Needless to say, his end was not an easy one. Interestingly, Balfe lacks Claire's central physical characteristic in the novels: the character should have wild, incredibly curly hair. He knew he had no chance, but he kept trying. Menzies has brought a similar attitude to basically every series that casts British actors — Game of Thrones, The Terror, The Crown, and Catastrophe are all on his reel. Hey Upper East Siders, Karena Evans Is Directing HBO Max’s. He was featured in Jimmy McGovern's series five episode Needle (1990), based upon the needle exchange programme and heroin epidemic in 1980s Liverpool. Walters chatted with Vulture about bloody beards, kissing Claire, and the one souvenir he kept from the show. How did that work? This likely has more to do with the character itself, rather than the actress, but watching Alison Pargeter’s performance as Margaret Campbell was in a word, upsetting. We find Angus in the thick of it at the Battle of Prestonpans. Claire is an elegant and intelligent character, so Caitriona Balfe is a great actress to take on the role. While in France, Jamie and Claire had many dramatic situations they found themselves in. Her charm, and depth, and emotional capabilities make her the undeniable match to Sam Heughan’s Jamie. Already an accomplished musician, he was featured in the series both singing and playing the guitar. So it makes perfect sense that Nell Hudson was not well-received by the fanbase when she signed on to play Laoghaire, Jamie’s former flame and Claire’s nemesis. I have been off social media while hosting family from the east coast. Richard Rankin is the actor who brought this pivotal character to life in the Outlander series. He showed up in Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Into the Badlands, and Wrath of the Titans, and was cast in all of them before he was even 20 years old. What was it like shooting it, on a technical level? The two made you feel their friendship was absolutely genuine. Then, he lands hard in the bosom of mother earth and loses consciousness. He’s on the floor. Compare and contrast the appearance of the top two photos with the bottom two. We were winding each other up a lot. [2][3] Walters' second professional role was in the BBC's drama anthology series Screenplay. With source material like Outlander, it might not surprise you that some of the actors have to undergo some serious transformations to look like they belong in whichever time period is being showcased. The cast is a large part of why Outlander has been so successful — they've done a great job of bringing Gabaldon's stories to life and making viewers care about every character, no matter how small a role they play. He has black hair and thick, dark eyebrows and lashes. All rights reserved. Only 50 plants in my two patches but they are heavy producers and we do our own picking so the process takes time (Image A). That’s why last week’s episode featured Rupert and Angus delivering the news of Willie’s marriage, in a moment that almost seemed like they were notifying Jamie and Claire of Willie’s death. You've got to hand it to actor César Domboy — he brings a good bit of charm to a character that could be quite a grind. Your mouth is full of fake blood, you’re changing colors … Wonderful makeup, darling! Roger Wakefield is the adopted son of Reverend Wakefield, who Claire met during her time in Inverness on her honeymoon before she went back through the stones. [86] It was announced later that year that Walters would be starring in Outlander alumni Graham McTavish's directorial debut This Guest of Summer, along with Duncan Lacroix and McTavish's fellow The Hobbit alumni Adam Brown and Dean O'Gorman. [19][20] Directed by Danny Boyle, the film was a contrast to the dramatic work Walters had done to date. I should correct that lesson. Duncan Lacroix is not those things. Claire publicly states the Comte’s ship is infested with smallpox almost immediately upon getting to Paris after a chance encounter. When something gets finished, you should let it go. The amount of damage , certain blasts But once she saw his audition, she knew he was it and agreed with the producers. I have a copy of that poem in a frame on my wall, and it’s one of my most treasured memories from this job, because it was from the heart.

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