What would confound science is that a form of life could exist and express itself without a physical apparatus of any kind. He occasionally writes reviews and profiles of jazz musicians at his jazz blog, Jazz Reader. A traditional definition would describe a haunting as any location (such as a house or abandoned cemetery) where paranormal activity is present, often precipitated by the appearance of ghosts. A love connection established during a lifetime remains just as strong in the afterlife. With a simple yet out-of-the box shopping experience. Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Spirits . Similar in design to a negative alter ego — but not one fed by a well-defined chief feature — a poltergeist is more playful and akin to the mischievous antics of a child. Poltergeists are an extremely RARE occurrence and only develop under the right conditions. For those that are sensitive, a ghost (or spirit) can enter the aura of a person and that blend of energy may be sensed on some levels. Middle-school biology lesson: humans can only hear the sounds that belong to the range of 20Hz and 20KHz but other animals can hear lower frequency sounds too. Enjoy! A ghost is simply the departed spirit of a deceased person. This spark is undetectable by scientific instruments because it does not contain discernible matter as science would measure it. What has gone undiscovered by science is that an eternal spark of consciousness resides in all living things. I hope you find it insightful. The influence of a ghost is subtle, and for the most part, it does not have the power to commit karma. Thinking of our bass string again, the oscillations of a ghost's vibrations moving in and out of physical reality are what cause this shadowy diffusion occasionally sighted by frightened individuals.Â. As time passes, everything changes. Learn about the Overleaves, personality traits that shape our individual experience during each lifetime. When you think about it that way, the theory of ghosts is hanging in scientific limbo. Login using OTP Explain about the resurrection that occurred at the death of Jesus. This creative outpouring, when coupled with a child harboring psychic gifts, can create a entity known as a poltergeist. People don’t talk about ghosts every day, but more people than you might expect have stories like this, and speak of them as if they were part of life. Do people go to heaven immediately after they die? Research shows that certain animals and birds like pigeons have shown “behavioral and physiological responses to these low frequencies”. Yes — but their efforts are largely ineffective. If a ghost could be frozen into an ice cube, for example, it would possess the solidity to be detected, but ghosts are more akin to the ice cube that has melted and evaporated into the air. Another parallel could be drawn using microbiology. What does it mean that some wouldn't die till they saw the kingdom? Forgot Password? Once they fixed the chimney, the ghost was gone. The phenomena bears similarity to the epochal layers mentioned in another channeling (see afterlife), but these echoes are not as deeply set on the physical. Ghosts might exist in realms undetectable by science. Explain how Samuel's spirit appeared to Saul in 1 Samuel 28? Thus, the light of a spiritual being is in its purest form. How do you explain that the dead can not speak to the living? Thus, ghost hunting equipment that looks for electromagnetic fluctuations will not find a ghost — ghosts are not electromagnetic. The following channeled material addresses commonly asked questions about ghosts. Among the frequently asked questions, you'll also find intriguing answers about the compositional structure of ghosts, the effectiveness of ghost hunting equipment, and even Michael's take on dark matter. Break that food chain, so to speak, and they will move on to a more willing meal. If the ghost does not emit or reflect light, neither a human or a camera will see it. Are Ghosts Real? As we've alluded to before, ghosts (even those still earthbound) exist at a higher vibrational density than physical plane inhabitants and would not possess the necessary solidity or physical force to effectively move a solid object. The constant fluctuation in the energy would spoil most results. But do ghosts really exist or are there some perfectly logical explanations for the kind of ‘paranormal incidents’ that people claim to have experienced? Negative alter egos are the product of a diseased mind. How can something that takes up most of the universe go undetected? Surprisingly—or, perhaps not—the Bible has a lot to say about ghosts. They are out of their element in physical realms. On the other hand, a bubble in the spiritual dimensions, where no outside force degrades the wall, could conceivably exist forever. Channeling About Ghosts and Hauntings Eventually, half of the participants were ‘told’ by this psychic that the spoon continued to bend even after it was placed on the table and half of them were told nothing. He has been a Michael student since 1996 and began channeling as a tool for spiritual enrichment. Times’s are about to get better. Without it, the universe would unceremoniously collapse. Departed loved ones are indeed interested in what's happening to their still incarnate family members and friends. Your Guide to Ghosts and How They Are Created. Here are five scientific reasons that explain the ‘existence of ghosts’: One of the most logical explanations for when people believe that they saw a scary figure in the shadows or heard a haunting voice say something peculiar, is that they have experienced pareidolia - a tendency to find a pattern in random shape or hear hidden messages in