Definitely a must own mod for ATS if you’re a fan of these tankers. Features Ford LTL 9000 Aeromax:- indepe... © Valve Corporation. Download, * Enhanced Weather And Graphics* Full Weather System* Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.38.x* Compatible To Work With Majority Of Maps* High Resolution Sky Textures* Realistic Thunder Sounds* Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of... 287. Illegal exchange mod is forbidden! This truck was added to the game in 2016. Realistic Truck Physics Mod v2.1 for ATS. Download, 1.38 works great. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. @Dan yes trust C500 real heavy haul HOWEVER This wonderful truck Kenworth K200 was added to the game in 2015 and has many fans. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience. Diversity, which ATS mods is ready to provide, in no way inferior to the mods for ETS 2 since all these modifications makes by the same people and in the same format. EN LT. Main; About us; Contacts; Add modification. The biggest variations of ATS Trucks, Maps and Trailers mods. Montana Expansion v0... 1. Tested Version: 1.38 ATS Mods . If you are tired of all the standard trucks and States, then you can easily and free download new mods … This wonderful truck Kenworth K108 was added to the game in 2016 and has a lot of fans. All rights reserved. Peterbilt 281 / 351c... 1. This mod give you free$ and XP 900.000 when you create new profile But if you want to increase the level you do not need to recreate a new profile but you have to connect the job Tested: ATS … Если заметили ошибку, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter. Then again they might not, all comes down to money in the end and whether it's worth them following through. 21 . The game starts in United States, California, and expands to other great cities of the U.S. Just like other SCS games, it is equipped with all the required tools to create modifications for this game to enrich the gaming experience even more. Tempest Night Background Mod v1.3 for ATS. Trucks. Different thematic plugins are categorized so you can handily choose from thousands of cool ATS mods. Wooow this is like the most intelegent forum that i have seen on here ever haha!! Mods ATS sorted and categorized with detailed descriptions and screenshots. Doubtful truck manufacters will chase after these thieves espically if the modders in country like Russia where the legal system just illusion. DOWNLOAD 30 MB. They are a representation of a truck which a licence hasn't been sought so I don't understand what the difference is other than one is paid for and the other is not. How could it be otherwise, in the game, the existence of which is due solely to the efforts of a huge mod community that have made SCS Software is not the last company in the global gaming industry? * Realistic Rain* Realistic Rain Effects* Realistic Rain Sounds... All rights reserved. This wonderful truck Kenworth K200 … October 25, 2020. - (2020-11-03 15:51:05), ETS2 - RTA-Mods Kenworth K200 HCC (1.39.x) - Jcombo say; " มันจะสมบูรณ์ไหม ? " Download, The mod adds Ford Aeromax truck to American Truck Simulator 1.38. You must log in or register to post here. Game Modification Club uslumedya. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. September 5, 2020. ATS - Broketrain LLC Frameless Dump Trailer (1.38.x) 2020-10-27 09:07:45 ATS Trailers 1.38.x 15. Download, The mod is intended only for the basic SCS + DLC map(The fix for another map mod definitely shows up) 1. RTA Mods - Model History. This model has few fans and the payback of the model will be in 1-2 years. It makes me wonder why SCS has not put out a notice about this issue. Mods82 should take time making mods that preform and act closer to the real thing vs flooding site with crap or none working mods, The kenworth c500 is a real truck generally used for logging and real heavy haul. Still be modders work for free and scs will add more trucks with time. Content is now in a single package. + my Exclusive content. Enjoy free how ats mods should be Volvo VNL 2019 v2.26... 1. ATS - Broketrain LLC Frameless Dump Trailer (1.38.x), ATS - Heavy Cargo Personal Trailer Mod V1.0 (1.38.x), ATS - Sport Cars Traffic Pack V7.3 (1.38.x), ATS - Realistic Brutal Weather V2.8 (1.38.x), ATS - Realistic Rain & Thunder Sounds V2.6 (1.38.x), ETS2 - V8 Engine Open Pipe Sound Mod (1.39.x), ETS2 - Real Interior Cams V1.6.3 (1.39.x), ETS2 - Cistern Parcisa Trailer V1.0 (1.38.x), ETS2 - Andes Peru Map V1.3 Profile Mod (1.38.x), ETS2 - SCS Truck Sounds Reworked Megapack V2.2 (1.39.x), ETS2 - Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16 RHD Bus Mod (1.38.x), Mafia 2 - Alternate Ending + Freeride DLC, ETS2 - RTA-Mods Kenworth K200 HCC (1.39.x). It makes me wonder why SCS has not put out a notice about this issue.

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