God Bless America. cross-country cruising machine for pleasure or business. You have to. This allowed to increase the payload to 1550lb. What about the runways on which you’ll be landing? If it does and the 1512-pound empty weight holds, the Bearhawk 5 will be able to carry more than its own weight in payload.”. For a single, it’s fast, offers a big cabin and is pressurized. PIPER M350   Gross Weight: 3200lbs This is an American favorite for business or for pleasure. In terms of size, the Bearhawk 5 is 2 inches wider than the four-place model, as well as having a cabin 14 inches longer; it’s 2 feet longer overall than the four-place, which allows for a potential fifth and sixth seats in the rear of the cabin or a massive amount of baggage capacity. Finally a very spacious STOL airplane that you don’t have to “wear it like a shirt” but that you can comfortably fly with lots of practical space and can reasonably afford. Newsline; Industry News; New 2-Seat Jet from Sonex. All rights reserved. Are they in big city airports at sea level or in hot-and-high, rough mountain areas? PIPER SARATOGA   Fuel Consumption: 12gal/hr Payload would be less still with enough fuel to go anywhere plus reserve. Further flight testing is expected to confirm the airplane’s projected 3,000-LB gross weight.” Where the other Bearhawk models use smaller, four-cylinder engines, the Bearhawk 5 has a “spec-built” six-cylinder, 315-HP Lycoming IO-580 on the nose. When looking for the best buy in a six-seat single, first think about six-seaters, in general. He’s completed two kit aircraft, an Aero Designs Pulsar XP and a Glasair Sportsman 2+2, and currently flies a 2002 GlaStar.   Wing Area: 212 ft/sq (178 ft/sq Taper Wing) Of the piston singles, depending on your outlook, this is the Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz Maybach Limo of the six-seaters. EAA: New FAA Ruling Eases Burden Of Special Flight Permits, Bearhawk 5: An Interview With Mark Goldberg, Companion: A New Bearhawk With Side-by-Side Seating. Looking at the Bearhawk it seems like a person would be hard pressed to fit a 55 gallon barrel through that door. The answer lies in the unique qualities of each aircraft and pilot preference. The American flying family has grown and wants to bring along a friend or a relative, plus lots of recreational toys and luggage, so a bigger airplane is necessary. According to the company, the 5, penned by noted designer and engineer Bob Barrows, “made its first flight on May 3rd. Best Six Seaters Flying. Flying may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. They’re easy and fun to fly, and most importantly, cost-effective and affordable. The Comp Air 6 is an efficient, economical I pray and hop it becomes a total sales success!!   Height: 8' A family of four will probably experience a difficult time packing all of its clothing and sports/entertainment accessories into one of the traditional four-seat Mooney/182/Bonanza/Comanche designs of the 1950s. It will easily cruise in the mid-20s. It can probably carry the most luggage of any of the six-seaters. WORLD'S PREMIER INDEPENDENT AVIATION NEWS RESOURCE. The purchaser of a six-seat single-engine airplane is looking for a combination of comfort and economy. As with four-seaters, you do pay for all those seats, no matter how many you actually use, so it’s important to rationalize the need for enough room to accommodate a full hockey team. Fuel & Range: www.compairinc.com   Cabin Width: 42.5", 46" Widebody Kitplanes -July 10, 2019. Bob did the drawings for his friend who began construction on it. Become a member and get exclusive access to articles, contests and more!  Comp Air 6.2  The first Bearhawk Model 5 “was built in collaboration with avid Bearhawk builder Collin Campbell of Bolivar, Missouri. Email: info@compairinc.com, HOME By. The Comp Air 6 features comfort and So useful load (the amount of weight that you can divide between people and gas) is a driving force.   Stall Speed: 39mph (53mph Taper Wing) Kestrel. It’s determined by cabin size, both for the pilot and passengers in the back. The prototype has flown more than 5 hours in testing and is exhibiting excellent flight characteristics, according to test pilot Rollie van Dorn. From light singles to jets, 14 airplanes that can haul it all. Kitplanes.com and the Kitplanes logo are protected properties under international copyright law. STREAMING VIDEO | OWNERS | FAQ | ASSEMBLY PHOTOS | SEARCH | CONTACT. Bearhawk Aircraft points out that the Model 5 has a larger interior than the venerated Cessna 185. The company is looking to validate the planned 3000-lb max-gross weight. Choosing A Six Seat Single Plane Pilot. Pictures and Latest News About Aircraft 2019, The return of epic aircraft robb report living the top gun dream on a living the top gun dream on a sleeping on planes 13 to make it 2019 homebuilt aircraft directory, Ppe kits safer for air pengers than covid negative certificate the new indian express the simple clic single seat kit airplane bedecorp lancair iv p international llc sling 4 kit the airplane factory usa, The Simple Clic Single Seat Kit Airplane Bedecorp, Revolution Aviation Inc Build Fast Fly Faster, Bearhawk Introduces Six Seat Homebuilt Updated Av, The Best 4 Seater Aircraft Sep Wild Nordics, Living The Top Gun Dream On A Ars Technica, Airplane Mode Is Not Turning Off Windows 10, Airplane Mode Windows 10 Will Not Turn Off, Airplane Mode Not Turning Off Windows 10 Dell Laptop, Turn Off Airplane Mode Windows 10 Registry, Turn Off Airplane Mode Windows 10 Desktop.   