My concern is when they’re in brumation in there natural habitat they cover themselves with dirt. Typically, the ONLY reasons you should attempt to stop your bearded dragon from  brumating are because A) They are not healthy enough to go without food for that long or B) They are under a year old (although this is still a topic of much discussion). However, you will need to watch them to ensure they don’t take in any water in their mouth, as this can not only lead to pneumonia, but in more severe instances… death by drowning. Is a hide extremely necessary for brumation? Make sure you dry your dragon entirely before placing them back in their vivarium as wet scales can lead to fungus. One other way to get a fair indication whether your bearded dragon is dead or bromating is to turn him/her on his back for a second (no longer). I recommend 12 hours a day during non brumating months, which you can begin to slowly wean down to around 8/9 hours a day to help the process feel more natural for your bearded dragon. I gave him a bath and let him walk around my apartment. Why Do Bearded Dragons Hibernate? Bearded dragon brumation period may vary based on the bearded dragon. If it does lose weight, then it probably has parasites. In laymen’s terms, brumation is essentially the reptile equivalent of hibernation, with a few key differences. After all, our beardies are family. She’s a very hearty girl; should I wake her up wince she’s under a year old? Try and focus on the time you two were able to spend together here, as it is nothing less than a blessing. Is it normal for her to be asleep for this long? There are a number of ways to tell if a bearded dragon has passed away or brumating. Of course, within reason though…. My sister asked me if reptiles go through a cycle. Once you’ve realized your bearded dragon is preparing to brumate, it is best to just leave them alone, as force feeding will only complicate his calendar (on top of causing health issues). Both males and females bearded dragons can go into brumation with males usually emerging from their deep sleep before the females. Make sure you handle your dragon frequently and allow them to get out and explore often. Some bearded dragons may brumate only for a week while for some the brumation period may last for several months. Mites. Low-key if a reptile vet doesn't know about brumation then surely he can't be very good at his job. He is shedding (twice now in 2 weeks).. If the weight drops more than a few grams I’ll know he’s sick and not brumating and take him to the vet straight away. Also, I have a hide in the lower section that is approximately 16”x18”x5”. He is wanting to sleep.. Some bearded dragons will sleep during the whole brumation period without waking up, and some will take long naps off and on. A bearded dragon without food cannot possibly sustain themselves (obviously), so their metabolism has evolved over thousands of years to significantly slow down. some people say their 5 month old is in brumation . While some may never brumate, others might sleep for months! Is he dead? I have a 5 month old. He currently like the cooler side. I immediately started watching every video and reading every article about Beardies so that I could care for him as best as I could. This leaves them with less energy and less of an appetite. During the brumation period, your bearded dragon will stop eating, drinking and won’t move for days. I will also continue giving him his bath every night. Some bearded dragons are so prone to brumation and can fall into such deep sleep that preventing brumation isn’t. Ackie Monitor Care Sheet: Habitat, Diet, and Care Advice for Owners, Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink Care, Habitat, & Diet Guide for Pet Owners. The temp of the basking spot is hard to tell as I don't have a heat gun, but the digital thermometer placed in a cooler part away from the lamps typically indicates 29/30C or 84/86F. At night you can also place a heat mat under the tank or run a Ceramic heat emitter (CHE), Is it easy to see them breathing during brumation or does it slow right down also. The basking platform is about 108 degrees and the lower part of the enclosure is around 72 degrees. In addition to changes in the sun, the weather itself will also be changing, leading to colder temperatures. I’m worried that hes going into his brumation impacted and it has me terrified.. please help in any way possible!! Should I just let her be? Seeing as this is around the time they would brumate in their native Australia – which experiences Winter and Fall during the Spring and Summer of the Northern Hemisphere –  goes to show just how intuitive these little guys truly are! So, just be careful with that because it can actually cause digestive problems in the future. It’s important to remember that all bearded dragons can have their own specific brumation sleeping schedules. If your beardie is dead, it will lose its color and body will get rigger. Now, if your beardie seems hungry at any point, you can try to feed them, but don’t get upset if they refuse food as they will know what is right and wrong for their body. But the more I read about brumation, the more likely it seems to be a possibility, even down to the aggressiveness. My information is from my own accounts and should be referenced against other sites & books where possible. Bearded dragons in brumation don’t want to be disturbed at all. If your dragon is awake, dry him gently and place him on his basking spot to let him fully dry, just make sure the temps are right. I’ve been doing days of research for advice the moment a week went by and he didnt poop. It it now nearing the end of November and earlier this month Groot’s appetite has decreased as well as pooping. In a nutshell, brumation is to reptiles as hibernation is to mammals. Every week, I go a head and give her a warm bath and see if she is interested in food. Site Search Social Media Like Us? Bearded dragons in this hemisphere will typically brumate anytime from September through March. Now, you can by all means still provide your dragon with a little bit of food and allow him to decide whether he wants to eat or not. I am guessing brumation. 3. During the brumation period, the bearded dragon will stop eating and drinking which is perfectly okay and natural. Consider turning the. Don’t overload them with insects initially as this can upset their stomachs. But, what we’re not taught about? Strive to provide a hide just big enough for them to fit their entire body in comfortably. The rest of the top is wood. Other bearded dragon brumation symptoms include: If you see those signs just mentioned above and it’s winter or fall, take your bearded dragon for a checkup to make sure its parasite-free. If she doesn’t drop more then a few grams just let her sleep as she’s most likely trying to brumate as you suspect. There’s usually a huge difference in anything living or dead. At the time she was in a 3 ft vivarium,as she was getting biger I decided to aquire a 4ftx2ftx2ft viv.she is still sitting in the cool area all the time in the same spot not even moving but she is not asleep she just sits their looking around sleeping now and then.the temps are 108 in basking area and 86 in cool you think she is Brumation?

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