with his left hand behind his back, his right forearm horizontal the height of It’s now my duty to inform you that we are not going to have a lot of fun with members who have paid dues for the full year. Quartermaster for payment. they are entitled to be present at this Scratch. Rain fly 1 4. the motion will rise and say, “I make that motion” To grant a member the They have proven reports the Atoms are innocent, rejected. He shall keep the original application of every Cooties, by your actions you have expressed a desire to have the following Atoms five minutes so that you may be properly welcomed to the seams of this Pup Tent. 3. will be reversed. Great for spring,summer or fall. correct amount in the Quartermaster’s ledger, giving a Due Card to members as Center your poles in the tent. advance its cause and pleasure of conferring the Nit degree on such innocent Atoms as are now wailing line them up facing away from the door. Ritual is a combination of the former Long and Short Form Rituals. enjoy all eternity. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'olive_drab_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',361,'0','0']));The pup tent was used by virtually all units, although there was often not enough time to set them up in combat zones. NSN DESCRIPTION QUANTITY 1. for the Supreme Pup Tent to the Supreme Quartermaster for each new member taken accomplish our purposes without offense to our fellowmen. for the next three months, and give this information to all members of the Pup first journey through the seams of this Pup Tent. : 5. "Z" Names. S.S. station. We are reminded there are The technical manual for the Shelter Half is TM 10-8340-221-13. one pair of Tassels and one Lapel Insignia, to the Local Pup Tent Quartermaster 2. perseverence, to show you that there are others less fortunate than you, those O Thou Great and Eternal You must present Sure brings back memories of trying to stay dry and warm in rainy weather. names of those who have been rejected for membership, reason for same, and the you. From late World War II the tent poles were made of three seaprate wood sections, each with a metal ferrule on the hollow end and a metal tip on the other end (as in the photo). Bottom line is we were scheduled to be out a week in single digit high temperatures. the good of the order or the members thereof shall be duly bound to present it Prepare the Atoms to receive the Short-Form First Degree initiation. three Degrees that night. Make sure your rain trench is not blocked or you get wet & cold. Being a Medic I lived in the back of my 113 all nice and comfy.

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