Useful Load: 1360lbs The RAI-6 builds on our RAI-2 “Foxtrot” design and is what all four place aircraft want to be when they grow up! Zenith Aircraft celebrates its 25th anniversary. © 2020 Kitplanes.com. Bearhawk Introduces Six-Seat Homebuilt (UPDATED), Canada Launches Advanced Air Mobility Consortium, Pipistrel Selects Honeywell Fly-By-Wire For Nuuva V300, NASA OSIRIS-REx Completes Asteroid Touch-And-Go, When A Good Landing Falls Into Your Lap—Brag, Best Of The Web: Landing On A Pitching Deck, Top Letters And Comments, October 30, 2020, STOL Competition To Headline Sun ‘N Fun Holiday Flying Festival, Sun ‘N Fun To Host Holiday Flying Festival, Wright Brothers Memorial Banquet Goes Virtual, Textron Aviation Offering SAF With New Aircraft, Coalition Releases Sustainable Aviation Fuel Guide, GPS Users Ask Senate Committee To Block Cell Network, Stratus Insight Integrated With Avidyne Helios, Atlas, Texas Aircraft Introduces Colt Financing Program, EAA: New FAA Ruling Eases Burden Of Special Flight Permits. With GA avionics that are, in some cases, better than the systems in many commercial airliners, and optional air-conditioning and anti-ice on most new models, the six-seat single has really come into its own in private air travel. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ©COPYRIGHT 2006 Built with Pride in the USA. Air 9 | Bob did the drawings for his friend who began construction on it. Home-Built Experimental Aircraft. Try getting a surveyor’s tripod (or any other large, valuable instrument or business tool) into an overhead bin. It’s classy and roomy, and it’s a Beechcraft. “Almost” seems to be the new operative word in the corrected version. A Bonnier Corporation Company. The Velocity Aircraft is a 4, 5 and 6 place kit aircraft. This is a big factor and shouldn’t be glossed over too quickly. But the G36 carries significantly less luggage. 7017 Challenger Ave., Titusville, Also Virtual: FAA UAS Symposium (UPDATED).   Horsepower: 220-300hp The Matrix gives those pilots who don’t want to pay the higher costs or meet the insurance requirements associated with pressurization (i.e., annual training/approved schooling) the largest cabin and best range/payload combination they can get while avoiding the aforementioned costs and requirements. Some things just don’t work on the airlines anymore. It carries less luggage than other six-seaters, and the rear-most seats are a bit of a squeeze for anyone older than 16, but it still has an important place in the lineup. It’s really a cousin to the Meridian, but without the costs associated with a turbine engine. Because today’s six-seat singles offer a great combination of comfort, baggage capacity, speed, ease of flying and modern technology for people who need to cover a typical 250-mile stage length with four to six passengers and a lot of luggage. tail-dragger), floats, or skis. The prototype has flown more than 5 hours in testing and is exhibiting excellent flight characteristics, according to test pilot Rollie van Dorn. Copyright © 2020 Flying. Limits: Bearhawk Aircraft points out that the Model 5 has a larger interior than the venerated Cessna 185. room for the whole family for a weekend get-a-way -- with seating for up to 6 people. Most of the models we’ll consider are priced around $600,000; the very capable Matrix costs around $940,000 and the top-of-the-line pressurized, six-seat M350 is about $1.15 million. According to the company, the 5, penned by noted designer and engineer Bob Barrows, “made its first flight on May 3rd.   Length: 24.5' It's priced at $499 and has... © 2020 Aviation Publishing Group. Engine: to receive aircraft news, product information, pilot talk and more. What about luggage? TEXTRON AVIATION BEECHCRAFT BONANZA G36 Collin has scratch built a fleet of different Bearhawk models and has a reputation for outstanding workmanship.”. If your cargo needs are for hauling something slightly smaller than a baby whale, and you have to land on a 2,500-foot gravel strip at an 8,000-foot elevation with a low-time pilot, then the Cessna 206 is the only option. have plenty of room for camping, fishing, and hunting gear. Florida 32780 USA . Garmin Brings Out Upgrades to G500/G600 TXi Models, EAA’s B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” Again Making Public Tour Stops, FlightSafety Offers King Air 360 Pilot Courses in Tampa, First New DA40 NG Delivered in the Caribbean Region, Gulfstream Shows Off Interior, Sustainability, and Range Improvements, LightHawk Flies Through 2020, Recognizes Pilots, Tamarack Aerospace Expands With First Installation in the UK, Navy Orders One-day Stand-down Following Two Accidents. ability to enjoy cruise speeds from 150 to 200 mph. If the M350 is the Mercedes-Benz of the aviation world, then the Saratoga is the Chevy Suburban, the G36 is the Cadillac and the Cessna 206 is the Hummer. DOWNLOADS | PRESS ARTICLES L-72 project data Gross weight 4 415 lbs (2000kg) Empty weight 2 649 lbs (1200kg) Useful load 1766 lbs (800kg) Cabin height 59 in (1,49m) Cabin width 54 in (1,36m) Length 33 ft (9,95m) Wing span 49 ft (15m) Wing area 219 sq ft (20,4 sq m) Height wit props 11,5 ft (3,5m) Power: Titan […] Efficiency, comfort, modern technology and so much more, By Barron Thomas Updated September 22, 2020 Save Article. From light singles to jets, 14 airplanes that can haul it all. If you can fly a Cherokee, then you can fly a Saratoga (as long as you have some dual and experience). 6 Seat Airplane Kit.   Landing Roll: 750' with braking I don’t follow the arithmetic. The G36 is, by every standard, the grand dame of the six-seat singles. What about pilot skills, experience and insurance?

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