For example, by the end of January, 1945, the 47 th Infantry Regiment (which fought in France and Germany) had lost well over 100% of their strength to battle casualties, where men were either killed, wounded, missing, or taken as prisoner of war. In June 1942, the Army selected an officer cadre from the 77th Division for the regiment. Between 1 April and 20 June it was expanded to division strength. During the war, approximately 300 men of the 376th were killed in action or died of wounds. 98th Infantry … Daniels surrendered the division without authorization from army headquarters in late January, though remnants fought on as part of IV Army Corps until the final surrender of the army on 2 February. More important was the regiment’s role in allowing the Third and Seventh Armies to link up and effectively destroy the German Seventh Army and neutralize any remaining German forces west of the Rhine. The regiment was assigned to the town of Wuppertal and the surrounding area until V-E Day. Our funding helps to acquire and conserve Army historical art and artifacts, support Army history educational programs, research, and publication of historical materials on the American Soldier, and provide support and counsel to private and governmental organizations committed to the same goals. Among those captured was Schwarz, who spent the next decade as a prisoner of war. The 376th Infantry Division, part of the nineteenth wave of infantry divisions formed during the war, was formed near Angoulême in southwestern France on 21 March 1942 under the command of Generalleutnant[Note 1] Alexander Edler von Daniels. Division Group 167 became the 315th Grenadier Regiment on 27 July. 381st 382nd 383rd. In addition to the campaign streamers, the 1st Battalion, 376th Infantry received a Presidential Unit Citation for combat action in Germany. This book was written about the 376th Infantry Regiment to which my father was a part of. The 376th was reinforced by the remnants of the 167th Infantry Division with the 315th and 331st Regimental Groups, Division Group 167, on 15 January 1944. [3], The division was sent to the Eastern Front in November as part of XI Army Corps in the 8th Army. From the Introduction, written by Colonel Harold B. McClune: "The design of this book's compilers is to present a panoramic view of the 376th Infantry from its birth in September 1921 to the capitulation of the Japanese Empire in August 1945; a panorama of battle experiences that have demonstrated our superiority over the enemy that confronted us, and proved the mettle of our civilian … Individual medals awarded to the men of the 376th included 3 Distinguished Service Crosses, 76 Silver Stars, and 652 Bronze Stars. On 22 February, after delays caused by a lack of assault boats, heavy German fire, and the loss of COL McClune, who was badly wounded in both legs by shrapnel, the 376th , now under the command of LTC Raynor E. Anderson, crossed the Saar River and established the Ockfen Bridgehead. Heeft u zelf meer informatie over deze persoon? Subordinate units. The casualties suffered by a typical American infantry regiment serving in World War II were horrendous. The division fought in Case Blue near Kharkov, in the Don bend, and in Stalingrad, first as part of VIII Army Corps in July and August and then with XI Army Corps between September and November. The 376th Infantry Division (German: 376. Most of its men died either in Stalingrad or as prisoners of war. In November 1921, the 376th was organized under the National Defense Act of 1920 and assigned to the 94th Division. The 376th was awarded campaign streamers for Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe. It included three infantry regiments: the 672nd, 673rd, and 767th, drawn respectively from the 337th, 335th, and 327th Infantry Divisions of Army Group D. Its artillery regiment, the 376th, included four battalions, at least one from each of the latter divisions. Soldiers of the division who had been on leave or in hospital at the time joined the 15th and 76th Infantry Divisions;[1] the division was officially disbanded on 9 October. Op zoek naar objectieve informatie of actualiteiten over WOII? [1] The 376th was assigned to LXXXIII Army Corps of Army Group D in April and May, and directly subordinate to the army group from June to October. By 26 February, the 376th had linked up with the 301st and 302nd Infantry, allowing a heavy pontoon bridge to be constructed at Saarburg. The regiment’s shield and crest features a black rattlesnake on a field of gold and is similar to one adopted in 1638 by the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. It was formed from convalescents and recruits, and partially from veterans of the mountain divisions that had fought in Lapland. 1st Battalion, 376th Aviation Regiment . 303rd 386th 387th. The commander of the cadre, COL Maximilian Clay, later became commanding officer of the regiment. The division suffered heavy losses, resulting in the disbandment of the 767th Grenadier Regiment while the remaining Grenadier regiments had been reduced to two battalions each.

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