Upgrade, replace, and explore our expansive line of Benelli sights for both rifles and shotguns. It was a commercial failure. Subscriber Services. With the stock off, you can remove and replace the shims using the handy table on page 67 of the 828U’s instruction manual. Benelli has a tradition of outside-­the-­box design and manufacturing, and has now brought that to the otherwise staid world of over/unders. Make your own decision. Update your browser to view this website correctly. The drop shim goes in first and has molded-­in studs that engage holes in the frame and cast shim, respectively. Trijicon's new RMRcc features the durability and reliable controls that have made the RMR so successful, but its reduced dimensions make the “Concealed Carry” model better suited for the popular small-frame pistols designed for discreet carry and personal defense. Whether this means anything to you, or whether you like it is individual choice. We’ve gotten used to striker-­fired pistols, so we should not quail at a striker-­fired over/under. The easy-and-quick-to-push safety goes on every time you break open the gun. If you have even the slightest interest in shotguns, you are aware of Benelli’s autoloading and pump shotguns. We patterned my shooting (should have done that to start), found I was going high, and dropped the stock down at lunchtime to get my head really looking down the barrel. You can use a jeweler’s screwdriver to turn out the tiny slotted screw about ½ inch behind the front bead on the right side of the rib. Before writing about this, I set it up for the full 2½-­inch drop at heel and full 6mm cast-­off. On traditional over/unders, the receiver loosens up over time because it absorbs all the shooting pressure. No such heavy lifting will be required for this issue’s subject, the Benelli 828U Sport over/under shotgun. The 828U’s carbon fiber rib save precious ounces, and you can replace the standard one with one that’s higher and or wider if need be. The chrome-­plated strikers point straight at the firing pins with only a little down angle on the bottom and a slight inclination on the top. I guess it just doesn’t live up to the elegant look of other over/under shotguns. But I was pleasantly surprised. The people asked and Trijicon answered. Benelli's 828U delivers mandatory point-ability, included custom drop and cast adjustments and the kind of ergonomic feel and balance Benelli users are accustomed to. It is at once both contemporary and beautifully practical, from the smooth body and exquisite checkering to the low-profile carbon fiber rib, no side rib and innovative monoblock treatment. You then can replace the case. The 828U is not cocked by any system of rods or levers, but rather by the top lever itself. I’m normally blasé about any sighting device on a shotgun on grounds you want to look at the target, not the gun, but I found this rib made canting immediately obvious, giving me a chance to alter my gun mount. Perhaps the cheekpiece too. Receiver choices are black adonized, or engraved nickel. It lets you immediately spot canting of the gun more effectively than a mid-­bead would. This pretty efficient too, from my O/U layman’s perspective. I’ll tell you that it carried well even at the end of long days. The proper key is among the accessories. Editor Eric Poole recently attended a press event at Benelli’s factory in Italy where Takeo Hosoe, Benelli’s art director, explained some of the general concepts behind the looks of the firm’s guns. Use a 13mm deep-­hole socket with a flexible extension to turn out the through-­bolt nut and pull the buttstock off the through bolt, being sure to keep track of the nut, washer and plate. In normal operation, they are cocked by a chrome-­plated wedge that incorporates a wire extension that then resets the inertia block at the rear of the trigger. That’s when Thompson explained the 828U’s Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system– a brilliantly simple, spring-free fold of flexible “leaves” that reside in the stock. The Trijicon SRO is specifically designed for pistol use. Multiply those by 3mm or 6mm cast-­on or cast-­off and you get the 40 positions. 5 States 5 Programs, One Mission - Ep. On the 828U, a lockplate absorbs all that recoil and stress. You get a Benelli CRIO choke set which includes Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full tubes, along with a wrench. Holding the gun horizontally, insert the screwdriver point into a recess in the end of the through-­bolt and slide the nut and washer onto the threaded end. (October 22, 2020)– Benelli pro shooter Dakota Overland won, ACCOKEEK, Md. (Note that this is easily turned off with needle-nose pliers if you want, for sporting clays or skeet.). But shotguns with adjustable butts have been available for some time now and I suspect many more users are likely to try their hands at gun fitting. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. The stock and forend are an attractive Turkish walnut and the gripping surfaces of each are in a fish-­scale treatment in a point pattern that I found made for an effective grasping surface, especially when combined with the palm swell on the pistol grip. The Caprinus had many innovative features, but it was quite expensive at more than $5,000! I was looking at attractive bluing, nice scrollwork on the nickel receiver edition, and a beautiful AA-grade satin walnut stock on every gun. A patented steel locking mechanism features a free-floating locking plate to eliminate wear and tear on the lightweight aluminum receiver for improved durability. In the style of the Remington Model 32, there are no side ribs. When I was new in the trade, Harrington & Richardson (H&R) introduced a new Topper single barrel at least once a year, and it was the job of the low man on the totem pole to write it up. Accuracy testing a rifle begins with building a good shooting position. The quail division of our upland wildlife conservation org. That’s great if you’re shooting long crossers or novelty targets like minis, battues and rabbits. Benelli’s approach looks like an autoloader trigger. Boy it felt good to smoke the next bird. Despite the change of material, the new Sport model retains the steel locking system and floating breechblock of the aluminum-­framed 828U. On the other hand, I was also the perfect candidate to shoot Benelli’s first foray into the over/under market and see what this shotgun was all about. I have been as guilty as anyone in seeking that high trap-­gun sight picture, but after that chat with Miller I’ve started setting test guns with as much drop and cast as I can get and the results have been surprising. Maybe it’s not beautiful in every way, but the ability to adjust this firearm makes it a fine choice for any shooter looking for a workmanlike shotgun to drop more birds. 828 is, essentially, Urbino’s UNESCO zip code. Benelli has cleverly improved the system by curving the top lever itself to the left, putting it closer to the thumb of the firing hand. Shooters don’t think about it, but vent ribs add a lot of weight to a shotgun – especially where you don’t need it, on the barrel. For years it has been my practice to test guns with adjustable stocks as they came out of the box on the theory that’s how the consumer will first encounter them. The 828U barrels are assembled on a monobloc system. A handy table in the instruction manual shows the combinations of shims and plates required to adjust to any of 10 drop-­at-­heel measurements from 15⁄8 to 2½ inches. The stock’s soft cheekpiece also reduces felt recoil. LSB#: 191121CP01 Make: Benelli Model: 828U, Product Number 10703 Serial Number: BS004672E15 Year of Manufacture: 2015 (CN date code) Gauge: 12 Gauge, 2 3/4″ & 3?Shells. Then, use the socket wrench to tighten the nut. There were no failures of any kind. Moreso to some folks than others. Engage the lip at the front of the trigger with its recess in the frame and press the trigger home with a soft click. While you have the trigger out of the frame, take a look inside. All 828U shotguns are equipped with Crio barrels and Crio chokes, a weight-reducing carbon-fiber rib and a high-grade alloy receiver complimented by fine AA-Grade satin walnut on the stock and forend. The 6.5 Creedmoor and the .375 H&H are almost complete opposites, or are they? To remove the trigger, simply remove the barrels and allow the top lever to return to its closed position by pressing in on the release pin at the top left of the standing breech. The 828U forend has an Anson-­style latch at the front, and the forend iron and a rubber spacer at the front are numbered, suggesting larger replacement parts are available to take up wear. In the context of more hits, that was a small price to pay. Editor and co-­host Eric Poole had a completely positive shoot experience with a near-­perfect run on trap. Know for its innovative redesign of the over/under platform, the 12-gauge 828U has been garnering accolades worldwide since 2015 for its exquisite form, flawless function and rock-steady performance in the field and on the range.

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