Apr 26, 2017 1 0. This will be my first attempt a long range/precision shooting. I haven’t had to rezero either in 3 years on my buggy guns that take a beating. Personally I could care less about a zero stop. would I buy another ? And I’ve sold ALL of my vortex optics. Cronus and Razor Gen II are assembled in Japan, both have HD glass, PST Gen II assembled in Philippines, it has XD glass. Is there a reason why the Helos isn't that popular? I really believe the Cronus is going to be a go to scope as word gets out on what a truly great scope it is especially considering the price point...Ray. I cant help but to be interested in the Cronus BTR, for the price point, if the glass is as good as everyone says it is then it should be a winner as long as the tracking is up to par. I thought I would have to rely on the illuminated reticle but haven't even turned it on yet. The glass on the ares isn’t awesome, but it’s as good as all the vortex scopes I’ve had The 5 mil per rev turrets we’re a real deal breaker for me. You must log in or register to reply here. hell No. It's in its box on a shelf waiting for ??? Thanks for any help, I have not used the DB tactical, but I do own a Gen 2 Argos [ MOA 6-24x50]. It has the HD glass, great holdover reticle and capped turrets. Athlon vs Vortex. the turrets are better , it has a zero stop which I like and seems to be functioning ok for now . Happy with the scope so far. Any higher than that wouldn't be worth it in my opinion as you'd probably spend a lot of time trying to hunt down targets in your field of view before you timed out. How is the glass quality compared? I was asked not to post the exact price that I paid for the scope,... and I will keep my word....I have two S&B 5-25x56 scopes. I regularly shoot out to 300 yds with my ar and have shot to 1k with a friends equipment. I had pretty much decided to get a Vortex Razor gen 2, then I started seeing posts about the Athlon Chronus. Vortex diamondback tactical 6-24x Vs Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x I’m looking at either the new vortex dback 6-24x tactical or athlon Argos BTR 6-24x to get into long range shooting. I don’t use them on a rimfire. Sniper's Hide Rifle Scopes. I bought a gen 1 to go on a 22 competition rifle the parallax went bonkers so I sent it back . If you want I will PM you my address and it won't be taking up space on that shelf! Not that it matters a whole of beans but can anyone tell us where the Cronus us assembled and where the PST GEN II & RAZOR GEN II are assembled and who provides the Glass and coating for each respectively ? Vortex Optics Diamondback HD Binoculars. I still want to find the person that thought 6 MIL per revolution target style turrets were acceptable and slap them. Sep 7, 2020 16 9. -Vortex HS LR 6-24x50 FFP-Athlon Ares BTR 4.5x27 FFP-Leupold VX3i LRP 8.5x25 FFP I like that the Sightron has good glass, 80 moa of adjustment and is on sale for $700 right now (I'm on a tight budget). And I don’t think the Vortex does either. Thread starter bdg848; Start date Jun 13, 2020; Jun 13, 2020 #1 B. bdg848 Senior Member. Minuteman. Athlon Optics Midas Roof Prism UHD Binoculars. The Vortex is such a quality scope with a great track record it wasn't worth the question mark in my mind. Well I got a Cronus BTR ordered. Good luck with your purchase, hope you can report back great things about the Cronus, I still think about maybe getting one of them someday. I am trying to decide between an Athlon Midas TAC 6-24x50 or vortex strike eagle 5-25x56. Amazon is having a sale for the Athlon Helos BTR 6-24x50 for $370 in MRAD so that puts it in the same price point as the Diamondback Tactical FFP 6-24x50. Midway appears to have the Athlon in stock for 1699. I have an Argo BTR Gen 2 (< 1 month old). However the Cronus is almost 1 pound lighter so I put it on my PRS style gun and haven't looked back. Was going go with an AMG, but going to give the Athlon a shot. As a side note, I think the price was just dropped on the Athlon's in the last day or two. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. JavaScript is disabled. I'm less concerned about saving a few bucks, but it felt worth mentioning b/c most reviews put them around $300, but Amazon currently has them at $192. It seems like these are two popular options and just trying to gauge pros and cons. I selected instead of the Diamondback Tactical merely for the "thicker" reticle lines (for my older eyes). I’ve had worse luck out of Vortex then any of them. Sorry should have specified that, yes the Bushnell does not. Gen 1 Argos didn't have a proper zero stop, Gen 2 does, I don't have a DB tactical but every vortex scope I have had or shot thorough (excluding a PST2 and razor). but not me. I have both a Cronus and razor gen 2 4.5x27. Just pointing out it does NOT have a zero stop. Thanks Mike I’ll look into this as well that Had not been on my radar. Amazon is having a sale for the Athlon Helos BTR 6-24x50 for $370 in MRAD so that puts it in the same price point as the Diamondback … I bought a Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27x50.... mounted it on .300wm and after getting it sighted in, took it off as it's not the scope I thought it would be!! Honestly I would look at the Bushnell if you are trying to stay in base class. Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP vs. Athlon Helos BTR? The subreddit for long range precision shooting enthusiasts. Athlon Argos gen 2 vs Vortex diamondback tactical. I haven't seen them side by side, but they should have very similar glass based on what goes into them. I don’t plan on buying any vortex products ever again. I ran a fixed 10X SWFA for a few local precision rimfire matches when they started having them several years ago. Press J to jump to the feed. Bushnell also has a scope that meets the price criteria. The 10 mil per rev turrets and at least a locking windage turret is what makes the Bushnell so much more appealing to me. Glass is only a small part of a scope purchase. M. Mudflap621 Private. As others have said, 10MIL turrets are huge on a rimfire LR optic. If you look and ask around you can get the Cronus BTR for less than $1800... actual cost will be closer to $1600. To my eyes, the Cronus glass is every bit as good. … This will be going on a "Masterpiece Arms ba", in 6.5cm. As far as glass goes I cant tell the difference between them.

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