Azul brings you, a tile laying artist, to embellish the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora. Hot Recent Active Favorites My Geeklists Create New . Place the tiles, one by one, from right to left in your chosen pattern line. Then, remove all tiles from any pattern lines that now have no tile in the rightmost space. Restock, New to Each tile you move over to your wall is always placed on the space matching its color and immediately scores as follows: If there are no tiles directly adjacent (vertically or horizontally) to the newly placed tile, gain 1 point on the score track. Shipping Rates, Time to Ship and Local Pickup. In a 3-player game, place 7 Factory displays. If the bag is empty, refill it with all the tiles that you have placed in the lid of the game box and then continue filling the remaining Factory displays. The ideal crystal has an infinite 3D repetition of identical units, which may be atoms or molecules. The game ends after the round in which at least one player has completed a horizontal line of 5 consecutive tiles on her wall. Any tiles you have picked that you cannot or do not want to place according to the rules, you must place in your floor line, filling its spaces from left to right. She may not place them in the fourth pattern line either, as there is already 1 blue tile and she may not add tiles of a different color to it. Each time you move a tile, score points immediately (see Scoring). Rules are exactly the same as in the normal game, except that when you move a tile from a pattern line to the wall, you may place it on any space of its corresponding wall line. He ignores the fifth pattern line, as it is not complete. Market . Your goal in this phase is to complete as many of your pattern lines as you can, because during the following Wall-tiling phase, you will only be able to move tiles from complete pattern lines to their corresponding lines on your wall to score points. In the game Azul, players take turns drafting colored tiles from suppliers to their player board. Take 1 scoring marker B and place it on space "0" of your score track. Azul: Crystal Mosaic - Rules of Play says: Azul: Crystal Mosaic contains double-sided player boards, with each board offering new challenges and exciting new strategic opportunities. In a 4-player game, place 9 Factory displays. Then check if there are 1 or more tiles vertically linked to the newly placed tile. However, as the game progresses, in each of the 5 vertical lines of your wall, no color may appear more than once.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'ultraboardgames_com-leader-1','ezslot_13',118,'0','0'])); This site is dedicated to promoting board games. Otherwise, $9.95 flat-rate shipping for orders $40+ For remote or rural addresses, a $10.00 fee may apply. Azul: Crystal Mosaic contains double-sided player boards, with each board offering new challenges and exciting new strategic opportunities. GeekLists . Note: If you have the starting player marker in your floor line, it counts as a normal tile there. All rights reserved. Multilingual edition includes English AND French rules. If that does not break the tie, the victory is shared. Free shipping on orders over 1. Play then continues clockwise.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'ultraboardgames_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_8',129,'0','0'])); On your turn, you must pick tiles in one of the following ways: Either: Pick all tiles of the same color from any one Factory display and then move the remaining tiles from this Factory display to the center of the table. All ionic solids and most covalent solids are crystalline. Catalogue, Login / Four overlays are included in this expansion. © 2020 Great Boardgames. Then, continue with the Wall-tiling phase. In a somewhat unclear post it seems rather than being a standalone game, Crystal Mosaic is an expansion for the first game. Guilds GeekChat Stats RSS Feeds Avatars Microbadges GeekExchange . Give each player a player board A. Flip your board to the side with the colored wall. 2. Single crystal Solid Non-Crystalline/Amorphous (Glass, plastic, Resin, Pitch, Sugar, Candy, etc) Single crystal Or: Pick all tiles of the same color from the center of the table. on These games deserve it. These tiles are considered as having fallen on the floor and give minus points in the Wall-tiling phase. (See Variant Play to play with the gray side of the player board). The game is played over multiple rounds, each of which is composed of three phases: The starting player places the starting player marker in the center of the table and then takes the first turn. The player with the most points on her score track wins the game. Once that is done, any remaining tiles on the pattern lines stay on your player board for the next round. All Place the Factory displays C in a circle around the center of the table: Fill the bag D with the 100 tiles (20 of each color) E. The player who most recently visited Portugal takes the starting player marker F and then fills each Factory display with exactly 4 tiles randomly drawn from the bag. For each tile in your floor line, you lose the number of points indicated directly above it. The "Crystal Mosaic" of the title is actually a plastic overlay that provides a recess to keep tiles from being accidentally bumped out of place.

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