× I play over 150 rds a year (218 this past yr) so you might be surprised how quickly a cart path and the odd lake can add up in golf ball requirements. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Srixon AD333 Tour review – First impressions. So there shouldn’t be any noticeable differences there. Q star = cover thickness = 1.44mm compression 77 . One of the main differences comes from the urethane cover. It’s Tier 2 that’s a bit weird. Shipping costs, rate of exchange, custom charges are just 3 things that make it just ‘not a good deal’. All Rights Reserved.. Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Rangefinder Review. The difference is that the Q-Star Tour has a lower compression […] It’s a three-piece golf ball with a urethane cover that has the same core technologies as Srixon’s tour-caliber Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning. I had always hoped that someone would make a ball similar to the e6 but have greenside spin and my prayers were answered with the QStar. “In effect,” Srixon Marketing Director Brian Schielke tells MyGolfSpy, “the core acts like it’s built from thousands of really thin cores.”. Positioned between the tour level Z-Star and 2-piece Q-Star, the Q-Star Tour blends the best of both models for a powerful distance ball with excellent green side control. I think it’s a very competitive product at the £30 price point. The new Q-STAR Tour ball also includes the latest version of Srixon’s Spin Skin with SeRM – or Slide-Ring Material. Still, the clock on the wall says it’s time to update the Q-STAR Tour – an interesting ball in a weird category. Q star = cover thickness = 1.44mm compression 77. Srixon used the hashtag #LongAF for their latest series of metal woods. 910F 15 (Diamana Kai'li 75S) With golf ball comparison there is only so much you can learn from reading about and making comparisons with different models and brands of golf balls online. NORTH SYDNEY, NSW, 2060 22 Ferrell Street, AD333 2-piece was rebranded in North America as the Q-Star in 2012 (initially a different dimple design, but last couple of versions have been identical). Yep, I’m retired! Is Spin Skin, SeRM & FastLayer worth an extra $3/doz? I have already bought my supply of balls for the season, I opted for the lower spinning ZStar XV. Advertiser Disclosure. SOFT FEEL PERFORMANCE. “SeRM is ultra-elastic for more greenside spin and control,” says Schielke. When I hit a good drive, this ball went just as far as I’d expect with a nice strong ball flight. If you often wished you could hit a distance ball off the tee and switch to a tour ball around the green, your wish has been granted with the Srixon Q-Star Tour. He loves telling stories, writing about golf and golf travel, and enjoys classic golf equipment. Are these the same balls as Q-Star 2016 which are $29.99 on Golfbox. Granted, Bridgestone has to sell approximately 29% more units at this new price point to generated the same revenue level (no small feat), but if this move could help a manufacturer snare more market share, and more future sales, it could be an effective step. “Softer does produce lower ball speeds,” says Schielke. Tour-level balls – and you know which ones they are – are clearly Tier-1. “The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight.” - BenHogan. Off the putter the sound is a soft ‘tawck’ – like a slower, southern pronunciation of ‘tock’. “It gives us that one-hop-and-stop performance on the green.”. Generation 3 of the Q-STAR Tour adds the most recent Z-STAR technology to the line – specifically Srixon’s FastLayer Core and the latest version of Spin Skin – along with a new alignment aid. by With so many manufacturers and models of golf balls out there these days, it’s important to pay close attention to the branding. Oct 20. This was a significant-enough price drop to change my buying behavior, especially when it’s coupled with the high-quality ball studies published here and (to cite another one I found informative and sound in its principles) Today’s Golfer magazine in the UK. This Is my favorite ball to hit. I reckon the Q stars are a harder ball...the AD333 seems to feel a bit softer off the club. Your email address will not be published. The Q-Star Tour ball responded to whatever short game shot I attempted. Srixon says the result should be overall distance and short game spin similar to its Tour balls, with a softer feel at 72 compression. | January 25, 2018 | Equipment. I play Srixon soft feel currently, but I found a lost Q star an really like the way it played. The cover did seem to suffer a bit of damage. Thus, for all those posts where the q star is recommended, I would instead recommend trying the ad333. Snells are definitely not range balls. There you’ll find the likes of the TaylorMade Project (a), Wilson Duo Professional, Titleist Tour Soft, and others. Compare to Titleist Tour Soft, Wilson Duo Spin, Bridgestone e6 Speed* $26.99 Shop Q-STAR. Across my irons and with my driver, Q-Star Tour spin rates were on the low side. I play what works best for my single plane, one length, 10.8 hdcp swing rather than all that stat stuff. For context, we’re talking about the difference between approximately 8000 RPM and 7800 RPM. NCG's early verdict, Cyprus Showdown preview: Format, TV times and betting tips, UK staycation golfing destinations for all the family, Five of the best luxury golf holidays in England, Srixon have had huge success with the AD333 franchise. same construction. It was a step up in all aspects of my game. The biggest difference was compression. Let’s cut the ball. Product Comparison: Srixon Q-Star Tour vs Callaway Chrome Soft. Again, I’ll start with Srixon’s data. After that, it’s a horse race between TaylorMade, Bridgestone, and Srixon. And yes they are brilliant! The reason I ask is I am thinking of using this type of ball for the winter and the q star (ad333) here in the uk is £15 doz and I have found an offer on the soft feel for £21 3 doz? When chipping around the greens, this ball didn’t feel as soft as the Z-Star. At $29.99 per dozen, Srixon calls the Q-Star Tour golf ball the most spin for your money. Hope they bring them to the states because I would pick one up I a heartbeat. Spin is marginal but the feel is fantastic. Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Srixon Golf Balls. Snell, Vice, and others tend to now just stay on the next tee box for golfers behind me or in my group.   Pasted as rich text. Spin Revolutionized. Learn how your comment data is processed. A graphic on their website shows that the new Q-STAR has more spin than the Titleist Tour Soft, Callaway Super Soft, Bridgestone e12 Soft, and Wilson Duo Soft. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I have problems (Apex MB 21 & X Forged 21), 2020 ZoZo Championship: Links & Discussion Thread. info@iseekgolf.com The lower spin also kept balls on a straighter path, closer to my intended target line. The Q-Star Tour is a lower compression golf ball, designed to give players with more moderate swing speeds more distance. by lower-compression energetic gradient growth core. The AD333 Tour is a three-piece model which still aims to suit those who don’t have tour-level swing speeds but has some premium performance benefits. There are lots of players who demand a golf ball that feels great off the putter and wedges. Srixon have had huge success with the AD333 franchise with it being the best-selling two-piece ball over the past 10 years or so. Maybe on feel around the greens if I’m being really picky. For golfers who utilize a line on their ball to aid in alignment, the 2020 Q-Star Tour features a thick black side stamp as shown below. I was an E6 guy for years, but something about the e12’s isn’t right for me and Ive been wandering since (also missed 60% of last summer with an injury). The original Q-STAR Tour had a compression of 75 (this new version, like Gen 2, is 72), and with its performance characteristics, Srixon could have called it Z-STAR Soft. Srixon describes the feel of the Q-Star Tour as “ultra soft” and I completely agree in the short game arena. Driver: TOUR ISSUE SRIXON 585 W/GD M9003 The ball fits perfectly in Srixon’s lineup between the Z-Star and the Q-Star, with tour level feel and spin in the short game, and low spin, max distance in the long game. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills. The most recent Z-STAR has a compression of 90, while the Z-STAR XV comes in at 102.

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