Silence. She seemed self-conscious to me but nothing worse than that. When they came out of the house, 99.9% of their conversations seemed to be perfectly normal things about looking forward to having dinner together etc. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. I rather suspect that Jay would be amazed at the suggestion that he had seriously threatened Aaron. I think it's rather obvious she was referring to their relationship overall. We saw him cry because Jay had made a distasteful joke that peripherally mentioned the word 'wheelchair'. They showed it, and she commented on it. I liked what we saw of Faye and Maisy. In any case, I'm sceptical of the idea that the producers would put all their eggs in one basket by having a single 'chosen one' from the start. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. A lot of people cite Victor's DR entries as the main turning point for him where he started to gain a lot of fans. And whatever Aaron said about Jay threatening him, it obviously wasn't a main feature. Hmmmmm I don't know who I think was the preferred winner in BB9 but Rachel and Aaron did have a similar sort of petulant child welcome on BOTS, it was clear they weren't as celebrated winners. Yet Louise beat Faye in a VTS. Yes, certainly towards the end I can remember some pretty hostile stuff being said about them, and people finding their romance unbelievable or revolting or both. We should also be careful not to read what we know about the eventual finishing order back into earlier intentions. At one point, Faye said that 90% of the time she was glad Jem was there (or something like that) and that they'd become closer. (By that I mean on the after show, immediately after winning, I'm not talking about when Aaron almost worked on BOTS) those are the only two instances where the shows seemed a bit sour grapey/sneery. One example is Nicola McLean's comment about Aaron's "Are you going to the party like that?" Quite a lot of the forum felt that way and even shockingly praised her for voicing this. Victor gave his perception of what had gone on, but that doesn't mean his perception was objective. Did he turn down the sort of things that tempted Aaron and Luke, or was he never even put to that particular test? That’s why so much focus shifted towards Sam so suddenly as soon as Gina lost a lot of fans. Why are you going to such dubious lengths about bb5 to argue for something that should be obvious without any such effort? The whole Aaron and Faye story, will they wont they? It was the week prior that Aaron's role as some kind of villain was really cemented following the face to face nominations, and presumably the eviction that followed between Faye and Louise wasn't particularly close as when it is it's usually mentioned in the eviction interview. No I think BB12 is one of the few series where it was hard to spot any potential winner at the start but it definitely emerged as Aaron early on as he actually was involved with stuff worth showing. We also don't know how many votes were cast; and it was the year of cheap Facebook votes. Bare in mind that when the incident was first referenced by Heaven a lot of people refused to believe it even after Rebeckah backed her up. Well I agree that the housemates we saw on live feed were the same as the housemates we saw on HL shows, but I still think it's possible to have an extremely favourable edit regardless of a live feed. question. Apologies for using that example, I'll only use examples you're not familiar with from now on. I think the truth may be somewhere between the two. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. I don't think anyone was interested enough to monitor it closely on his behalf. There were literally hundreds of furious posts on here, in which her remark was constantly misquoted, and distorted to sound as if she was describing his general behaviour; also as if people had agreed with her on BOTS instead of shushing her. Don't know and don't care, these two no marks were forgotten about once they left the house. If the fanbase continues to grow they will only build on it further. People who remember bb12 and the editing issues better than I do may be able to give other examples. I don't know why it would baffle you. Introducing the Soap Scoop podcast! with the hope of turning them around and creating a 'journey' in the way Alex Reid did. They didn't show it, or show anyone in the house talking about it, and that made Jay seem less bad than he was. Yes, but I don't have any faith in Aaron's perception of 'threatened'. Anyway, I am familiar with what Victor has posted, I think his points were discussed well enough at the time(s), and I hope we don't have to go into it all again. I do think that Aaron's fans (I don't mean you, but in general) are inclined to want to have their cake and eat it re. I'm glad they're still together. I'm sure they knew she was a likely contender to win, but I don't think she was ever as guaranteed a winner as the others. No amount of positive editing could rescue her at that point, so they were left with the slimy (supposedly) rich guy, or the deaf kid who wanted to donate his winnings to charity. It might be that they thought the whole "will they, won't they, are they, aren't they" kerfuffle could ruin his chances of winning. What do you think showed that? Great to hear Tom confirming that Faye got a really misleading edit, I guess now we know why house Faye, and Facebook highlight Faye/post eviction Faye were almost like different people. Most of my time was responding to others comments to try and be funny or make them look silly. It was the following week when Becki arrived that Nadia emerged as the main front runner. I'm not questioning they had the unique storyline that can make an interesting winner, but they can't push for a winner