So I didn't want to have anything to do with my father. No concrete information is available on the internet about her relationship status and children. "[107] The King estate sent a 30-day notice to the Center on August 10, 2013. Martin Luther King Jr. Records Collection Act, United States House Select Committee on Assassinations, King: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis, The Witness: From the Balcony of Room 306, Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story, Joseph Schwantner: New Morning for the World; Nicolas Flagello: The Passion of Martin Luther King. When Mrs. King’s remains joined those of her husband in the marble crypt, the cracked reflecting pool surrounding the tomb bloomed with algae. The Kings’ inheritance is complex. During Yolanda King's eulogy, King admitted that her death was even more difficult than her mother's and said her sister often addressed her as her "one and only sister." There was not an intentional failure to disclose. Bernice is the only child of the Luther King who followed her father. Andrew Young said transferring power would allow the family to focus more on Martin Luther King's message of nonviolence and less on maintaining the grounds. Bernice King is the youngest daughter of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, and the only child of MLK Jr. to take up the ministry as a profession. Their father, though, was furious. He would always tell me: “Remember, you are the preacher. Dr. King’s most famous speech mentioned a dream that his children would one day be judged solely by the content of their character. Bernice’s love life hasn’t attracted a lot of attention since she became a celebrity. A lot of people don’t even know he wrote books. [71] On March 29, 2012, a month after the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin, King released a statement through the King Center. Pop culture is about what’s popular. Through prayer, King said, they would "seek to destroy the work of the enemy." Bernice Albertine King (born March 28, 1963 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States) is the second daughter and youngest child of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr and Coretta Scott King. "Even though I knew him so little, he left me so much. Talking about her educational qualifications, she is a well-educated person and has received her entire education in the United States of America. Andra Gillespie, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, said King could hark back to her father's legacy, but that she was going to have to "redefine" it. [34] She has said her decision to leave was because of her desire to continue the legacy of her parents, which had grown stronger since the death of her mother. I have spoken to that. I wrestled with anger from the age of sixteen. "[77], She spoke at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida fundraiser on October 29, 2013, where she encouraged involvement in the lives of children. The American Family Member was born in Atlanta on March 28, 1963. Andrew Young, who attended the sermon, compared her style to her father's and noted their similarities while calling listening to her speak "a very emotional occasion for me. So you kind of live with all that inside of you. [21] [96][98][99] While in Birmingham, Alabama on August 11, 2014 for the national convention of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, King endorsed having the 2016 Democratic National Convention be held in Birmingham, reasoning the "golden anniversary of civil rights events throughout the south and Birmingham in particular offers added significance" to it being held there. I don’t know how to describe it to you, but I literally felt something transfer in that moment. But his other platforms—fighting poverty, antimilitarism—seem to get lost. [23], At the age of 24, Bernice decided to become a minister, and she earned a Master's degree in Divinity and a juris doctor from Emory University in 1990. And I feel it an honor and privilege to serve both the Kingdom of God and my parents’ legacy. This time was really a start, to get people at least thinking. As Daddy said, “You’ve got to have a radical revolution of nonviolence.”. The daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. got to earn JD from Emory University which is in Atlanta. "[137] When speaking at Brown University in 2013, King made statements regarding her beliefs about the origins of marriage: "I believe that the family was created and ordained first and foremost by God, that he instituted the marriage, and that's a law that he instituted and not... that we instituted"[138] and about the origins of same-sex attraction: "I also don't believe everybody's born that way. "[51], Young also said that King becoming a minister "almost makes you believe preaching is hereditary," after her service. She called on demonstrators to channel their responses into constructive nonviolent action, and mentioned witnesses giving conflicting accounts of the shooting. King (@berniceaking) In a separate hearing, Dexter Scott King's attorney Lin Wood argued that Bernice King willingly ignored a court order. Her death sparked conflict among King’s children as they sued and countersued each other for control of Martin Luther’s estate. It was reported that a small delegation from the King Center would travel to Ferguson and planned to meet with "every element" of the community. "[129], On March 14, 2014, Ron Gaither, one of Bernice King's lawyers, argued that William Hill, lawyer of Martin Luther King III and Dexter King, should not have any role in the case because of his involvement in the 2008 dispute between the King children. In late May, King discussed with Atlanta magazine the challenges of embracing her legacy, following her father into the pulpit, and taking over the Center founded by her mother. Bernice Albertine King was born on March 28, 1963, in Atlanta, Georgia. [76], On August 28, 2013, the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington, in which her father took part, King spoke and related that the denizens of the United States were "still bound by a cycle of civil unrest and inherit social biases, in our nation and the world, that oftentimes degenerates into violence and destruction". "The question is, how do you overcome that pain?" Dexter is the chair. People don’t really understand the enormous contribution she made to this city, even from an economic impact. When Mrs. King’s remains joined those of her husband in the marble crypt, the cracked reflecting pool surrounding the tomb bloomed with algae. I am—and perhaps because I am female—constantly thinking about, how do we enshrine her work? [123] She said that if her father was alive, he would say, "my Bible and my medal are never to be sold, not to an institution or even a person.”[124] On March 10, 2014, King turned over the Nobel Peace Prize and Bible[125] to Martin Luther King III for placement in a safety deposit box in a meeting that lasted five minutes. It’s a humbling experience on a daily basis. On January 18, 1992, President George H. W. Bush visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Of course my mother was present, but obviously in the background.

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