noise. Are ghosts real? (Read more about negative alter egos). The poltergeist events are not unlike a childish tantrum. Ever thought about why most of the horror stories take place in old houses with wrecked walls and rotten wooden doors? Stories of ghosts and spirits are certainly entertaining and can keep us up at night but maybe, just maybe, all of it is just a figment of our imagination or an outcome of being exposed to a foreign substance. Electromagnetic forms of light all radiate an energy that can be measured. Psychically sensitive people occasionally tune-in to these dramatic presentations, which show ghostly images of people in period costumes, reacting to a scene unfolding around them and seemingly undeterred by the presence of an earthly audience. Without spiritual consciousness to animate a living being, the body could not live other than through artificial means. For theoretical purposes, imagine dark matter as a fluid-like property (although it is not liquid) that fills the ever expanding elastic bubble known as the universe, giving shape and form to this great expanse. In actuality, most hauntings can be explained in more conventional ways, such as the groan of air in old pipes, the rustling of rodents behind the wall space, and a variety of other explanations. During the test, the subjects were shown a video in which a ‘psychic’ bent a spoon with his mind. & Stay updated with latest trends. In general, no. What remains is the shadowy outline of an ethereal mass. This is an illumination of eternal consciousness. In essence, dark matter holds everything together. Use 6-14 characters long password, 1 Lower case (a-z), 1 Number and 1 Special character (#,&,_,@)For example: soham@7, We’ve sent you 6 digits Verification code at. Did Moses and Elijah go directly to heaven when they died? With many environmental forces pushing and pulling the ephemeral wall of the bubble, a weakness eventually develops in the structure and it collapses. On an energetic level, a young girl just before entering her menstrual cycle marks a transition into a burgeoning cycle of profound creativity. How often should you visit the grave of your loved ones? Celestial bodies literally float on this uniformly distributed matter, drifting through space like a raft on the ocean. As an aside, ghosts are rarely seen as the swirling mists so often depicted in photos and films. Ghosts are as real as the physical bodies they once inhabited in life. The question of "are ghosts real" may not even be something that can be answered using standard scientific methods. That light, however, is not electromagnetic in a classical sense. Dark matter is not a mysteriously undetectable particle or even related to baryonic material at all (such as protons and neutrons). Still, this phenomena is rare. The physical plane requires such assemblies of atoms and electromagnetism to hold everything together. Our goal sets the theme for a lifetime, acting as a primary motivator that guides our course of direction in life. These hauntings are similar to playing a tape loop of an emotionally charged event from the past. He enjoys literature and book collecting, and writes short stories in his spare time. The creative energy now has a more appropriate means of expression. You hear a creak around the corner. The source of these sounds can be something as simple as your ceiling fan and you won’t even realise it. The phenomena of ghosts and hauntings are very real experiences. Everything is in a state of flux. For the sun, the light gets refracted by the Earth's atmosphere. With a ghost, the spectral image is bent to such a degree that only a black static (or what appears to be a shadow) can be seen. In order for the physical to exist, it must be constantly recycled. Favorable circumstances involve a prepubescent female with heightened psychic abilities, a mounting creative energy that seeks a physical outlet, and repressed emotional needs not being met. Signup with us to unlock all features! In fact, it becomes even stronger. Ghosts are a particular manifestation of a belief in life after death. Overall, though, ghosts are mostly harmless. These manifestations, feeding off the energy output of their host, can wreak havoc on those with psychic sensitivities, often masking themselves as those unruly ghosts depicted in tales about the supernatural. This is even worse than an apples and oranges comparison where the commonality of both objects is that at least they are a fruit. The scientific reality of ghosts, then, cannot be measured. You could equate it to having one foot in the physical while the other is tentatively finding its footing on the other side. To answer the last part of the question, no, dark matter has nothing to do with the compositional framework of ghosts or the paranormal. What does the Bible say about magic tricks. Beyond the temporal laws of the physical, however, all forms of energy are in a state of equilibrium. Sometimes the spirit belongs to a deceased animal. Expressions of love removed from the shackles of false personality resonate more powerfully than ever could be imagined while still physical. An example would be the delicate membrane of a soap bubble drifting on a current of air. Deciphering myth from reality is an essential task if one seeks the truth. Ghosts are as real as the physical bodies they once inhabited in life. Have you ever been “told” a supernatural story by one of your friends that gave you goosebumps or that sent a chill down your spine? Since ghosts are not at a low enough vibrational rate to reflect much light, it would be difficult for a conventional camera to capture a photo of one.

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