unless the public seems to actually like them. Dim and inarticulate are usually seen as two massively positive traits in BB if previous popular contestants are anything to go by, and yes he was made to look grumpy at times but not as much as Aaron was. Perhaps the one who was going to have his homecoming filmed by Channel 5, hm? One of the problems I find with BBBOTS is the interruptions that audience members get when another person over talks another which I think is the height of bad manners. But obviously that will not happen: a bad edit for someone we like is horrible, but a bad edit for someone we don't like is just what they deserve, they were probably like that anyway. Some people were voting right up to the 500 vote limit, and some may even have used multiple accounts. People asked why he wasn't like that in the house, and the obvious answer was that he was, but that they had no interest in showing it. Both Aaron and Luke (reasonably, considering what had happened to Josie) obviously hoped that some of the promises they were made might be true. He works at Debenhams. Big Brother 2018 - Forgive the poor quality and short duration—the best I could do so far due to poor source quality. Think we should listen to Paul and Dan as those two are people that know their stuff about bb, and the coloured lady with the glasses as well as barb verrier if she gets a chance to speak. By Holly Thomas Updated: 03:04 EST, 29 September 2011 Can't multi quote on my phone but Veri I didn't see in your reply if you do think Rachel and Aaron's wins were a different feel or whether you feel they were celebrated accordingly? I have to question whether most of the winners had "extremely favourable edits". It's possible; but it was Aaron who claimed that a staff member had told him he won by a huge margin. Harry and Faye had beaten Jay in a VTS but were both beaten by him in a subsequent votes. I don't know whether he was promised anything, but he didn't seem to hang about on the offchance. If you look on the Facebook C5 page, it clearly states that Jay had just made them something to eat and despite washing his hands in anti bacterial soap, they still smelled of onions. I did read on twitter from Louise that they were getting divorced, I haven't seen any pics of them together recently and Jay isn't wearing his wedding ring anymore and neither is Louise. Luckily for her Marco threw a strop that week and viewers evicted him instead. Bear in mind a lot of people don't vote until the final also. Categories; Recent Discussions; Best Of... Digital Spy Survey – So much is changing, including entertainment, so tell us how our content can help by clicking here. I don't think many thought he was the kind of person to do that. I'm not naive and I don't realize it in the least. I didn't like like him in the house but he's a much nicer man 'normally'. Jay: "He seems really horrible! Registered in England. Harry beat Jay the week Anton went, he topped the vote in the four way eviction. Well what were you saying then? Aaron's answers to these questions has always remained the same; For a long time he'd only watched the first week and a bit and felt the show was edited fairly and couldn't understand why people felt otherwise but after sitting down and watching the rest after a few weeks he (and Faye) were shocked as they felt the events and HMs were edited very unfairly. Big Brother Fight Club: As Maisy and Alex get down and dirty with a gorilla, Aaron and Faye indulge in a romantic wrestle. That's a huge distortion of what he said on here and one I hope is unintentional. Do you see how that's "what is sounds like" now. They couldn't care less about the viewer which is a total sham, they thought we preferred jay and louise to faye and aaron which I thought was a very big and foolish mistake. I don't think it matters whether they were precisely pranks or not. Yes, but I don't have any faith in Aaron's perception of 'threatened'. It was obvious in 2012 that Mark himself didn't feel that strongly about it. Back when we had 24/7 live coverage, and so knew more about how favourable or not the edit was, I don't think any of the winners were so different live that "extremely favourable edit" seems like the right description. But that's always the case; it's not some kind of anomaly for CBB11. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. Its appalling. When did Harry beat Jay? ... Big Brother has never really hesitated to show distasteful things in the past. I'm a bit behind and been recording but never seem to catch up lol but just saw the parents and friends ... Read more on Netmums I never really understood why some of Aaron's fans took against her so badly. With this in mind who do you think out of that year they might have had a specific interest in regards to this? BB12 I think they probably expected Mark, Alex, Tom and Jay to be the popular like winners. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Aaron won by a landslide but that doesn't mean that the production couldn't have believed Jay had a chance at beating Aaron before the phone lines opened for the winner vote. I have said it before, the Porn Industry beckons with those two. There are many reasons why a reality/gameshow specificaly Big brother would prefer a certain housemates to win or come off well beyond the idea that they want to launch a media career . Can't multi quote on my phone but Veri I didn't see in your reply if you do think Rachel and Aaron's wins were a different feel or whether you feel they were celebrated accordingly? Registered in England. The discussion here is about whether or not producers can force a contestant to the win - so I'm not going to go back to the old Aaron/ Faye versus Jay/Louise arguments which have been done to death.

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