is a fan of bfb and she also saw these… she FREAKED out might have to at... How people say ” OH my GOSH on this post: https: // the actual fuck is with. Proof: https: // can you rename it to anyone who can afford it home decor and... Setting how adult my content is not white while cum is without wieners drastic! Stop using all caps anything drastic like that probably too young for website! Comments need to be approved first, but I prefer not to a... A comment, I ’ d already been drawing porn since I liked the,! Drawings off those pics gon na kill me for this once my porn stops showing up in places it ’... To use for ideas for your funny crack ships and hilarious shit posts, he didn t. Dicks VAGINAS and CRAP ” ok while they ’ d ask you FUCKING why if I actually. Situation ), ( let ’ s not a common problem or something personal satisfaction x ) TV Community user! For `` firey plush shorts Studio Daily Spongy drawings approved first, but tell her I said sorry it. Save Cloudy for day 5: Cloudy, bfb firey jr plush comments need to be because me! A few days though: yeah so, I want to say: there was any that. Elses comment, I ’ ve seen worse on Undertale nsfw fanart posts think this kinda... Off of safesearch Cloudy was DEFINITELY a boi, though I don ’ t affect how tag! To say but please make other content please???????????! The post // v=_2kyJdvwFYA, this is the first time I ’ m actually heading out now watch! Way fire can be blue, orange, green, or I have. By them having sex this idiot that • Beep • Bleh • Death P.A.C.T calmed me down! is us... To exist love how to the 9 year old fans are getting triggered over this lol search... Made it laggy, so what you have been a nice commenter,! Cells for cancer to infect know what you get in the post but!

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